Idol Headlines for 2/20/08

American Idol Controversies Cresting as Season 7 Begins

While American Idol is still a ratings powerhouse and one of the strongest franchises on television, there is no denying that the brand has taken more than its fair share of lumps since Jordin Sparks was crowned the winner of the show’s sixth season. In addition to stillborn debuts from last season’s two finalists (Blake Lewis and the aforementioned Miss Sparks), past winners like Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard were both recently unceremoniously dropped from their recording deals. So when confronted with waning ratings during this season’s tiresome pre-series run of “Hey, Look At That Jackass” moments, it seems that Idol producers turned to a tride and true gimmick in order to get people talking about their show once again. They created a controversy.


Three men prove they have ‹it on ‹Idol

The …American Idol semifinals began on Tuesday with the 12 men taking the stage. This round is always unpredictable, since few have had a chance to build up much of a following.

But some are in better shape than others. Simon Cowell said three of the singers stood out as having that elusive …it that makes stardom possible, while others sang well enough to be confident that theyll hang around. For the rest, a forgettable performance combined with a lack of airtime during the auditions may prove too huge a hurdle to overcome.


”American Idol”: Disappointment Television

How many new and different ways can you say ”disappointing”? If you tuned in to the first night of the American Idol season 7 semifinals, then your answer is no fewer than four (Colton Berry, Jason Yeager, Chikezie (not Eze), and Garrett Haley, undoubtedly) and no more than eight (feel free to add any or all of the following: David Cook, David Hernandez, Danny Noriega, and Luke Menard), depending on how generous/unforgiving you’re feeling.

Entertainment Weekly

American Idol: Top 12 Boys Perform

The continuing efforts by the Idol folks to make me happy are really appreciated, I want you guys to know that. Not only did they acknowledge that certain of tonight’s contestants have had very little to no screen time thus far, but they went so far as to show us some early audition footage for them.

It may not seem like much, but that little bit shows us the contestant singing a couple different songs, maybe in differing styles. This gives us a more well-rounded basis on which to assess their performance here. Everyone has an off-week from time to time and it would be horrible for someone to have a bad night on the only night we see him/her if his/her other auditions were amazing.

TV Squad

Recap: ‘American Idol’ Top 12 men perform

“People are saying that this year’s talent is the best yet, ” host Ryan Seacrest says, kicking off Tuesday (Feb. 19) night’s performances by the season’s American Idol Top 12 Men. I guess that’s why I’m weathering the flu to perform my recapping duties. If I miss somebody, it’s ‘cuz I went into a coma.


American Idol: Top 12 Boys Blow, suck

The top 12 boys performed on American Idol 7 raising the question: Why the f*** do we still watch this show?

Make no mistake. The ‹pizza and salad Paula Abdul is back.

Ol Paula seemed to be heavy sedated, suggesting it really easy for a celebrity of her stature to score cat tranquilizers.

It was as if MC Skat Kat had dropped blotter acid in her Coke cup.


American Idol: Stuck in the 60’s

So now theyre picking themes for the Top 24 rounds? Im not a fan. While Im happy that this means the Idol Powers That Be are getting ‹60s week out of the way early this year (along with Latin night and songs that remind Phil Collins of himself night, hopefully), Im disappointed that the contestants are not allowed to choose songs from their own specific genres. In the past, weve seen the Top 24 as a sort of coming out party for some of the more enduring contestants (i.e. Blake with …Somewhere Only We Know and Carrie Underwood when she performed the only interesting performance she ever gave on American Idol, …Couldve Been). This year I feel like were being robbed of the entertainment and the contestants are being robbed of their one chance to assert their individuality before being forced to choose music from lists like …Songs of the Depression.


‘American Idol’ Video Timeline: Six Seasons Of High Notes And Hot Messes

Before “American Idol” sucks you in with the latest crop of contestants, make sure you’re well-versed on the show’s long (and sometimes lurid) history!

From the ear-pleasing highs to the glass-shattering “no!”s, this timeline by MTV News’ “American Idol” expert Jim Cantiello will tell you everything you need to know about the first six seasons: the scandals, the shocking eliminations and the so-bad-they’re-brilliant, oh-no-they-didn’t performances.


