Idol Sales News – Week Ending 07/17/11

No numbers yet. HDD predicted yesterday that Voice Judge will have the best selling album of the week and that Scotty is still in the top 50. We await to find out how the other 4 Idols that were in the top 50 fare this week. Also, how high will Pia debut with her new single “This Time”? Please post numbers as you find them. Thanks!

Last Week’s Numbers

Idol albums

20 Scotty McCreery “American Idol Season 10: Scotty McCreery EP” 17, 241 (+23%; lw 13, 967) Total: 71, 613 (19)
57 David Cook “This Loud Morning 8K (-33%; 12K) Total: 66K (26)
60 James Durbin “American Idol Season 10: James Durbin EP” 7K (-34%; lw 10K) Total: 32K (38)
70 Haley Reinhart “American Idol Season 10: Haley Reinhart EP 7K (-35%; lw 10K) Total: 31K (37)
74 Lauren Alaina “American Idol Season 10: Lauren Alaina EP” 6, 485 (-39%; lw 10, 592) Total: 37, 161 (35)
161 Jennifer Hudson “I Remember Me” 3K (-8%; 4K) Total: 374K (141)
Mandisa “What If We Were Real” 2K (+8%; lw 2K) Total: 53K
Daughtry “Daughtry” 1K (-5%; lw 1K)


7 Jason Aldean “My Kinda Party” 42, 246 (+1%) Total: 1, 534, 126
16 Brad Paisley “This Is Country Music” 18, 423 (-4%) Total: 362, 963
33 Various “Now That’s What I Call Country Vol. 4” 11, 938 (-1%) Total: 84, 320
83 Jennifer Lopez “Love?” 6K (-6%) Total: 224K
96 Big Time Rush “BTR” 5K (-5%) Total:543K
98 Civil Wars “Barton Hollow ” 5K (-23%) Total: 143K
147 Aerosmith “Best of Aerosmith: The Millennium Collection” 4K (-15%) Total:306K

The Voice:
1 Blake Shelton “Red River Blue” 116, 402 (NEW) Total: 116, 477

Album numbers from Brian at Idol Chatter
Country Numbers from RoughStock

Stats (from Billboard):
Total Album Sales This week: 5.61M (up 5% from last week (5.34M) and 8% compared to same week last year (5.21M)
YTD Album Sales: 166.42M (up 1% compared to the total at this point last year (164.42M)
Eight week in a row where year-to-date album volume is greater than the same time in the previous year.

Digital Track Sales this Week: 22.92M (down 1% compared to last week (23.25M and up 9% compared to the same week last year (20.96 million))
YTD Track Sales: 706.96M (up 11% compared to the same total at this point last year (639.52 million))

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