Idol Headlines For 7/7/08

‘Idols’ on the road: We catch up with Michael Johns, in advance of Wednesday night’s show at Arco Arena

Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Jul. 6–It’s been more than six weeks since Season 7 of “American Idol” wrapped, with rocker David Cook — in what some dubbed a shocker — taking the title over teen crooner David Archuleta.

Since then, deals have been signed, and the “Idol” Top 10 have conversed with Larry King and Ellen DeGeneres, gone to Vegas, gone home, taken copious amounts of vitamins and caught up on their sleep.

But hey, it’s time for a wake-up call.

‘Idol’ tour opens to rave reviews

And the Davids live up to expectations

Tulsa’s David Cook and the other “American Idol” finalists kicked off their cross-country tour this week, and the early reviews are in: It’s even better than the TV show.

Producers ditched many of the show’s cheesy group numbers on this tour and decided to let the performers each sing at least three songs, with the No. 10-ranked finalist Chikezie opening the show and winner Cook performing the final set.


Idols for the Holidays

If there anyone who knows how to capitalize on the …Idol phenomenon, it Michael Orland.

Michael is the Pianist, Arranger and Associate Musical Director for …Idol. But now, he has added musical director to his resume as he is directing two …Idol-related shows.

…Idols in Concert! has been appearing at the Rrazz Room at Hotel Nikko San Francisco since July 1st. Three Idols take the stage each night for solo, duet and ensemble performances from among 16 participating throughout the two-month run. Idols scheduled to appear are: Anwar Robinson, LaKisha Jones, Jon Peter Lewis, Gina Glocksen, Rickey Smith, Mikalah Gordon, Julia DeMato, Trenyce, RJ Helton, Constantine Maroulis, Jasmine Trias, Vonzell Solomon, Brandon Rogers, Christina Christian, Leah LaBelle, Camile Velasco and a special Idol to be announced later.

Sparks holds Aussie No.1 for fifth week

Jordin Sparks has spent her fifth consecutive week at number one on the Australian singles chart.

Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’, last week’s number two, slipped four places to sixth, while Rihanna fell to fourth with her latest release ‘Take A Bow’.

Elsewhere, US popstar Katy Perry moved up 11 places to reach number two, while The Pussycat Dolls climbed to third.

Jordin Sparks has Energy in the Park

Jordin Sparks signs autographs for fans prior to her performance at the Annual …Energy In The Park concert at Strandbad Wannsee in Berlin, Germany on Saturday. She held up a sign that read, …Mathieu! Danke! (Matthew! Thank you!)

20+ pictures inside of Jordin Sparks with much energy in the park ¦

Just Jared

“Elvis: Viva Las Vegas” Special to Launch This August on DVD and Blu-ray, for Sale Exclusively at Wal-Mart and Airing on CMT

Thirty-one years after Elvis Presley’s passing, the special release of “Elvis: Viva Las Vegas, ” with never before seen bonus material, will be made available exclusively through Wal-Mart stores and Sam’s Club, beginning August 12, 2008 on both DVD and hi-definition Blu-ray for $10. Purchases also will be available online through and Fans who want to be among the first to own their own copy can pre-order the DVD through starting today.

Viva Las Vegas” features performances or interviews with: 50 Cent Faith Hill Miranda Lambert Lisa Marie Presley Beyonce Chris Isaak The Little Willies Priscilla Presley Brandi Carlile Dwayne Johnson David Lynch Jerry Schilling Mark Cohn Tom Jones Paul McCartney Patti Scialfa Chris Daughtry Toby Keith Willie Nelson, Nancy Sinatra Celine Dion with Joe Perry Jon Bon Jovi and Rob Thomas Joe Esposito George Klein Richie Sambora Three 6 Mafia…

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  1. I was happy about that too, hicksaholic. Jason deserves some props — the others get plenty.

    Hopefully Jason will get enough experience under his belt and do well after the tour. His recorded voice is truly wonderful — still among my favorites from the AI show.

