Idol Headlines for 6/4/08

Nigel Lythgoe: “David Cook Needs a Personality”

The Idol exec producer said yesterday that both of the finalists, Davids Cook and Archuleta, could have a shot at the big time — except that they both suffer from a lack of onstage charisma.

Lythgoe said that he thinks 25-year-old Cook, who took the Idol title two weeks ago, could be …enormous for a long time and even rival the success of fellow rocker Chris Daughtry, who came fourth in the show’s fifth season.

…He can certainly sing ‘ and Id like to see a bit more personality when he singing, he said.

…And that was the only thing that I think our finalists lacked a little bit this year, was more charisma.

He said that the show producers were so disappointed with President Bush efforts to combat the very poverty that the show was trying to relieve that they were embarrassed to have him on their TV show.

But Nigel said that Idol relented under pressure from the Pres’s people, and allowed him to speak during the star-studded broadcast.

OK Magazine

Archuleta’s E Center show called off

Jeff Archuleta, the father of “American Idol” sensation David Archuleta, thought it was a good idea: Host an event at the E Center where his son could thank his fans for their support and sing a couple of songs.
Archuleta and a friend organized what they called “Back Home With David Archuleta, ” an event scheduled for Friday at the West Valley City venue. They even called the news media to make the announcement.
This afternoon, the show was cancelled before tickets even went on sale.
“They’re just going to reschedule the event for a later time, ” Jeff Archuleta told The Salt Lake Tribune this afternoon. “When all the minds met, everyone concluded this wouldn’t work out for this particular weekend, and they just want to reschedule it for toward the middle or the end of the [“American Idol” summer] tour, ” he said.
Calls to the Los Angeles office of the London-based 19 Entertainment as well as Bonneville Radio Corp, which is renting the E Center for the event, were not returned by late today.
Last week, Archuleta began organizing the event, which he described as more of a “fireside chat with David” than an actual concert to meet fans. “This is the only chance he’s going to get to just thank people, and it seemed appropriate to do so, ” his father. said.

Salt Lake Tribune

Syesha Mercado Welcome Home Party

So what if she didn’t win American Idol this year–…local fans can still come and celebrate with Syesha Mercado tomorrow evening at Gulfstream Park for her welcome home party. If you’re lucky, she might sing a couple of tunes but according to the press release below, she’ll probably just be on hand hanging out and greeting fans.

Broward Palm Beach

David Archuleta Concert Canceled Due To American Idol Red Tape

Tuesday afternoon, Archuleta’s agent — Roger Widynowski — said there would be no concert due to contractural obligations between the 17-year-old and American Idol.

On Saturday, Archuleta and several other Idol contestants will begin touring the country as part of the reality show’s official summer concerts.

Widynowski did not go into detail as to why Archuleta could not perform at the E Center — but just said that the Murray High School student simply could not appear at the non-American Idol sanctioned event.


David Cook’s Mom, Brother: Idol Win Is Bittersweet

His every move is now tracked by the paparazzi and the bloggers, so you know what’s going on with David Cook since he won “American Idol almost two weeks ago.

But what’s been going on with Cook’s family in the Metro in the aftermath of the Idol madness?

David’s mom Beth Foraker and younger brother Andrew Cook know things will never be normal again for him, but will things be normal for the rest of the family? The jury’s still out.

Andrew says the post-Idol media circus in LA and New York has taken it’s toll on his big brother.

“Every single time I’ve called him, I usually wake him up. He’s tired, but he’s still loving it, ” Andrew said.


Jason Castro lives dream of sailing his own ship

On a warm autumn evening, about 15, 000 fans came out to see Jason Castro’s homecoming in Rockwall. But the American Idol contestant got to do something he’s been wanting to do for a long time — guide a catamaran on Lake Ray Hubbard. Neighborsgo editors Kandace Dodson and Dawn Redig had access on Jason’s cruise with his family and close friends just before he docked at The Harbor for his concert.


Your Handy Guide to the Month in Music

see why. Ratings were down all season (though it was still the highest rated show on television by a long shot), and the producers seem to be losing the middle portion of their targeted demographic, which is to say that 12-year-old girls still like it because, …Omigod, David Archuleta is so cute! and 60-year-old women still like it because, …Aw, theyre so adorable, and I really like those Andrew Lloyd Webber songs! But the 18-34s are losing faith because, for whatever reason, the producers refuse to incorporate theme nights that allow contestants to sing songs that were written in the last decade, let alone the past year, which is what they should probably be doing. Add to all that those incredibly hokey commercials where they all sing and act, possibly referencing all the old cheese ball Beatles promo movies but horribly missing the mark, and a whole lot of people with decent taste immediately tune out.


Pals Say Clay Aiken Will Be a ‘Good Parent’

Clay Aiken’s friends are sending him support and good wishes after hearing news that he’s going to be a father with music producer Jaymes Foster.

