Idol Headlines for 8/5/14

Tonight, 12 more acts perform for YOUR votes on America’s Got Talent. Eric A is BACK to Liveblog! 9/8c PM on NBC.

The CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night To Rock 2014 edition airs tonight on ABC. Watch as Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton and MORE take the stage. Filmed during June’s CMA Festival in Nashville. ABC 8/7c PM.

Backstage with the 2022 Tony Awards...
Backstage with the 2022 Tony Awards Winners!

Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley to Host CMA Awards – for the 7th Time! – There’s no seven-year itch between Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley – the duo are back to host the 48th annual CMA Awards, for their seventh time. In preparation for their return to the Bridgestone Arena on Nov. 5, Underwood, 31, and Paisley, 41, tried their hands at a game of country music trivia courtesy of the show’s reigning group of the year, Little Big Town. The prize? A collectors’ edition set of Brad and Carrie bobblehead dolls! See the Video at People Magazine

Casey James, Blake Shelton to Appear on Doobie Brothers Duets Album – Due November 4th, Southbound mixes the reverence of a tribute album with the back-and-forth collaboration of a duets record, as the Doobies share vocals and trade instrumental duties on 11 new recordings of their own hits. Along with the cover art — a portrait of an empty bar illuminated by a jukebox, presumably stocked with Doobie Brothers hits — the album’s premise is straightforward. Each country artist takes the reins for one song, sharing vocal leads with either Tom Johnston or Michael McDonald — the Doobie Brothers’ two frontmen, performing on the same album for the first time since 1976’s Takin’ It to the Streets — while an all-star session band kicks up plenty of twang, dust and old-school guitar riffage in the background. Joining that backup band are Vince Gill and Hunter Hayes, who perform one song apiece as guitar slingers rather than vocalists. Casey will sing “Jesus Is Just Alright” and Blake “Listen to the Music” (Both Tom Johnston songs) – More at Rolling Stone

5 Things We Learned at the Nashville ‘American Idol’ Auditions – Keith Urban talked a bit about saving Music Row, but focused mostly on ‘American Idol’ during his time with Taste of Country. When asked how the show helps his music career, Urban said it reminds him how lucky he is. “It doesn’t seem that long ago I was just playing covers and trying to sneak in an original song here and there and hope that they don’t leave,” Urban — dressed in a Studio B T-shirt — reveals. “So to go from there to where I get to be today, and then I see kids coming in at the very beginning, just starting and hoping they can go make an album … it’s great. It keeps it all in perspective.” – Read more at Taste of Country

Photos: Constantine Maroulis Returns to ROCK OF AGES – Tony Award nominee and “American Idol” finalist Constantine Maroulis returned to Rock of Ages as Drew last night and was there to capture his epic return. Maroulis will appear for a limited 12-week engagement through October 26, 2014. The five-time Tony Award nominated musical Rock of Ages – which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary on Broadway, and its spot in the Top 30 Longest-Running Broadway Shows in History – continues to party eight times a week at the Helen Hayes Theatre, 240 West 44th Street. – See the Photos at Broadway World

Viewers can expect to see less of judge Len Goodman on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ says Cheryl Burke – We’re going to be seeing less of “Dancing With the Stars” judge Len Goodman. Industry gossips had said the show’s longtime regular planned to skip some episodes next season, and Goodman even has hinted he may not return at all. Cheryl Burke, one of the dancers in the ABC hit, confirmed to Confidenti@l that Goodman, who also appears on the U.K. version of the show, is lightening his workload. “I know that he is probably going to be missing a few shows next season because of the traveling back and forth,” Burke told us, “but I do not know if he is leaving just yet.” “I get it,” she said of the septuagenarian, who has been jetting between London and L.A. for nearly a decade. “Especially when you are 120 years old, it just sucks,” she added with a smile. – Read more at New York Daily News

Ryan Seacrest on the Death of ‘American Idol’ Finalist Michael Johns – Seacrest said, “Obviously it’s tragic and shocking news. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. I think back to when he was on the show and I remember just what a great guy he was, what a kind guy he was, obviously very talented, and somebody that when I think back throughout all the many seasons and all the contestants he stands out to me. I will always remember that about him.” Ryan also talks a little about the talent at the Nashville auditions. – See the Video at Extra

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  1. Awesome! I love Carrie and Brad hosting. They are the best, and their skits always get big promotion cause they are so good.

  2. Thanks for letting us know! I’ve listened to the whole thing and I have to say, I really love it. Only One is definitely the wrong choice for the single though, all but 2 songs on the album are better.

  3. I don’t know the protocol for adding a charity link here, so I expect interested parties can google. If this is verboten – I’ll take it down.

