Idol Sales News – Week Ending 09/29/13

Drake easily had the number one album of the week with slightly lower numbers than were predicted last week (658K compared to 670-695K – sometimes, the big numbers are hard to get accurate). Glee’s Beatles album should be in the top 40. All of our reality singing show contestants have fallen out of the top 50 (there are a few related tracks on some of the albums, though). Good thing some new albums are on the way.

Speaking of new albums, this week’s new albums got released on a Monday instead of the usual Tuesday. Justin Timberlake decided that he wanted his album eligible for a Grammy, so he dropped his album on Monday (Sept 30th is the last day you can release an album for consideration this year). Everybody else followed suit. HDD predicts that he will have the highest selling album of the week for the second time this year. It is the second volume and it is predicted to sell about a third as the first volume sold. “The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2” should sell about 325K. Far behind him is Lorde’s “Heroine” predicted to sell 115-125K. It features the Alternative hit “Royals” which has just crossed over to Pop and is on top of the iTunes chart right now.

This is the weekly sales thread. Please post numbers if you find them. Thanks!

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