  2. purplesmile
    Jul 7th, 2008 at 9:21 am
    Has this been posted yet?

    video of Alana, the girl in the wheelchair, backstage with the Idols

    I hadn’t seen it. Thanks so much for posting that. I read her account of meeting the Idols. Love her sense of humor. :)

  3. So why send a guy who obviously hates Idol and all it stands for to cover the Idol tour? I’m buffled.
    If Doug Elfman can’t get past the fact this show and tour is all about covering old songs… why make him suffer through it?

  4. He did it all for the nookie. Or I guess money talks. Heehee. Maybe they thought it’d be funny to see him to go postal. “YAAAARGH. HATE. HATE. HATE. I’d rather go to see Celine Dion!!!.”

  5. And as fans screamed, Cook opened his rock-guy beard mouth to eke out his first horrible song….

    Well…I’m a Cook fan, but that was kinda funny.

    To each his own, I guess….

  6. From the Elfman article:

    But if you’re interested in the human race moving forward, “Idol” and this tour lets you down by breathing new life into gramophone and jukebox songs in the age of the iPod. It’s like when vampires suck blood out of children so they can live forever. It’s exactly like that.

    Heavy-handed much, Elfman? I don’t think AI is obligated to aid in the progression of all humanity…however, I do see his point. I’m 40 years old, and even I think the music they do on the show and on tour is old-fashioned. To your average teen, it’s got to feel ancient. The idols might as well be singing Gregorian chants or Stephen Foster’s greatest hits.

    I love that he loved Jason, though. A little critical sugar for my boy!

  7. Well, get ready. More reviews than not of the Idol show are negative.

    Personally, I lay off the heavy-handed criticism when it comes to the big summer dog and pony show. It’s really not meant to be that serious. It’s a big fun traveling cheese fest–strictly meant for fans of the show. Would this guy check out “Disney On Ice” and natter on the way he did in his Idol piece? I don’t think so.

  8. I take all reviews with a grain of salt. Not everyone is going to enjoy the same performances and as long as the reviews don’t turn into personal attacks on the Idols, its all good. I remember seeing UB40 years ago in concert and had a God awful time and still consider it the worst concert I’ve ever wasted my money on. The concert got rave reviews in the local papers. Just goes to show one person’s lemon is another’s lemonade. That being said, I’m glad Jason and Brooke have been getting some love in the media reviews. I appreciate both of them for the unique sound they bring to a song and am glad to read commentaries that are gentler on them than the Idol judges were.

    rock-guy beard mouth

    Seriously, is this supposed to be an insult? Rock-guy beard mouth? WTF is that? :lol_wp:

  9. Rock-guy beard mouth?

    Try saying it out loud. Pretty funny.

    Ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s a big fun traveling cheese festà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’strictly meant for fans of the show.

    There ya go! So totally agree….

  10. A lot of that review seemed to have been written specifically to get a rise out of people. He’s probably thrilled that people are going goofy in the comments.

  11. Guy’s a tool. And that’s why we don’t read reviews. We don’t read movie reviews in our house either — if we’re interested, we go. We have our own minds, thankyouverymuch.

    Rock-guy beard mouth? Interesting turn of a phrase? Or just an over-paid idiot trying to sound clever? I think the latter.

  12. As a big Jason fan, I too love it that he is getting some good reviews for his uniqueness. We that have always appreciated him for that and realized that long ago will surely love the praise he received for that but David C’s rock-guy beard mouth? That is just mean spirited and ugly and has nothing to do with the passion that David C puts into his music or David A for that matter and kinda takes the joy out of the good review that Jason and Brooke got for me, well just a little, but

    Cheese fest – yes that is what this Tour is about – but haters just love to hate on the cheese and we have to all have thicker skins I guess.

  13. As MJ so eloquently put it, “I Love This Cheesy Show!” Bring on the cheese!

  14. I thought the Doug Elfman blog was funny.

    I also agree with him to some extent. I always tend to like the indie types best, e.g. Jason Castro, Brooke White. They do what they do in those big arenas despite the fact that it’s the worst possible venue for their types of music. Props for that. (Actually, Jason Castro is truly exceptional imho so props to this reviewer for seeing that despite his Idol fear and loathing.)

