Josiah Leming – ‘Come On Kid’ – Available on iTunes and Amazon

Season 7 Idol contestant, Josiah Leming’s long-awaited full-length album is finally here!

I’ve had a chance to listen to an advance copy, and all I can say is GO GET IT!  I hope to post a longer review in a few days.

In the meantime…Get Come On Kid:

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  1. I wish him lots of luck but seriously am NOT a fan of the fake accent.

  2. Yeah, there is something about the way he enunciates that is really off-putting to me.

  3. Not bad. Some of the songs are pretty good. Very Alt-Emo kid music. I agree about the affected fake accent but oh well. LOL! He does what makes him happy. I can’t bare to listen to this though. But that is prob because I am not an alt-emo kid. LOL!

  4. I must be in touch with my inner alt-emo kid because I’d rather listen to this than anything else that’s been put out by an Idol contestant, including all the winners.

  5. Light fare and pleasant enough, but, in all sincerity, who is he and how is he related to AI? I have no recollection of him being on the show in Season 7.

  6. the wavering in the voice makes me tense somehow….I wish him loads of success however…….

  7. the wavering in the voice makes me tense somehow….I wish him loads of success however…….

    understandable, but it’s the imperfections that make a unique sound, imo. :) it’s a shame that all of mainstream radio has beaten it out to make vocals so processed.

    i like Josiah. he’s unique, but current. i think my only complaint is that i can’t tell much of a difference between many of the tracks. but eh…I really like “Maybe”.

  8. I don’t see ANGELS UNDERCOVER in this album. Wonder why it was not included…

    This was probably one of his best compositions and would you believe it …. it has been covered by a few would be artists ( go to YOUTUBE ).

  9. to answer Negativo: Josiah made it to Hollywood Season 7, but flamed out. The first song we saw him sing was good. The judges seemed to want to pass him on – he had talent, backstory. But on his next song he wavered on how to perform, getting major nerves/meltdown; eventually “dismissing” the band and then doing a quite mediocre a capella “Stand by Me”. He dissed Idol quite a bit after he left, which I thought was bad form, or immaturity. He’s not my cup of tea musically, but I’ll grant he has lots of talent.

  10. To answer Negativo: Josiah made it to Hollywood Season 7, but flamed out.

    Man, some of you guys have incredible Idol memory. There is no way I could ever keep track of all the Hollywood Week flame outs over the years. Hell, I bet I couldn’t tell you any from THIS season!

  11. negativo – Season 7 is the ONLY season I have such a good memory for. have only watched episodes in S8 and S9 when David Cook came to perform.

  12. Josiah played here in Salt Lake (at a club) to less than steller reviews and very mediocre audience impression and sales.

    It’s easy to remember his back story…kid living in car to make it in the music world (until it came out that he had a very caring and loving Mom (who has since passed away) and he was living in his car out of choice not circumstances (but hell it made a nice story).

    I’m just continual amazed, though, that the kid gets chance after chance to succeed in the business and he continues to fall back to the bottom rung only to try again. How were his EP sales? How about his contract with Universal music….and wasn’t he writing tons with hopes of selling his songs. I personally think he has used up his 15 minutes a few times over.

  13. I just want to say how happy I am that this day has finally come. I feel like a proud parent or something equivalent. I have been a fan of Josiah the whole time and stuck through it all. Two awesome EPs were nice, but finally a real album release. Yeah!

  14. I watched season 7 occasionally & only remember him singing Grace Kelly. just saw a lot of different blogs talking about his new album so i went back and checked out ‘To Run’ & was pleasantly surprised. i liked it. a lot! he was so young too!

    Come on Kid song is pretty damn good :)
    Gonna check this out for sure :)

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