I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here: Sanjaya Wins Another Challenge, Spencer Gets Saved – VIDEO

UPDATE: According to EXTRA and Seacrest (twitter), Speidi are now begging NBC to be let back on the show. OMG please. This is such a setup. A bunch of fakery to get peeps to pay attention to this lame-ass show. There are also rumors that Daniel Baldwin and a Speidi relative will be joining the show…

Tian Ruined This For Me - Episode 1...
Tian Ruined This For Me - Episode 1 - Tian

Sanjaya, the fierce jungle warrior, won yet another challenge during tonight’s episode of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

With bugs, snakes and all sorts of critters crawling over him, he outlasted all the other “celebrities” in the Trauma Tank. He won the boys team immunity from being voted out tonight.

Not handling the jungle vibe, are Spencer and Heidi Pratt who finally leave the rain forest for good tonight, after facing a challenge that had them crawling around in the dark with snakes and rats on a food challenge. But not before Spencer, who identifies as a “new Christian” is baptized by the born again Stephen Baldwin.

The episode winds up with the boys leader, Lou Diamond Phillips, forced to choose one woman who would be exempt from elimination. He picks Patti Blagojevich, wife of shamed Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich .

The remaining women, Supermodel Janice Dickson, WWE wrestler, Torrie Wilson, and comedians, Frances Callier and Angela Shelton are subject to elimination by viewer votes.

After the jump, see Sanjaya triumph over the “Trauma Tank”. Go Sanjaya! This may be a reality show competition he can win.

And for super-duper lulz, watch Speidi discuss their “faith”, before they engage in some very un-Christlike behavior! Heidi compares herself to Mother Teresa. Seriously. And Spencer knows there is a God, because Jesus answered his prayer to hang out with Miley Cyrus! Praise the Lord!

Sanjaya Survives the Trauma Trank

Stephen Baldwin Baptizes Spencer Pratt (Hilarious!)

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  1. Hey, it’s kind of nice to have a show where I can root for Sanjaya.

  2. Yep me too. Sanjaya wasted space on American Idol. But right now he is rocking I’m a Celebrity.

    Good to see Spencer believes in God because He answered Spencer’s prayer for a double date with Miley Cyrus. Yep, if that doesn’t prove the existence of God I don’t know what does.

    What a freak. Hope he comes back – I’ll miss the nutjob.

  3. lol MJ, i never would have guessed you would have been this intense with this show. but i do hope they bring speidi back. i just DRVd it and watched it, i couldnt imagine watching the whole thing in its entirety.

  4. Go Sanjaya! I always liked him even if he was just a novelty act on AI. This kid has some guts!

  5. Geez Louise! I hope that annoying Speidi couple does NOT come back! This show sux, mostly because of them, but I’m watching it for Sanjaya. With Idol Nation supporting him, how can our fierce jungle warrior possibly lose? :tongue1_tb: Sanjaya FTW!!

  6. This show is so stupid and lame, I cant wait to watch it every nite, and its on 4 stinking nites a week!!!! :clap_tb:You go Sanjaya, you little jungle boy you! :devil_tb:

  7. Is it always guys vs girls, or do they form separate teams at some point? Is it always up to the public? I ask only because maybe Sanjaya shouldn’t win every competition so that the others don’t start to see him as a threat. Thanks for the clips, MJ.

  8. please don’t let the “speidi’s” come back… :guns_tb: :nono_tb: :guns_tb:

    .I had to turn the channel when they are on.. :nono_tb: :wallbash_tb:

    ..I love seeing Sanjaya” doing good.. :clap_tb:

    ..will watch as long as the spoiled braats are no longer on!!! :guns_tb: :guns_tb:

  9. Am I the only one thinking: “Sanjaya, Sanjaya, gonna set this place on fire!”

    I am SOOOO addicted to this show. The evil part of me wants Speidi back. Maybe Spencer will get the beat-down he deserves!

  10. And Spencer said he’s the most famous person on earth, well honey, I have been on Earth a lot longer than you, and I.have.never.heard.of.you.till.this.show!!!!!! But he’s such a tool he had me in a trance watching him. I couldnt believe the whole thing! :jittery_tb: :lol_tb:

  11. to some degree Speidi is right, I knew Sanjaya, Lou, Janet, Baldwin brother and Speidi – who are those other people, I mean those comedians like was that like the bottom of the stand up comedian pool? Not even any Surreal Lifers around for a quick buck – I guess even reality folks have standards and people, hire the Fear Factor challenge peeps, I’ve only watched a few minutes and the challenges were already boring me.

    I leave it to you kids…

  12. This show probably did not had any top celebrities, that they had to ask Janice to do US version too.

    She already done the UK version 2 years ago and lost.

    Ironic to think lots of us complain the celebrities status of Dancing With The Stars celeb dancers. Compare with the celebs here……

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