Idol Sales News – Week Ending 05/18/14

There is a very tight race for number one this week. HDD estimates that Michael Jackson’s Hologram sold 161,909 and The Black Keys (two guys in charge of their artistic output) sold 161,337. That’s less than 600 separating them, so we’ll have to wait for the SoundScan results.

In other news, HDD predicts 325-350K and number one for Coldplay next week. Phillip Phillips is suffering the sophomore slump with 30-35K in sales (compared to 169K for his first album) despite a strong lead-off single.

Christina Grimmie continues to have strong sales this morning on iTunes while her two competitors are starting the fall backwards. Idol patterns would usually have shown a burst in sales for the winner, but I guess with sales meaning votes, that happens before the winner is announced. Speaking of Idol, those are some grim sales numbers. Jena’s winner single sits way down in 77th and Caleb hasn’t cracked the top 200 yet. Yikes. TPTB need to dissect what went wrong this year and how they can fix it or Jimmie is going to stop signing these kids.

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