Idol Headlines For 8/27/08

Review: Idols concert throws back to Season 7, displays growth of top 10 finalists

No votes were cast at the end of Tuesday night American Idols Live! concert. Randy, Paula and Simon werent on hand to offer praise or biting commentary.

But there were plenty of signs to indicate the Season 7 top ten finalists were at the CenturyTel Center to sing their hearts out ‘ and just as many signs revealed fans couldnt get enough.

Two handmade poster boards in the stands read, …Kiss us, it our 17th birthday, while another on the main floor was slightly more unexpected, reading, …Your voice is a cross between Fergie and Jesus.

Shreveport Times

Kara DioGuardi joins `Idol’ judges for NYC tryouts

NEW YORK (AP) ‘  It was only her first day as an “American Idol” judge, but already Kara DioGuardi seemed part of the dysfunctional family.

DioGuardi, the freshly-installed fourth “Idol” critic, joined Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson in a public show of solidarity Tuesday afternoon as the quartet entered a Chelsea Piers building on Manhattan’s west side for a round of season eight auditions.

They walked a red carpet amid a media circus aimed at getting the first photo opportunity of DioGuardi with her new co-workers. Cowell summed up the thinking behind adding the 37-year-old singer-songwriter to the panel.

“It’s like, you know, having dinner with three people for seven years, and getting quite bored of each other, ” Cowell told reporters. “So it’s having a fourth person, new opinion, I think it’s gonna be interesting.”

“I think it’s gonna make it sexier, ” said Jackson, chiming in.

Associated Press

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For the first time ever today, all four “American Idol” judges were in New York City getting ready to winnow out the contestants who would make it to Hollywood — and ET was there to get their reaction to their latest addition!

“It is about time. Never in a lifetime did I think a friend would [join the judging panel], ” Paula Abdul, who co-wrote a song for Kylie Minogue with new judge Kara DioGuardi, tells ET.

“I am either going to be a fabulous dinner guest or a disaster that is ushered out before the second course, ” Kara says.

ET Online

Paula Actually Looks Forward to Newbie Judge

Yesterday, the Internet was buzzing that Paula Abdul didn’t approve of American Idol decision to hire a fourth judge, songwriter Kara DioGuardi.

But judging from the A.I. queen’s conversation with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show today, it seems as though Paula couldn’t be more thrilled to have her pal Kara’ whose career she claims to have launched’ join her, Simon and Randy at the judges’ table.

Paula tells Ryan she met Kara outside a restaurant in New York when Kara was a Billboard magazine employee with songwriting dreams. After meeting her that day, Paula convinced Idol’s newbie judge to drop everything and move to L.A. with her.

E Online

Paula Abdul Changes Her Tune, Says ‘It’s About Time Another Girl Joined’ Her On ‘American Idol’

She said that DioGuardi was added because the show’s producers “wanted to try a change, ” noting that the show had “always tried for a fourth judge because it followed the format of the original show, ‘Pop Idol.’ We haven’t had much luck with that working, but we’re gonna give it another try.”

But Abdul has apparently changed her tune, insisting that she is anything but concerned about having another female sitting on the judges’ panel with her. “This is great for the show, ” she said. “I’ve been waiting for this. I really have. And people will love her. She’s great!”


A few questions … with your American Idols!

So many interesting things you can find out in five minutes worth of conversation!

I’m not saying that a bite-sized bit of interaction with David Cook, Ramiele Malubay, Jason Castro and Brooke White, in town last week for the “American Idols Live” show at BankAtlantic Center, allowed me some deep glimpse into their souls or anything.

But I did find out some stuff that never came across in the several months we spent with them on TV.

To wit: Ramiele, who thinks she came off shy on-camera, is hysterical. Mellowed-out, interview-averse Jason is pretty eloquent and, as he puts it, “a deep thinker.” Emotional Brooke is a lot more serious than you might think. And David Cook’s kind of hot. We knew this. But in person, it’s more about his confidence and ability to answer a question than his eyes and his beard.

Palm Beach Post

Management Lessons from American Idol’s New Judge

America’s top rated talent show’s judging crew is getting a shake up.

Grammy-nominated song writer Kara DioGuardi is joining American Idol (NWS) the fourth judge for the upcoming eighth season, joining the successful trio of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, according to published reports.

Adding a new member to a hand-picked successful business team, whether it be a talent show or a small-sized accounting firm, always carries with it some risk. What can we learn from this Idol shake-up?

For starters, what is good for TV, is not good for most businesses.

Main Street

‘Idol’s’ fourth judge may be one too many

The growing backlash among viewers and critics this year made it plain: Fox needs to upgrade American Idol before the franchise gets seriously stale. So why have the first two changes announced for the network’s top-rated reality TV singing competition focused on stuff that doesn’t need alteration ‘  namely, the departure of savvy producer Nigel Lythgoe and the addition of a fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi? The arrival at Idol’s New York auditions Monday by DioGuardi ‘  a singer-songwriter who has worked with the Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood, Paris Hilton and fellow judge Paula Abdul ‘  is particularly puzzling. Given that the judges’ remarks are often the show’s most leaden part, that’s the last thing that needs expansion. Whatever. Here are five ways we hope DioGaurdi actually improves American Idol.


‘American Idol’: Which judge should leave?

Is Paula Abdul on the way out at …American Idol?

She said in a radio interview yesterday that she is …concerned about the recent addition of fourth judge Kara DioGuardi, a successful pop songwriter.

