Jennifer Hudson – ‘One Shining Moment’ NCAA Championship Montage – VIDEO

If you watched last night’s NCAA men’s final between Butler and Duke, you saw the big “One Shining Moment” montage, featuring highlights from the college basketball tournament.

Whole lotta love solo
Whole lotta love solo

Jennifer Hudson recorded a new version of the song, “One Shining Moment” that plays over the highlights. You’ll see a few shots of her cut into the montage. No, she’s not out on the court playing B-ball! Heh.

Duke won the game last night, much to the chagrin of peeps who love rooting for the underdog…

Check out the montage, after the jump.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. I of course enjoyed it. A lot of comments though from crazy sports fans on twitter were down right insulting about the fact that Jennifer was singing this song. Some racist comments were thrown and I’m hearing one sports announcer was wishing death upon her. I mean it’s okay not to like it cause I think if it was anyone else a lot of sports fans would still be upset because of the fact someone beside Luther was singing it.

    It’s sad to me how people can be downright negative for no reason at all.

  2. Duke won the game last night, much to the chagrin of peeps who love rooting for the underdog…

    I too was hoping for the “Hoosiers” movie-style ending, but alas, Duke played exceedingly well throughout the tournament, so they deserved it.

    Despite the mindless online chatter (which is usually in no way reflective of the feelings of the general viewer population), I have to believe that last night’s game had a ton of viewers. For that reason, I think the timing of Jen’s re-recording was extremely fortunate.

  3. very good job Jennifer. I was hoping that Butler could pull off another win, but it was not to be. Imagine the excitement if they had.

  4. I saw a lot of hate on twitter last night for the remake (what else is new, haters of twitter!), but I didn’t notice racist stuff. That sucks though. I mostly saw lots of WTF comments about CBS showing all the clips of JHud in the studio rather than focusing on more of the game highlights, which are, justifiably, what viewers are most interested in…

  5. Thank you, MJ, for posting this! We had a wind storm yesterday afternoon and our power went out around 5:00 and I had to listen to the game on a battery powered radio. The season isn’t over until I hear One Shining Moment. I have to confess that at first I thought it wasn’t a good idea to re-record the song, but after hearing Jennifer blow the roof off, it works. Thanks again.

  6. The sports fans, my husband and all of his brothers included weren’t necessarily upset she sang the song, but that her face was on the screen when the whole idea of the video montage is to show highlights from the tournament. Never before in all of the years of the video montages has the singer’s mug been on screen where it clearly DID NOT belong. I love Jennifer and think the uproar is a bunch of men acting like big babies, but that’s why they are so ticked. Race is not an issue here seeing as the last 2 singers, Teddy Pendergass and Luther were also black.

  7. I watched the game last night and BOO to Duke winning!

    I’m an Indiana girl so I was rooting for Butler….I’m usually just a Hoosiers fan because it’s my Alma Mater but since they stink I threw my support for Butler. Anyone but Purdue. :)

    Okay enough of that, I enjoyed Jennifer and regardless of some opinions I heard today, I thought it was good and nice.(but I was also upset so I wasn’t paying much attention) I do agree with Banished that most “guys” I know were more or less upset with the lack of highlights. They wanted to see the highlights and less jennifer. However, these are also were also Butler fans, so maybe bruised egos? :)

  8. Oh not making this a race issue at all I just know when I searched Jennifer’s name last night on twitter the N word was tossed around by maybe one comment I saw but it must have gotten deleted. But anyway

    I do understand though that instead of showing Jennifer that they could have played her voice and that maybe would have faired better. I agree with Banished on the uproar is so unnecessary. Music artist cover songs all the time and I said before Jennifer isn’t the first and won’t be the last. Also agreeing with SpencerJ anything online (especially twitter) is in no way the opinions of everyone

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