    There’s a Charity organization in the UK, Local Aid Ashford, UK, who are tweeting today about a Local Aid Charity Single For MacMillan Cancer Support. They’ve done a cover using DC’s arrangement of the Idol 2011 Boot Song – DYFAM, by Simple Minds.

    “This is a charity cover of the version of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by David Cook originally written by Simple Minds.

    Local Aid is collective of artists and musicians from Kent who put out
    charity singles to raise awareness and support for charities. Charities
    that have been supported so far as The Meningitis Trust and Dementia UK.”

    All appropriate credits and disclaimers have been given – and I have to say – they do a really an excellent job of covering DC’s arrangement of this track with multiple singers. Sounds great. I hope it raises lots of donations for them.

  4. Apologies if this was already posted/discussed (I haven’t seen it…) but Jordin Sparks is no longer listed on the RCA website. She is a gorgeous, super talented woman and the way they’ve jerked her around over the past 2-3 years w/r/t the failure to release any new music is really awful. I hope she finds a new home for her music soon

  5. Hopefully things will pick up for her music wise now. She has a lot of other things going on to keep her busy & money in the bank.

  6. Jordin Sparks is no longer listed on the RCA website

    Interesting… especially after this interview just ~10 weeks ago:

    “I just had a really amazing meeting with the label and everything and I’m pretty sure we’re good to go,” she told ABC News Radio. “So, I’m gonna get back in the studio, record the last couple of songs, ’cause we got a whole bunch recorded already, and then, I want [ a ] single at the end of summer, [ and then a ] fall [ album ] release.”

    I wonder if she even made it back into the studio before RCA kicked her to the curb?

    After how long the label’s kept her on ice, this isn’t a huge shocker, and if they were going to do that, it’s better she be able to move on with her career elsewhere before too many years have passed.

  7. What the hell is wrong with RCA? Cook, Kris, Adam, and Jordin… I bet there is more talent in those four, than they’ve had on their entire roster for the last 20 years. Do they not like American Idol? (Sorry, just pissed at them)

    ETA: She might as well forget about the album she recorded. I think RCA owns it.

  8. nothing to do with Idol….fwiw hot chelle rae and mike posner gone too….

  9. I’d seen some pics of CJames hanging out with the Doobies, but I had no idea this meant he’d be on their record. To be included with peeps like Zac Brown Band, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley – and then some up-and-comers/new stars like Tyler Farr and Love & Theft – that’s….surprising. I mean, of all the country music stars in the galaxy and Casey James is one of 12 picked by the Doobies? Hmmm.

    Hey! I’m a Casey fan all the way, but I consider myself a realist. I kind of figured he’d be allowed to put out a single and Sony would see how it went and maybe (I’d been steeling myself), he’d be dropped and go onto indie happiness selling to his loyal fans.

    The fact that he clearly has finished his 2nd album with Sony and is included in this project speaks to him making his mark and not fading away like some idols.

    At least, that’s what I hope.

  10. Think all the labels are updating their sites. Noticed Chris Mann’s not on Republic’s site anymore.

  11. See some labels cleaned their websites this week. Noticed Republic really cleaned their website up and I can see from the comments below about RCA

  12. I’m not surprised Jordin is no longer with RCA. I think the writing was on the wall. I think this is a good thing. Any label that would hold you hostage for 5yrs isn’t out for your best interest. Like Adam I’m not at least concern that another major label will pick her up. She has a lot to offer at the negotiation table in her pursuit for a new label so I don’t think she’ll go the Indie route.

  13. Idols parting ways with RCA goes well beyond Cook, Kris and Adam going all the way back to Clay and Ruben. I think these Idols hefty 19R contracts played a big role with some decision making.

  14. Agree that she won’t be going indie. She has too much name power and she stays in the news quit a bit for someone who hasn’t released an album in years.

  15. Major labels don’t give out contracts like candy any more. You have to bring quite a few things to the table.

  16. This doesn’t sound good:

    Candice Glover
    10 hours ago
    There are people who take rumors and embellish them so much it can be devastating…
    I feel sorry for those people.

    Anyone know what this is about?

  17. Maybe she’s one of the people in the bunch of these label changes…

  18. they certainly play a role…but roster changes are just part of the circle of label life…labels are always adding to their rosters and subtracting from their rosters

  19. I like Candice but I’m kind of sick of these cryptic Twitter complaints to be honest. If she has something to say then she should just come out and say it.

  20. “Anyone know what this is about?”

    No Idea, but I’m not a fan of the P/A approach she favors on Twitter. What is the point of veiled remarks?


    ETA – *Snap*, Pippygirl!

  21. I’ll just ditto what Incipit and Pippygirl said haha. So sick of her cryptic tweets. If she’s so sick of rumors maybe she should just clear them up, you know um clearly and not make people sitting around playing guessing games.