Maybe she should be concerned. The …Idol judging panel has seemed tired for some time. Paula outbursts and emotional meltdowns have become a little too predictable and tiresome. And though he a likable guy, Randy Jackson, at times, seems to be phoning it in from somewhere else in the galaxy.

Simon Cowell has said that he gone after the 2010 season, so it makes sense that the …Idol producers to start tinkering with the panel now.

Chicago Tribune

Lindsay Lohan Joy To Work With, Says ‹Labor Pains Co-Star Kevin Covais

…Always on time. And when they would call action she always had a way of sparking, Covais insisted. …If people just get the opinion that she cold or she tough to work with ‘ it really wasnt like that. I dont know how she was on previous projects or whatnot, but I know for a fact that if there was any trouble on past projects with her she really did step up her game for this one. She did a great job.

If Covais seems like he idolizing Lohan, well, it may be that he just still in character. The former …American Idol finalist, who said he plays …Greg, the annoying office intern, the pest in the office that nobody can stand, spends the course of the flick hitting on Lindsay character, he said.

…There a particular scene where I offer myself to her. I offer my help with the situation with what we all think she going through. So I kinda throw myself to her, that people are really going to enjoy, Covais revealed, laughing. …The scene where Im devoting myself to her – I got to live out what plenty of people would love to do for real!


Jennifer Hudson’s New Interview on Her Star-Spangled Moment

It was only yesterday that the big news broke that Jennifer Hudson will be singing the national anthem on the night that Barack Obama accepts the nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention. Now, the Oscar-winning songstress is opening up about the honor.

“I’m very excited. I’m ecstatic, ” she tells Sean Valentine of 104.3’s “Valentine in the Morning” radio show in L.A.

She says in the interview that nerves aren’t a problem for her — yet. She responds when asked if she’s nervous, “Not so much, not right now. If someone asks me that again, I might get nervous. Like, why? Should I be?”

ET Online

Wentz, Daughtry, others stay loose on candidates at Rock the Vote

“I haven’t seen either of them in tights. When I see both of them in tights, then I can make my decision, ” joked singer Chris Daughtry, a former American Idol finalist who was one of the most popular guys on his season but didn’t make the cut in the end (much to his own surprise and chagrin, nice ego). Daughtry was in the audience but didn’t play.


Daughtry, Daschle volunteer at AIDS event

MANUAL HIGH SCHOOL — “American Idol” contestant-turned chart-topping rock star Chris Daughtry and his bandmates joined volunteers at Manual High School on Tuesday to assemble World Vision’s AIDS caregiver kits.

On display: A giant AIDS ribbon made from 6.1 million pennies ($61, 000) to represent lives lost to the disease since the last election.

Speaking were Sen. Tom Daschle, Nita Lowey, Princess Zulu of Zambia.

Rocky Mountain News

Exclusive videos: Rocking and rants

The Denver Post has been out video-recording musical performances, capturing political stage rants and, in some cases, directly asking your favorite musicians to tell you, the viewer, why it was important for them to be in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. This first roundup of videos and interviews includes Daughtry, N.E.R.D., Fall Out Boy, Jakob Dylan, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, Patrick Meese and Robert Randolph. Also: a portable, rolling 16th St. Mall performance by the horn band New Orleans for Obama. Look for more in the days to come.

Denver Post

Harley 105th: Day 1 Entertainment Lineup

Get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway, because an American Idol finalist, legendary slow riders, and up-and-coming Brits are born to be wild at the Anniversary’s Kickoff Party near Harley-Davidson’s corporate headquarters at 35th and Highland Ave.

Amanda Overmyer (4:15 pm) may have finished 11th on the most recent season of AI, but won the hearts of many of the show’s hard rock fans with a gravelly voice that channeled Janis Joplin and a passion for Harleys that makes her a natural here.

Giving the Audience a Voice

“It was something I wanted from day one on the show in America, but it took us three seasons to persuade the network that it really was a crucial part of the format, ” says the show’s executive producer, the immodest Simon Cowell. “The most important reason for doing it was it differentiated the audition process from ‘American Idol.’

“And I thought the idea of a contestant having to win over the crowd, as well as the judges, just made it a more fun, dramatic show to watch, ” Cowell told a teleconference last week. “For the audience, they feel like they’re participating in the show.”

Simon Cowell Reveals He’s Better at Spotting America’s Talent

After the gargantuan success of American Idol, there’s no denying that Idol judge and show producer Simon Cowell has helped to transform the face of mainstream music in the U.S. by ushering in a new age of pop-stars. Now that America’s Got Talent has also become a hit with U.S. TV viewers, Cowell is riding high with another talent hit that makes its LIVE return to the NBC airwaves on Tuesday, August 26 and Wednesday, August 27.

As contestant gets set to wow judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osborne and “The Hoff” David Hasselhoff, we caught up with the outspoken Simon Cowell to find out what he looks for in talent and whether he’s gotten better over the years at spotting stars.

The Deadbolt

Canadian Idol Recap: Somebody’s Always Saying Goodbye

Isn’t it amazing how for the Monday recap we got pretty much all of the judges good comments and none of the bad? Also, has anyone noticed how Ben always tells us one person will be going home like it’s a surprise to us? I’m just saying.

After the recap, the Idols went into Danny’s Song (and yes I saw the Anne Murray appearance coming as much as I saw Tom Jones bursting out during the Idol medley of his songs).You’ve got to give Anne Murray credit, for her age, she still can do a great performance. She’s no Tina Turner in the physical performance sense, but her voice is still pretty much there.

National Post

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