Katie Holmes to Pay Tribute to Judy Garland on So You Think You Can Dance

More info from US magazine on Katie Holmes’ upcoming star turn on So You Think You Can Dance.

US sources say the performance may run this week since the news has leaked, but the producers are hoping to save it for the 100th episode on July 8.   The number, a tribute to Judy Garland, was directed by producer/judge Nigel Lythgoe and choreographed by Tyce DiOrio.

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Check out spoilers for tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance HERE.

Katie Holmes’ will pay homage to Judy Garland for her So You Think You Can Dance performance.For her routine, the actress, 30, sings Garland’s “Get Happy, ” from her 1950 musical, Summer Stock, a witness at the Monday rehearsal at FOX Studios tells Usmagazine.com.

Holmes also dons an all-black ensemble similar to Garland’s: black velvet fedora, patent leather heels, nylon stockings, body-hugging skirt and micro-mini skirt.

Part of the set appears to be made from scaffolding, creating the illusion that she’s dancing on a rooftop with a sky backdrop. She shares the stage with eight male dancers, who wear matching suits and ties.

During the number, Holmes — who practiced by lip-syncing to a backing track — twirls her hair and “seductively shakes her hips, ” the witness tells Us.

For her finish, Holmes tosses her fedora in the air, and one of the guys catches it. She’s also lifted over three of the dancers’ heads at one point.

Holmes is being directed by none other than Nigel Lythgoe, the show’s producer and judge. Pal Tyce Diorio choreographed the routine.

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  1. As a mega-Garland fan, I just may have to watch that. Should be interesting.

  2. She’s about a foot taller than Judy Garland. But, hey, it’s as close as Benji Schwimmer being Fred Astaire. Neither one sounds appetizing to me.

  3. What I can’t figure out is … why? This seems so random. She’s not a dancer or a singer and has no recognizable affiliation with that world. She’s not promoting anything. Is she making a career move? It makes no sense. I’d much rather Katee and Joshua come back and do a routine together. This seems like a weird waste of time.

  4. She was terrible on Eli Stone – cringe-worthy. I actually changed channels. The woman can’t sing or dance – not really. So I hope like hell she’s had tons of lessons between then and now – either that or she’ll be lip-syncing to a studio altered recording. Hell – they can make off pitch sound like on – why not fix Katie Holmes’ sounding like Minnie Mouse.

  5. It’s a wtf moment for me, maybe she’s hoping something like this on her resume will get her a spot on Dancing With The Stars?
    I dunno, I guess i’ll hit the mute button and just watch the 8 male dancers during her set or maybe go and make a drink or something.

  6. I love the tribute idea!! Judy Garland is a legend. I just cannot imagine Katie being talented enough to pull this off.

    Fred Astaire is a favorite, but I’d love to see a tribute to Gene Kelly, and I think Evan could do a respectable job.

    Kudos to SYTYCD for acknowledging all of the dance world and its styling!

  7. Well… could it really be any worse than Sean Kingston last week? That was just painful.

  8. Could this be some kind of right of passage to the next level of her faith? Like walking on hot stones? Or maybe that will be how we feel watching it.

  9. So random… I’ll wait for it to make sense, like announcing that she’ll star in Judy’s biopic (wait, that wouldn’t make any sense either)

  10. She is a dancer. Back when she first broke onto the scene she was always showing off her dancing and singing. For example her first SNL appearance after Dawson’s Creek had a highlight segment where she was tap dancing and running around the stage without irony. Now whether she is any good at it is up to the viewer’s discretion but this was back in the 90s over 10 years ago so it’s not accurate to say she’s got no background in it.

    As usual, class shows up on the internet. One post is the standard bigoted religious crap (not that I’m a scientologist but making fun of anyone’s faith all comes from the same place… bigots who are afraid to make fun of blacks or Jews pass their scorn onto publicly sanctioned hate like Islam or Scientology). The rest are outraged that this woman dare to do anything outside the little circle that THEY are comfortable with her doing… after all anything the unwashed masses on the internet are ignorant of does not exist… ergo she has no skill/training in singing and dancing and she better not start thinking that she does.

    As a non-bigoted/non-judgmental comment on the OP in this talkback, Judy Garland does seem an odd choice… as talented as she was she’s like Doris Day belting out a tune… it’s very specifically dated to a time and place among the genre of American music.

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