Idols In Concert – Stats – 07/02/15

One Direction continues to sell-out around the world, this time the lads are “backpacking” across Europe. They hit up all three Scandinavian countries, Finland, Belgium and Austria. They made a cool $17M for two week’s of work. I’d get out of bed for that kind of dough.

Lindsey Stirling from AGT had a rare non-sell-out in Minneapolis (but it was very close). Scott Bradlee & Post Modern Jukebox reported two concerts and both featured Idol performers. Haley Reinhart was at the sold-out LA concert and Casey Abrams was in Royal Oak (they aren’t listed in the official concert reports, but they were listed as performing on the daily concert threads).

One Direction, McBusted
June 13, 2015: Brussels, Belgium: King Baudouin Stadium: 56,110 of 56,110 (SOLD-OUT): $3,845,810
June 23, 2015: Gothenburg, Sweden: Ullevi Stadion: 42,716 of 42,716 (SOLD-OUT): $3,091,300
June 10, 2015: Vienna, Austria: Ernst Happel Stadion: 43,788 of 43,788 (SOLD-OUT): $3,018,700
June 27, 2015: Helsinki, Finland: Olympiastadion: 33,325 of 33,325 (SOLD-OUT): $2,612,850
June 19, 2015: Oslo, Norway: Ullevaal Stadion: 29,512 of 29,512 (SOLD-OUT): $2,561,220
June 16, 2015: Horsens, Denmark: CASA Arena Horsens: 24,623 of 24,623 (SOLD-OUT): $1,876,990

Lindsey Stirling, Karmin
June 4, 2015: Minneapolis, Minn.: Northrop Memorial Auditorium: 2,446 of 2,561 (96%): $104,213

Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox [including Haley Reinhart], Morgan James
June 23, 2015: Los Angeles, Calif.: Club NOKIA: 2,338 of 2,338 (SOLD-OUT): $52,127
Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox [including Casey Abrams]
June 5, 2015: Royal Oak, Mich.: Royal Oak Music Theatre: 1,451 of 1,451 (SOLD-OUT): $34,285

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