James Durbin, Chris Medina, Jennifer Lopez Top Yahoo Searches

AMERICAN IDOL: Contestants prepare to sing at the Hollywood rounds of AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday,  Feb. 10 on FOX.  CR: Michael Becker / FOX.Yahoo’s Buzz Log reports the most highly searched Idol contestant of Hollywood week was James Durbin.

The high-functioning autistic with a litany of tragedies in his life was the last to audition during Tuesday night’s San Francisco auditions.

Of the top 5 searched contestants, 4 had really intense personal backstories, including Chris Medina (brain damaged fiance), Stefano Langone (near-fatal car accident) and Julie Zorilla (Colombian refugee).

Surprisingly, Jennifer Lopez commanded 550% more searches than the other judges combined. Randy, is of course, 3rd.

There was a general uptick last week  in searches for Season 8 auditions, and John Wayne Schulz saw an increase due to the news about his pre-Idol recording experience.

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Five Most Popular “Idol” Contestants on Yahoo!, Hollywood Week

1. James Durbin. See above.
2. Chris Medina. His wheelchair-bound fiancee barely survived an auto accident.
3. Stefano Langone. The Washington singer nearly didn’t survive his own car accident and beat predictions that he would never walk again.
4. Julie Zorilla. Her parents escaped war-torn Columbia when she was a child.
5. Thia Megia. The 15-year-old has attracted attention from the Philippines.

Top Searched “Idol” Judges on Yahoo!, Hollywood Week

1. Jennifer Lopez. Although not as quotable as her rocker cohort, charming JLo still commands 550% more searches than her judges combined.
2. Steven Tyler. Hells matches, the Aerosmith singer spurs a lot of questions about his bio, band, and age.
3. Randy Jackson. Asserting himself with Cowell-esque brusqueness hasn’t made Dawg the pack leader.

What Season 10 lacked, compared to other years, was really stand-out rejects. Of all the auditioners who didn’t survive Hollywood, only one stood really stood out.

Top Three “Idol” Rejects on Yahoo!, Hollywood Week

1. Victoria Huggins. The super-perky gospel singer had Clay Aikens’ support, but not the judges’ votes.
2. American Idol Transformer Guy. Drew Beaumier actually didn’t sound half-bad, but who could tell what he sounded like under the hood? The part-man, part-autobot must be attracting the venture capitalists with his inventive self-driving costume. Or at least Michael Bay.
3. American Idol Farted. No, this isn’t peculiar Judd Apatow adaption of Ayn Randy’s “Atlas Shrugged.” A reject started the San Francisco episode with a wailing lament that a person shouldn’t be disqualified because she’s gassy. Not a condition covered under ADA.

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