Katie’s American Idol Tour Rochester, NY Recap

DISCLAIMER: I am 14 years old, and am writing this review to voice my youthful, fresh, opinions for a change. I will try my best to not be biased, and give equal criticism and praise to each of the contestants. I will also not be recapping every song, just how their set is in general. Hope you enjoy.

This is my third idol concert for me and the first for my two friends I went with. Our seats were surprisingly good, section 225 Row L. Anyways, the concert began a little after 7:00. They kept replaying the same videos on the screen, and whenever Adam’s face would appear all of the little girls would scream. I’m not going to say anything, because I’ve been there, done that.

Michael Sarver- For me not being a Sarver fan, I was impressed by him. He seemed really nice and personable. If he sang like he did tonight, I believe he could of made it farther on the show. Overall, he was a pleasant way to kick off the concert.

Megan Joy- I did not think she looked like a skanky Barbie doll, unlike what I’ve been reading in the other reviews. I think Megan Joy is beautiful. Just a little too much unnecessary make-up. I thought Megan did well. ‘Put Your Records On’  was better than her second song, but she really wasn’t that bad.

Scott MacIntyre- Scott is so adorable and lovable. Even if you didn’t like him on the show, it would be hard to not like him here. His personality is golden. Scott brought humor to the show, as well as positive performances. His version of ‘A Thousand Miles’  was gratifying, and really showcased his piano skills as well.

Lil Rounds- Lil was my least favorite performer of the night. Her vocals are not strong, and I feel her ride on this show lasted too long. All of her songs sounded the same, and her voice just isn’t at the right spot to meet the standards of artists such as Alicia Keys and Beyonce.

Anoop Desai- Anoop was so suave and polished looking. I thought Anoop’s set was great, he chose three songs that were all different in styles of music. ‘Always on my Mind’  was so sweet. I think that Anoop sounds best doing R&B music, such as the Ne-yo he covered. Anoop tried to be naughty in “My Prerogative” ‘ ¦but failed. He’s still cute though. =)

Matt Giraud- Matt, in my opinion, was the most underrated contestant of the season. He really has a great voice that was unfortunately overshadowed by this seasons’ other talent. His piano playing was amazing, along with his enthusiasm for the crowd. His energy pumped up the crowd. ‘You Found Me’  was a huge hit unlike how it was on the show. Way to go Matt.

The top 10-5 then sang a medley consisting of a few songs that I have never heard of. Megan and Lil’s duet was awkward and a little painful. ‘Beggin’  was really fun, and Matt and Scott’s piano duel was new and exciting, something I wish they would have put on the show.

Intermission for 20 minutes.

Allison Iraheta-She sounds so much better live. Her vocals are a powerhouse, and I thought her set was the most energetic of the night. ‘Crybaby’  was brilliant. I know this is clich and brought up a lot, but this girl is only 17. Her voice is way beyond her years, but that’s what makes it so great. She just needs to remember she is actually only 17 though. Her outfit was a little bit revealing. I like Allison because she’s young and cool, but she isn’t the standard boring David Archuleta, Jordin Sparks-pop that Idol is famous for breeding. She is pure rocker.

Danny Gokey-I enjoyed Gokey’s first song, ‘PYT’  because it’s fun. His other songs I thought were kind of boring, but I thought ‘My Wish’  was his best. As much as I may not like the raspy gospel-ness of his voice, he can sing really well. Before he finished his last song, he gave the crowd a corny speech about following your dreams. Cheesy, but true.

Adam Lambert- It’s kind of sad when the runner up gets more applause than the winner. Adam’s set list was by far the best. ‘Whole Lotta Love’  got the crowd pumped, and “Starlight” I thought was awesome. I don’t know if it was the mic or the sound system there, but his voice sounded unnaturally girly with a little bit of techno. But whatever it was, he sounded AMAZING. Though I thought ‘Slow Ride’  was better on the show, the Bowie Medley was really fitting for him complete with risqu dance moves. Definitely PG 13 rated. And surprisingly, nothing got thrown onto the stage.

Kris Allen- I have to admit that I don’t think the crowd was as excited to see Kris’s buildup than Adam’s. Kris came out singing ‘Heartless’  which I thought was just good. His second song (not sure what it is) was a crowd-pleaser. I really like how Kris used all of his instruments in the concert, it really shows how talented a musician he is. He ended with ‘Hey Jude, ‘  and all of the idols came out to sing the ‘Na na na na’s’  which I thought was a perfect ending to his set. Overall, Kris’s set was just good, not extraordinary. In my honest opinion, I don’t think Kris has great vocals, and I wish he would have been runner up. It would save him getting his feelings hurt at the concerts.

The night came to an end with ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ , a classic song that everyone knows and loves. It was the perfect way to end an amazing night, even though I was sad when Adam wasn’t given his glory notes part he did on the show. In conclusion, the concert was fantastic. I think Adam did the best, of course, but generally I was impressed by everyone except Lil. The concert was so much fun, and if you are going, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Truly spectacular.

Hope you enjoyed. =)

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