“Congratulations, Clay!” says American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson. “I think he will be a good parent.”

Actor Eric Roberts and wife Eliza says their close friend Foster ‘ the sister of music producer David Foster ‘ pulled them aside at her 50th birthday party in Los Angeles in March to tell of her pregnancy with a friend, whom they later learned was the 29-year-old Aiken.

“This is a story of two people, who perhaps not typical as parents ‘ whatever typical is ‘ or at a stage of life typical for parent, want to have a child to love and to experience parenthood, ” Roberts says. “These people have the best foundation of all to share such an important task, which is a strong, abiding friendship.”

Mike Myers, Anna Faris, Will Ferrell, Christian Bale Want Your Vote At The Summer Box Office

Quick: How many comedies can you name in which a woman single-handedly headlines? “Legally Blonde”? “Miss Congeniality”? “Private Benjamin”? They’re few and far between, and at least one studio has reportedly decided that women simply don’t sell movie tickets. August 22 brings us “The House Bunny, ” an Anna Faris vehicle that hopes to make a household name out of the silly, sexy “Just Friends” scene-stealer. Starring, produced by and partially written by Faris, this flick about a Playboy Bunny who becomes a sorority house mother looks promising, and the star will have help from Katharine McPhee and Emma Stone. Sure, the summer got off to a good start with the two-woman comedy “Baby Mama, ” and the “Sex and the City” foursome definitely raked in the box-office bucks, but make no mistake about it: If the target audience for “House Bunny” decides to stay home, the only solo-female comedies we’ll be seeing in the next several years will involve Martin Lawrence in a dress.


With return of prodigal guitarist, Sevendust is back to rocking

On “Hope and Sorrow, ” the band brought in guest musicians like Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti as well as former “American Idol” contestant Chris Daughtry, who has since become a successful musician in his own right.

“Chris was a fan of the band and such a cool guy, ” said Witherspoon. “We began talking and started building a relationship. Sure enough, we were in the studio writing ‘Hope and Sorrow’ and Chris Daughtry was in town. It was more about us hanging out and drinking a cold beer and eating some pizza.”

The resulting collaboration is a song called “The Past, ” which has Daughtry sharing vocal duties with the soulful Witherspoon.

Great Falls Tribune

Sierra Hopes Media Gag Order Will Be Lifted

TAMPA – Former “American Idol” finalist Jessica Sierra ‘ and one of the stars of the VH1 program “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” ‘ wants to continue her drug and alcohol treatment as well as her reality-television career.

She hopes to join the upcoming sequel “Celebrity Rehab II, ” her attorney said.

There’s a bit of a snag, though.

In January, while Circuit Judge Daniel Perry was hearing Sierra’s violation of probation case, he scolded her for speaking to the media and ordered her to stay at least 100 yards from microphones and cameras.

Fitzgibbons has filed a request with Holder to set aside Perry’s order.

On Thursday, Fitzgibbons will appear before Holder with the host of the VH1 program, Dr. Drew Pinsky. Sierra will not attend.

‘Dance’ steps up to the cultural plate”

On an unseasonably hot day recently, the sidewalk outside the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles is filled with an unusual sight for this stretch of unreclaimed downtown ‘  scores of young dancers clad in tights, sweats, tutus and belly dancing outfits sprawl across the shaded ground under the marquee. But being dancers, they don’t sprawl quietly; instead the mass of them constantly undulates and seethes like some many-tentacled sea creature.

The theater’s front door flies open, and a young man races out to the sidewalk, where he does a series of cartwheels, back flips and winged summersaults, all the while clutching in his hand a magical sheet of paper ‘  a ticket past the auditions to the next round of TV’s freewheeling dance competition, “So You Think You Can Dance, ” which kicked off its fourth season recently on Fox (8 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays).

Dance is enjoying something of a miniature renaissance, with the success of both “So You Think You Can Dance” and ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars, ” along with the cable shows “America’s Best Dance Crew” (MTV) and “Step It Up and Dance” (Bravo), as well as the “High School Musical” franchise.


Canadian Idol: The Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton Auditions

And we’re back. Nine months since Brian Melo was crowned Canadian Idol and less than two weeks after David Cook won the latest American title, Canadian Idol is back.

No one really stood out in the Toronto auditions, nor really in the Canadian Idol capital of Canada (otherwise known as Alberta). As much as American Idol may be thinking of getting rid of the audition process, I hope Canadian Idol doesn’t do that, as much as it is mostly watched for those who do not quite meet the vocal conditions of the competition, it is also interesting to see if anyone we see a glimpse of in the auditions makes it all the way. I remember Brian Melo’s audition in Toronto last year, only because he is from my hometown not because he was outstanding.


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