Jordin Sparks Post-Idol Interviews

Season 6 winner Jordin  Sparks  and runner-up  Blake Lewis  did post-finale interviews with the press on Friday.   You can download the audio of the entire satellite interview from Starry Constellation magazine.   Here is the  Jordin Sparks  downloadable interview.

Highlights after the jump.

Jordin Sparks:

Jordin comes across as a typical bubbly teenager.   Her answers are peppered with many “Oh my gosh” and  “I don’t know” answers.  She’s stepping into a situation she doesn’t quite understand yet.   It will be interesting to hear her perspective in a year or two after she’s more experienced.  

  • Her voice sounds really raspy in this interview….
  • She loves “This is My Now.”   When she heard it, she thought it   perfectly described her experience.
  • Her family keeps her grounded.
  • Jordin wants a red mustang.
  • She started her summer break from school on Friday.
  • She will continue to homeschool and finish high school.
  • Jordin would love to collaborate with Christina Aguilera and Martina McBride.
  • When her dad Phillipe Sparks played for the Giants, they would go to Broadway shows.   She loves musical theater and would like to do Broadway.
  • She says she wants to “infuse” her music with many different genres.   She loves country, pop, R&B and rock music.
  • Jordin is a die-hard American Idol fan.   Trying out for the show was one of her biggest dreams.
  • She played basketball and was in the drama club in high school.
  • Brad Pitt is her celebrity crush.
  • Her family have been very supportive of her desire for a singing career.
  • She loves football.   She describes her dad as a “people person.” He would walk around the stadium after games and sign autographs.
  • Her biggest moment before Idol was getting her braces off.
  • Her favorite Idol moment of the finale was singing with Gladys Knight.   Jordin yawned here, she seemed tired.  It was the last question.

In this interview  posted at, Jordin talks about the moments before Ryan Seacrest announced her as the winner:

  • I was just standing there. Me and Blake were just standing there, holding hands, and he was like, “I love you. Please, if I forget the words, will you sing with me?” I said, “Yeah! Only if you sing with me if I forget the words.” And so I told him that I loved him too, and he was so amazing. And I was nervous, and Ryan did that pause, and I was like, “Oh my gosh.” And then he said my name, and I was just completely overwhelmed. My heartbeat was pounding in my ears. I couldn’t hear anything. I saw people screaming, but I couldn’t hear them. But it was just one of those moments that I think I’ll always remember. People will tell me to look back on it, and I’ll be like, “I know exactly what I was doing, I know what I was thinking.” It will be one of those.

One last thing, Jon Peter Lewis talks about meeting Jordin  during a taping of a show during Season 3:

  • She truly has wanted this for a long time. I met her for the first time when she came to a taping of the show at the CBS studio during season three. She was wearing a Jon Peter Lewis T-shirt and was handing out her CD to anybody and everybody. (That’s probably where she had her picture taken with the judges before that everyone’s talking about.) She gave one to my dad and we listened to it and thought it was pretty good.When she auditioned for the show, my mom was really excited for her and called me right up to make sure I hadn’t forgotten about her. So, anyway, good for her!
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