Dallas, TX AI Live! Show – Aggie02’s Recap

Aggie attended the Idols show in Dallas and she met them both before and after the show.   Read her re-cap below…

My experience all began Sunday evening as many Castro fans united at a Dreadhead BBQ in Rockwall in honor of our favorite idol. About 75 of Jason fans were present and ate hot dogs, potato salad, cake, and even dreadhead-shaped cookies! It was a great way to kick off our taste of the Idol tour and connect with other enthusiastic folks!

Monday morning at 11:15 my mom and I arrived at the American Airlines Center where we found about 5 other bus stalkers. One by one they started trickling in and by 1:00 there were probably about 50 of us. The security guard said they would arrive soon and come out around 2:00. The buses drove by and into the underground parking lot at 1:30, and sure enough David Cook struts out at 2:00. Looking good in his red baseball cap, blue striped shirt and pointy elf boots, he was very accommodating and took his time with us all! My friend Joni was literally shaking when she took our picture ¦I hope it came out. I havent seen it! KK from Wisconsin was there and he kept yelling …Cheese, cheese, cheese into her camera!

Archie made an appearance next and poor guy, he was coughing up a storm! He was sweet as can be, cuter than pictures let on, and very grateful to the fans. I got a picture with him too.

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Kristy Lee was next and looked very comfy in her Victoria Secret tank, jeans, and tennis shoes. She is beautiful!

And ¦drum roll please ¦..Jason walked through the door next! And yes, for those dreadheads in the know, he was donning the reappearing shirt and his manpris with his dreads pulled half-back. Seriously, he received soooo many gifts! I think he has gotten the most love out of anyone.

When he got to me I was holding an …Aggie Dreadhead sign and I said, …Im an Aggie also. He said, …Oh yeah. Currently? I said that I had already graduated. And he said, …OK because today was the first day of school. We took a thumbs-up picture, which is the Texas A&M sign. I gave him my gift ¦a t-shirt and book. Then he was on down the line. We were about to leave since they had press in 3 minutes, and I realized the picture we took did not turn out! Ahh! So luckily I caught him before he left and said, …Our Aggie picture didnt turn out. And he said, …Well let take another! We did. And all was good.

Went home, took a shower, and we rode the DART back to the AAC for the show We got there 2 minutes before it started. Here my run-down:

Chikeze: Great entertainer and so happy-go-lucky! He gave a shout out to Jason Yeager who was in the audience. Im a new Chikeze fan!

Ramiele: Very cheesy dance moves and her songs were boring. I do think she has a voice though and she is just so dang cute!

Michael: That boy can rock it! His voice is the best in person! Love the …bluesy-ness of it! Loved him!

Kristy: Can I just say that I want her body! She is a better singer than I remember and she worked the stage!

Carly: I love me some Carly. She was my favorite girl. Loved the Bring Me to Life and her entrance with the fan blowing. The Heart song suited her well. Didnt know the last song. She has some pipes and she can rock also!

Brooke: Brooke is just so comfortable behind the piano. Her voice sounded extra raspy, but she nailed each performance. 1, 2, 3, 4 was super-fun and Yellow was the coolest cover of a song Ive heard in a long time! Loved Brooke!

First group performance: Dont really remember it. Too short.

Jason: Overall, LOVED it! Well, he is another one who sounds phenomenal live. The oohs and aahs on Over the Rainbow gave me goose bumps. He mixed it up a bit compared to the studio version. Crazy was a very cool version and Daydream was so much fun. After Crazy he talked about how he was glad to finally be home and it never felt like that day would ever get there. Then he pulled out a Texas flag, threw it over his head, and wrapped himself in ii. Yay for Texas!

Syesha: Im surprised her dress never flew up. Didnt think her performance was very strong considering she sang some very well known pop songs. For some reason she doesnt seem very friendly, but maybe it just me. But I have to say she has a good voice.

Archie: His set was my favorite! His voice cracked once on Angels, and I could tell that cold was hitting hard. But he managed. After Apologize he thanked all the fans who …stood by him and he was so out of breath! He sang Stand By Me and got the loudest standing ovation of any Idol of the night. The last Josh Groban song was beautiful and solidified my opinion that he should have won.

Cook: I loved his song choices. He made a joke about magic rainbows! He also gave a shout out to old bandmates and said, …Guys, look what could have happened? He later apologized and said that was a jerk-move. I was glad about that because I was gonna say ¦. He worked the crowd and won over a new fan in me.

Dont Stop the Music and the Mavid: Fun song! Wish they each had longer solos. The Mavid was hilarious although I barely saw it because I was trying to film. But it looked like some sort of country moonwalk thing.

After the show my mom took a cab home and I stayed to meet the rest of the Idols. Around 11:00, Kristy, Syesha, Michael. Chikeze, Carly, Archie, and Brooke came out along with Jason Yeager. I conversed with him for a few minutes. Nice guy. Jason Castro had 150 family members so didnt come out. Brooke said David Cook doesnt come out after shows. And who knows where Ramiele was? Glad I stayed! Got some good pictures and I felt like my Idol experience was complete.

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