    Also, despite the great voices of most of the Idols this year, we won’t really know how they’ll fare out there in the big bad world until their post-Idol career, until they put out their own albums with their own stamp on things. Nothing wrong with being reminded of that. Schlocky standards are okay for a modern-day variety show like AI but they do have a short afterlife. And afterglow!

  15. If I were Jason or Brooke, I wouldn’t want anything to do with Doug Elfman. He seems like a bit of a misogynist. So the show was well attended by women? Big surprise there. I guess women are not allowed to go to concerts or buy CDs in his world.

  16. The Elfman article is hysterical – this is funny stuff:

    “You love ‘American Idol,'” the mom told her boy as she bent over in high heels, a checkered miniskirt and a purse covered in lipstick-kiss images. “Say, ‘David Cook.’ That’s who Mommy’s waiting for. David’s hawt!” Then she said they’d go back in the arena as soon as Mommy finished her cigarette.

    He’s a columnist not a music critic. I think he was going for the funny. He does bring up good points about the show that many critics & fans complain about. And some truths. Like the AI demographic (it’s a generalization but for the most part true AI does not attract many 20 somethings). And his remarks about Jason. That was right on! YEAH!

  17. Well, it’s always nice to see your faves get good reviews, but the negative ones don’t bother me either. As for Doug Elfman, I thought he was trying too hard to be funny, but I wasn’t offended or anything. I just thought his column was a tad lame. :-)

  18. Time will tell with DC. Pam thanks for the positive article. I believe him when he says he’s content with all that has happened up to this point. However, IMHO, I believe he’s going to be one of those AI’s that become a great success! In the mean time I’m enjoying his art and strongly believe I always will!

  19. I sure wasnt offended, it takes way more than that, I just dont think he was funny – he was trying so hard to be funny I think it came out just stupid and dum and I do love me some funny usually- just not this guy. Of course I liked what he had to say about Jason but he tried too hard to be witty and bombed in my opinion on the rest.

  20. American Idol Reject Hits It Big!!!

    Paul Marturano, the off-the-wall comic/accomplished pianist from Philadelphia who recently appeared on American Idol and caught the nation’s attention as Paula Abdul’s ‘Stalker’ is reaping the benefits. His company, Off The Edge Productions, LLC has generated thousands of dollars on the internet with CD and digital song sales through his website

    Marturano has signed a ringtone deal. Stalker and his other songs are available on most major carriers and he has released new audio and video versions of Stalker on Itunes with the help of producers that have worked with several major artists such as Nelly Furtado.
    The song will be released to over 450 radio stations nationwide and a portion of sales will be donated to IDOL GIVES BACK as a thank you to American Idol…

  21. Ex-“Idols” Young and Lewis take indie route

    Arguably the biggest asset that “American Idol” grants is exposure. Contestants go from unknown hopefuls to household names in a matter of weeks, and with that comes pressure to remain in the spotlight by rushing to release an album after the show airs.

    But for every Chris Daughtry there are several LaToya Londons and Paris Bennetts, whose quick-turnaround post-“Idol” album debuts slip quietly under the radar.

    This summer finds two more former contestants, Season 5’s Ace Young and Season 3’s Jon Peter Lewis, ready to step out with new releases. To their benefit or detriment, it has been a couple of years or more since their time on the show, and both opted to go the independent, rather than the major-label, route…

  22. Read the Seattle Times interview over at Idolforums. He did a wonderful job. I’m a sucker for smart men, and he was excellent here . . . very articulate! Also, it just goes to show how the “arrogant” tag on him is so wrong! Wonder why he doesn’t send out written updates to his fans? (Or does he?) I love his video blogs, but wouldn’t a letter from him feel more personal?

  23. Can’t edit my last post anymore…. Here’s the Idol’s interview on Fox LA backstage. Haven’t seen it here either, sorry if I missed it.
    Idol tour hits LA

    I love his video blogs, but wouldnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t a letter from him feel more personal?

    I would love for him to write some blogs, but since 19 runs his MySpace, and does such a bad job at it, I’m not expecting anything. I do think if it was up to him, he’d be blogging.

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