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Jennifer Lopez is coaching  this week’s Top 8 as they rehearse Spanish-themed  songs for a Latin theme. On  Wednesday, she’ll be performing a song from her new  Spanish-language album, “Como Ama una Mujer.” I imagine she’ll keep her advice restricted to performance pointers, since every single Idol up on that stage can  no doubt  outsing her.  Yes, including Sanjaya

Speaking of Sanjaya, according to this article from Variety, J-Lo has been rehearsing with the kids, and according to her spokesperson, Sanje sang a Spanish-language song “beautifully”.

Are you sick  of the Sanjaya hand-wringing as much as I am?   Honestly, claims that Sanjaya is single-handedly ruining the franchise are laughable.   Here’s someone who gets it–Craig Berman from MSNBC thinks there are plenty of reasons to defend Sanjaya. I agree.  Just to contrast, here is  somebody from Media Week who totally misses the point.  Also, an interesting take from the New York Times.  And finally, a long, interesting article from the LA Times  asks the question, Is Idol good for pop?   The answer appears to be negatory, but really, the show is more about good Tee Vee than it is about music…  Ha ha, political pundit Andrew Sullivan is a Sanjaya fan.

Enough about Sanjaya. Moving on…

The half-hour results show is gone for good this season. This week’s results show expands from 30 minutes to an hour.

Extra Bits

Tomorrow is Blake Lewis day.  Happy Team Plaid! Time Magazine weighs in  on the American Idol phenomenon.  Guess what!   It’s not all about the  music!  What a bulletin! Entertainment Weekly begins a weekly Idol style series with Idol stylist, Miles Siggins.   Nice article on the intrepid Idol backup singers here.  One of them is, Kenya C. Hathaway, daughter of Donny Hathaway.   This week’s People cover story is all about American Idol Secrets. Not. And finally, while ratings and vote totals have slipped, the folks at AI are selling more  crap  than ever.

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