  22. THAT. I give a pass on doing this occasionally, but the subtweeting seems like it would keep her entire fandom in states of guilt and self-righteousness, which usually shakes out where those who should feel guilty are the self-righteous ones and vice-versa.

    Either it’s worth saying or it’s not. Choose the red pill or the blue pill, Glover.

  23. I couldn’t agree more, except, I don’t think that she gains anything by complaining on twitter. There may be some followers who are giving her the false perception that these complaints are okay, but what she’s really doing is driving people away.

    She needs to use the medium to capture people’s attention, and to let people know what she’s up to. Not to moan about how she’s been wronged, even if it is true that she was mistreated by her label and management.

  24. I don’t keep up with Ruben, but I don’t think he was ever with RCA.

  25. Ruben was signed to J records and 19R.

    J Records was an American record label owned and operated by Sony Music Entertainment, and was distributed through the RCA Music Group. The label was founded in 2000 and was dissolved into RCA Records in 2011.

  26. Kris Allen @KrisAllen
    Today me and family said goodbye to the beautiful state of Arkansas and moved to Tennessee. An incredibly bittersweet moment in our lives. We love our state and will always consider ourselves Arkansans. But happy to start this new chapter in our lives. Thank you to the people of this state for always supporting me in everything that I have done. We love y’all so much! #Arkansas

  27. Awww…moving away from home and family is rough. But Nashville isn’t that far from Arkansas, and I think this move will really help his career.

  28. She hasn’t had a hit in 4 years (as a singer, anyway; she co-wrote one of Ariana Grande’s hit singles).. Yes, people know who she is, but that didn’t help her in terms of getting RCA to release her album, which has been sitting on the shelf for awhile. So I wouldn’t automatically assume she’d land with another major label.

    However, with her acting and writing stuff she’s doing, she’d still be in a pretty good place even if she does go indie

  29. As a pop artist Jordin’s career would be DOA even further if she goes Indie which I doubt. You’re never in a pretty good place when you go from being a major artist to Indie because all that means is a major label wasn’t interested enough to invest in you. Her people would be looking to do everything they can for another major label and get her career back on track. She hasn’t had a hit in 4yrs because RCA wasn’t even trying and putting her music out there. Hell, it took Jason Derulo her boyfriend 4yrs to get another hit.

  30. Trying to figure out why Candance’s fans should be guilty or self righteous? I am really out go touch with any and everything Season 12.

  31. If her careers has a resurgence of any kind RCA will rush out a greatest hits album. They seem to be running a day late and a dollar short these days.

  32. They do make a good team. But I really wish he would lose that hat. Its almost as bad as the one Chesney wears.

  33. Trying to figure out why Candance’s fans should be guilty or self righteous?

    Because it’d be normal to assume that the passive-aggressive scoldings being tweeted to fans are aimed at fan behavior. The ones who think it’s aimed at them would feel guilty, and the ones who think it’s aimed at Those Other Fans Who Are SOOOOOOO Annoying would feel self-righteous. This is a widespread Twitter and FB dynamic, and it’s reliable that the people whose feelings are hurt by a passive-aggressive tweet are never the ones it was aimed at.

    It’s possible that Glover’s fandom isn’t large enough to have internal divisions, or that they’re used to her by now and know she’s just randomly bitching in a forum that’ll never be read by the people she’s bitching about, too.

    If I were a journalist covering her, I’d be barraging her with questions about what it is she means. Maybe if Shirley Halperin did so, Glover would realize that what she’s doing causes more consternation than it prevents, and stop.

  34. I thought of that. For the moment, Candice is still listed as an artist on Interscope’s website:

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that she hasn’t parted ways with the label though, since in the past, it sometimes takes a long time before an artist who has been dropped has had his/her page deleted by the label’s website.

  35. “it’s reliable that the people whose feelings are hurt by a passive-aggressive tweet are never the ones it was aimed at.”

    A universal truth.

  36. I think the only one surprised about Candice lack of success is herself and not being self aware, realistic and having a thick skin is not helping her. If you take into consideration the struggle she had getting on the show, her lack luster season and miniscule sells, she shouldn’t be surprised by her present position. There is nothing more irritating than Idols who complain after their music come out, that either they didn’t make the music that they actually wanted to or that all the blame for their failure is due to someone else and don’t seem to take responsibility themselves. The thing with twitter, she needs to state her opinion clearly and stop the passive aggressive tweets and the whining.

  37. Of all the Idol winners Candace is my absolute least favorite, in fact of all the Idolettes she ranks in the bottom tier. She just looks like she is forever constipated, has zero, nada, no personality that I can see, and she just seems so “needy” all the time. Worst, ever Idol representative.

