Kansas City, MO AI Live! Show – Day 2 – Spritely’s Recap

Not a Recap, exactly–read Spritely’s impressions of the Idol concert, below. More on the Kansas City concert here.

First of all, may I just say that not enough has been written about David Cook shoulders. More on that later.

This was my first Idol concert. The last concert I went to was Muse. My favorite concert of all time was Bruce Springsteen. This gives you some context. I will admit that during a lot of the first half, I glanced around at all the children and thought, what the hell am I doing at a Starter Concert for Pre-Teens? It looked like the training bra of concerts.

But I was there for David Cook. If he hadnt been performing, I wouldnt have gone. The other idols are adorable kids who worked their asses off on that stage, but I have to be honest. Besides the songs in Cookie set, there was only one other moment that made me think, …I would have come just to hear this one song, alone. More on that later.

More Recap After the JUMP…

Because I have so much respect and fondness for all of them, Im not going to criticize. Ill stick to mentioning what were the high points for me. If I exclude your favorite, it meant as no criticism. It just that some …spoke to me, and some didnt, though they clearly were hits with other people in the audience.

And speaking of the audience, wow. Just holy wow. Pure, packed love in a glass box, that was the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo., tonight. As David Cook said, we made him proud. Awww!

Now here my highlight reel:

I actually really liked Kristy Lee first song, and I have to tell you a funny. When she sang the USA song, not many people stood up until she made the …get up gesture with her arms and then the whole floor obediently stood, though the rest of us mostly sat. My friend looked at the people on the floor and turned to me, laughed, and said, …They do know they dont have to stand up, right?

I loved Michael. My friend loved Michael. We didnt want him to stop singing.

Brooke surprised me so much. I hadnt been impressed with her on the show, but she was awesome tonight, in my opinion. She owned that stage and sang with confidence and joy. I loved …Let It Be, and I really loved …Yellow, which I had never heard before. I always think that if a singer that you didnt expect to like that much sings a song you dont know and still manages to make you love it, that is talent, baby. She was great, imo.

Jason knocked my socks off and won a new fan in me. He has so much more confidence on the …real stage than he ever did on Idol, and his voice was just beautiful. His was the only set ( besides Cookie) where I liked all the songs.

Now comes the one song that for the first time made me think, …Im glad I came, just for this. It was Archie …Angels. It was stunning and I felt lucky to hear it live. I also loved his second song. I was impressed by how handsome, serious, and intense he looked as he performed. He sold me on those two songs. During his set, I thought I could hear the …cold I his voice’and he coughed once’but it didnt affect my enjoyment of him at all, and I say this as someone who was not a fan during the show. I can tell, though, that Im going to have to pick and choose from his music, because some of his arrangements dont ring my bells. But now Im happy to know that some of them will.

Broad, wide, meaty. And those are just the shoulders of the man coming up from below. Then there the hair, the face, the rest of the body, the modest bling, the bit of guy liner, THE VOICE, the smiles, the personality, the humor, the humility, the laughing delight at being in Kansas City, singing to a ROARING, on-our-feet, devoted crowd of people who adore him. It was an honor to be there. Others will tell you what he said and how he said it, but really, I just need to absorb it for a day or so. He was fabulous, he was grateful, he couldnt stop laughing, couldnt stop saying thank you, and it was just. . .wonderful. I wouldnt have missed his performance for the world, and now I CANT WAIT FOR HIS SOLO TOUR!

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