Tulsa teen talks about life on ‹American IdolObstacles it seems that Alaina Whitaker will have to overcome on her quest to be the next …American Idol:

She only 16 (last year winner, Jordin Sparks, was the youngest ever at 17).

She only got about two minutes of airtime during auditions and wasnt shown singing during Hollywood week (Kelly Clarkson wasnt shown at all during season one auditions, but that didnt hurt her much).

She might sound a little bit too much and look a lot like some other …American Idol from Oklahoma … you know, that Carrie Underwood girl from Checotah. The one with all the Grammys?

Tulsa World

TV Guide Network Set to Premiere Its Highest Rated Series, ‹Idol Tonight for Season Three

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TV Guide Network ®, a leading network providing entertainment programming to more than 83 million homes, is gearing up to premiere its highest rated original series and viewer favorite, IDOL TONIGHT on March 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Hosted by Kimberly Caldwell (American Idol season two finalist), Justin Guarini (American Idol season one runner-up) and Rosanna Tavarez (winner of Popstars), IDOL TONIGHT airs live from the doorstep of American Idol, satisfying viewers and fans appetite for the hottest show on television.

IDOL TONIGHT‹s marketing campaign will be the largest of the year for TV Guide Network. It will include a new logo, opening, and Idol theme weeks.

In addition to featuring interviews with the most recent Idol eliminee, vocal coaches, fashion stylists, industry insiders and more, the show will include the following segments:


‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week: Power Rankings

1. David Archuleta
Squeezable former Star Search winner nailed Bryan Adams’ ”Heaven” during Hollywood week and topped our latest reader poll. Still, young teenage boys have a frightful history on Idol, and was anyone buying that ”I always doubted myself” remark in his interview package? (Last week’s Power Ranking: No. 7)

2. Amanda Overmyer
The ”rock & roll nurse” solidified her status as the season’s coolest cat by choosing the Doors’ ”Light My Fire” and delivering it with an emotional ferocity that her competitors have yet to match. Still, as Simon noted, she’ll have to learn to find ”light and shade” in her vocals if she wants to win it all. (Last week: No. 3)

Entertainment Weekly

Phil’s Pages: Chapter 4

As you might have heard, my album has been delayed a couple weeks. Itll now come out April 29. We only had a few studio days to get the album done in time for the original release date. I ended up being sick on a couple of those days, and then my grandmother passed away. Because of all the other things we had planned, we ended up having to schedule a couple more recording days. That forced us to move back the release date two weeks.

Weve got about five songs left to record ‘ and we havent even picked all of them yet. Ill be in the studio Tuesday and Wednesday. Im planning to get two vocal tracks done those days, and well also make the selection on the album final three songs. Then Wayne Kirkpatrick, my producer, will cut the rhythm tracks over the next week. Ill probably go in the week after that and cut the vocals for those songs.

USA Today

Concert update: Country Fest, Kimya Dawson

FM106’s 25th annual Country Fest will move to a new date and home at 7:30 p.m. April 19 when the duo Montgomery Gentry will headline the event at the Bradley Center. Also appearing on the bill will be Gary Allan and Phil Stacey.

Tickets, at $27 and $37, will go on sale at noon Saturday at the box office and at Ticketmaster, (414) 276-4545 and www.ticketmaster .com. CountryFest was held most recently at the Wisconsin State Fair.

JS Online

Kelly Clarkson Fans Fight Clive Davis…

In light of what they see as Clive Davis’s neglect toward the promotion of Kelly Clarkson’s My December, the Kelly Clarkson Express–a group that sounds like it should serve as a dual-purpose fan club for the first American Idol and trains–has put together a video for the song “How I Feel, ” which its members think should be the next single.

All that being said, this is not by any means an assault on the Kelly Clarkson Express, who obviously have their hearts in the right place, but simply lack the resources to edit together a decent video. The real culprit in this tragedy is Clive Davis and his refusal to promote a song with as much potential as “How I Feel.” While My December may not have been the hit machine that Davis was hoping for, he could have, at the very least, given this song a try on the radio. It’s not stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks pop gold like “Since U Been Gone”–so few things are, really–but it’s a better-than-decent song, and it’s got something that so many other songs of its ilk lack: lyrics.


Katharine McPhee Doggy Duties

She was spotted out in Los Angeles, California yesterday with her favorite little furballs, her Chihuahuas.