  38. Bottom tier of Idol winners is jam packed with most of the male winners. Candice is mid-tier by default.

  39. I don’t get that impression from her. I just think negative comments get to her sometimes. I think those tweets are pointless tho. Kinda like Melanie Amaro, she wants to rise above the haters, but the attitude rubs us the wrong way. That said, that tweet is cryptic, it could be about many things.

    I think she is a very talented singer (she demonstrated that on Idol), but only marketable in a small niche, so her lack of sales isn’t a surprise to anyone. 19 and Interscope didn’t promote her properly, so she is better off without them. I won’t feel sorry for her once the news of her departure from Interscope come.

  40. In terms of success, she is bottom tier. Only Caleb is less successful, and who knows what will happen with his album. That’s a cold hard fact. Where anyone places her in terms of vocal ability, performance skills, likability, etc is all a matter of personal preference.

  41. She’s rock bottom in terms of sales. Even if she does better than Caleb, she will still be in the bottom tier. It’s her ongoing whining that is a turn off.

  42. Again, Lee is more commercially successful than Candice. That’s the only ranking of Idols that isn’t subjective.

  43. Kinda like Melanie Amaro, she wants to rise above the haters, but the attitude rubs us the wrong way.

    The rhetorical problem with both Glover and Amaro is that the way you rise above the haterz is to RISE ABOVE them, not to post about how you’re going to rise above those people and pray for them and whatever. “I will rise above you” is not a performative utterance (*waves to J.L. Austin*).

    If they stuck to positive news (and did their venting in private, to the close friends they brag about), that would be actual rising above.

  44. Yeah, the “I will pray for you” or “I feel sorry for you” response only comes across as condescending and self-righteous, both of which are a big turn off for me.

    I think that Candice relies on her fans slobbering all over her to make her feel better about herself, which is not exactly attractive or worthy of respect.

  45. I don’t rank them by sales. Music sales go down with each passing year and Idols are also in different genres, so it’s pointless to compare the sales.

  46. Don’t matter if it’s Candice or Carrie, it sounds self-righteous and defensive. Best thing to do is stay off of twitter instead of getting into twitter wars with your critics and playing the God card when someone on twitter pan your performance.

  47. But you stated your opinion that Candice is mid-tier in terms of Idols like it is a fact. Which it isn’t. It is simply your opinion. Other people wouldn’t have the same opinion.

    Sales (record sales, concert ticket sales) are the only thing that can be used to definitively rank Idols. Everything else is personal opinion. You ask 10 people to rank the 13 Idol winners in order of who they personally like, you are probably going to get 10 different lists.

  48. I’m not arguing about the sales but in terms of talent/personality/charisma-free Lee is second to none.

  49. I’m not a fan of numbers as a measure of artistry. Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting during his life.

  50. Poor ol’ hang-dog DeWyze sang in the “key of Lee” and put out a post-Idol debut album that sounded as if Zac Maloy and Claude Kelly had gone on a three-day bender in Howard Benson’s studio… but his post-ways-parting album is effing brilliant. I was astonished.

    The album hasn’t gotten a lot of attention or sales (though it got decent press at launch), but Candice Glover and Caleb Johnson ought to be grateful if it turns out their faltering major-label deals are obscuring that much talent.

  51. I agree that numbers don’t measure artistry. But there is no way to rank Idols, or artists in general, in terms of artistry, because all that is is people’s opinion. For example, I know artists who have won multiple Grammys (or other awards that supposedly recognize artistry) that lots of people hate. So I don’t get the point of trying to rank Idols in terms of artistry, because there is never going to be a true consensus :)

  52. Obviously I could care less about how to spell her name…not on my list of priorities. She’s lucky I even, sort of, remember her name. Some winners I have to search deep for.

  53. I rank Idols or any other artists in general according to my personal taste and preferences, which is totally subjective. According to the charts and sales numbers Justin Bieber is one of the greatest artists that ever walked the earth.

  54. Lee has released a great album a few years ago. He wrote wonderful music pre-Idol. He never ached when they hated him all the fans of the show.
    And he never come to this blog to write idiotic posts.

  55. Lol. I hate no one, Lee included. Just not a fan.
    And, by the way, thanks for the “idiotic posts” part :)

  56. Someone who intentionally spells someone’s name incorrectly (after having been told at least once before), implying that this someone is worthless, speaks volumes about the person who refuses to grant even this most minimal of human dignities.

  57. Agreed. If you can’t bother to spell someone’s name right, don’t write about that person at all.

  58. Reminder:

    If you don’t like a commenter–skip their posts. I won’t tolerate personal attacks against anybody. (It’s especially irksome to keep modding the same arguments between the same people)

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