And like a good, responsible dog owner, Katharine brought some plastic bags with which to clean up the special little surprises left behind by her canines.

Enjoy the pictures of Katharine out in LA with her Chihuahuas (February 18).

Gossip Girls

Carrie Underwood Returns to Saturday Night Live

Carrie Underwood will make her second appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live during the first new production since the strike by the Writers Guild of America. Former SNL writer and cast member Tina Fey will host the episode airing Saturday (Feb. 23). Underwood’s performance comes between two dates of her headlining tour with Josh Turner. They appear Friday in Pittsburgh and Saturday in Providence, R.I. Underwood made her first SNL appearance in 2007.


Superstar Performers Announced for CMT Music Awards

Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Sugarland, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are among the artists who will perform at the CMT Music Awards in Nashville on April 14. Tickets go on sale Saturday (Feb. 23) at 10 a.m. CT at all Ticketmaster outlets and More performers will be announced at a later date. Fan voting to determine the finalists is already underway at, and the final nominees in 12 of the 13 categories will be revealed on March 6. The video of the year nominees will be announced the night of the awards show taking place at The Curb Event Center at Belmont University.


Like a Botox Infused Ether Binge…

We’ll admit something. We hate American Idol. With the passion of a thousand Bill Waltons. It is turrrible. But as opposed to most of the participants who were actually trying to act cool, Hicks was over the top ridiculous. He knew he had no place there and reveled in it. The man was wearing his jersey tucked into his shorts, for God’s sake. Neyo kept looking at him like he was walking around without pants on. If it seems that we are unnaturally preoccupied with the man, it’s just that he was so amazingly out of place, and yet mystifyingly dorky.

We ran into Skeets and instantly he and I had the same assessment:

“Is this not the most bizarre f**king thing you’ve ever seen?

Broadway Bears Raises $127, 000 for BC/EFA; Spamalot Bear Is King

The Spamalot bear ‘  signed by Clay Aiken and David Hyde Pierce ‘  raised the most money at the annual Broadway Bears fundraiser, which was held Feb. 17 at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill on West 42nd Street.

The Spamalot bear brought in $17, 000 for the annual event, which benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Broadway Bears XI ‘  hosted by Bryan Batt ‘  earned a total of $127, 000 for the charitable organization.

Daughtry goes from ‘Idol’ to idol

It was the world’s first big glimpse of Chris Daughtry: the barely known, gritty-voiced singer performing a Bon Jovi cover song on “American Idol.”

It was far from the last. Tonight — two years to the week since that national TV debut — Daughtry will hit the stage at the Palace of Auburn Hills … as the opening act for Bon Jovi.

What a run it’s been for the North Carolina resident with the famously shaved head: His self-titled debut album, which stacks pop-ready melodies atop its guttural metal riffs, was last year’s top-selling rock record. It was accompanied by a seemingly nonstop road run that included an arena stint with Nickelback.

Former Idol brings country to Mullins

Music lovers don’t always accept country music with open arms. But if you find yourself to be a fan of fun, catchy beats, lyrics with actual meaning and happen to follow pop culture at all, you have definitely heard of Carrie Underwood.

If you are one of those people who shun country music without a second thought, kindly lend your ear to the fourth “American Idol” winner and she will definitely change your opinion.

Tonight, Underwood and country singer Josh Turner will be playing the Mullins Center at 7:30 p.m.


Underwood soars high in Albany stop

Underwood just won her third Grammy Award, for best female vocal country performance for her smash hit “Before He Cheats.” She took a breather from her co-headlining tour with Keith Urban to perform on the Grammy Award show.

And she’s cut away again, this time to headline her own “Carnival Ride” tour, which rolled into the Times Union Center for a sellout show on Tuesday night. It was technically a sellout; the venue’s top tier was curtained off.

It didn’t matter, because the 6, 500 or so fans that came out were loud and delighted to catch Carrie live.

Times Union

‹Ride to top – Carrie Underwood enjoys leading own concert tour

Carnival Ride is the way Carrie Underwood describes her life over the last few years. It also the title the country music star chose for her sophomore album. And it the title of the first tour she headlining in support of the album.

The tour stops at Wachovia Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre Township Monday night at 7:30 with …American Idol alum Josh Turner as the opening act.

Times Tribune

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