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‘American Idol’ Spoiler Alert: Online Forum Claims To Know Names Of Next Year’s Top 50

Is someone posting insider information on ‘Idol’ message board?

Someone using the online handle “JoesPlace” looks to be giving “American Idol” fans an early Christmas present ‘  or is at least peeling back the fancy wrapping and ribbons to show them just what is going to be underneath the tree.

In posts on, “JoesPlace” has listed the names, ages, home cities and MySpace pages of contestants fortunate enough to actually make it to Hollywood, where judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson will whittle the top 50 down to the top 24. And it appears that the list may be legit, based on information contained within the MySpace pages of the supposed “Idol” contenders……………


Jingle Ball performers offer jumble of quality

How was Jingle Ball? A low-rent, far-from-smooth production with lots of highs and lows.

¢ Blake Lewis. The “American Idol” runner-up seemed inexperienced (after a couple of numbers, he announced he had three more songs) and mechanical — except during “What’cha Got 2 Lose” when he did his infamous beat-boxing. Grade: C-minus……

¢ Jordin Sparks. The “American Idol” champ showed a strong voice, plenty of personality and forgettable material except for “No Air” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” Grade: B-minus…..

Star Tribune

Jingle Ball keeps young crowd ringing

….Sixth-season “American Idol” runner-up Blake Lewis acted as the first of two post-West additions to the bill. And even though he looked as if he’d just stepped off an all-night/all-day bus trip from some other radio-show gig – and handed a faulty microphone on the way out to the stage – he proved to be a trooper. He ripped through a selection of songs from his just-released debut “Audio Day Dream, ” that sounded better live than on disc, particularly “Gots to Get Her” (which was “inspired by” Irving Berlin’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz”) and the Prince-like “Know My Name.”…..

…. Like her “AI” mate Lewis, Jordin Sparks struggled with a bum microphone but, again like Lewis, didn’t let it slow her down. She’s grown noticeably as a performer since we last saw her back in August on the “AI” tour. Her self-titled debut did post the lowest-ever first-week sales of an “Idol” winner, but she’s still surprisingly young (17) and has a killer next single in “No Air.” ….

Twin Cities

Counting Down to Idol — It’s Instrumental

What is it that I am most excited for when it comes to this year’s American Idol?

It’s instrumental, my dear Watson.

For the first time, Idol contestants are going to be allowed to play instruments. Just imagine… not one, but two chances for contestants to prove their musical abilities. And two chances for them to royally screw up.

Actually, I’m excited because I think this is going to elevate the talent pool. I think it’s an opportunity to see some really special performers.

I mean, let’s be brutally honest. It takes talent to sing, but it takes a lot more talent to play an instrument too. Unless you play a tamborine or a moonshine jug, you need dexterity, coordination, rhythm and a good ear…………

Top Turkeys of 2007
This Year Musical Doh-bious Achievement Awards

Clive Davis: So what if youre the executive emeritus of the music industry. Feuding with one of …your biggest stars, Kelly Clarkson, because …Miss Independent had the chutzpah to’ gasp!’ pen her own songs and take artistic control over her career, as opposed to bringing in the army of writers and producers and …hitmakers you insisted upon, is simply bad form. Actually, it kinda douchebaggy. Just because Clarkson won American Idol doesnt mean she has to be your pre-fab sprout her whole career. Go resurrect Carlos Santana for the 18th time, and leave her alone

OC Weekly

Birthday girl surprised by Idol
A lively party is capped by a performance from Ruben Studdard.

Louise Flagler’s 59th year was one of her worst. The lowest moment came on Mother’s Day when her mother died in her arms.

So Flagler’s daughter, Symone Dexter, wanted to start off her 60th year Friday with a cheerful, big to-do: a surprise birthday party at the swanky Hilton St. Petersburg Carillon Park with all her friends and a Happy Birthday performance by an Idol.

“I said, ‘Ruben, listen, I need you, ‘” Dexter said.

Ruben as in 2003 American Idol winner Ruben Studdard, the big, gentle choirboy from Alabama dubbed the “Velvet Teddy Bear.”

Dexter, a singer who has performed backup for Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder, says she knows Ruben through her music industry connections. She said she paid only to fly him in from L.A……


Exclusive Interview: Bo Bice, former ‘American Idol’

….So, you’ve got a new album that just came out called “See The Light.” Can you just talk a little bit about that and the process that went into creating that album?

“See The Light” is really something I’ve been working on for over a decade, some of these songs. This song “Witness” on there has been a song in my library for about a decade, making changes. “Whiskey, Women & Time” is the same thing. Even the song “Sinner In A Sin” has been a little while in there. It was nice to be able to put some of those older songs on there, and then also work with people that are friends of mine from back in that era. Gary Nichols, Chris Tompkins, and Dan Hardin, they’re just good friends of mine. Then I have some new friends in here like Thomas Lee, who is my keyboard player, and we wrote a couple of tunes together. I think if I could sum the CD up in a general statement it’s just good ’70s southern rock, and a lot of good friends just having a great time playing music……

Buddy TV

Blake Lewis Day Dreams in Our Studio

When it comes to ‘American Idol, ‘ sometimes second is the place to be. Clay Aiken, Bo Bice and Katharine McPhee have all gone on to have widely successful releases, and Blake Lewis is no exception. The 26-year-old beatboxing rocker became a fan favorite during the sixth season of the widely popular talent show, and has been on the rise to stardom ever since…….

Music AOL

Barbara Walters Reveals 2007’s Most Intriguing Celebs

….Also chosen were former American Idol standout turned Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson, MySpace founders Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, embattled radio shock jock Don Imus, and pop star/actor Justin Timberlake….

Actress Archives

Lewis moves beyond ‘Idol’

….The album was recorded largely while Lewis was on the road this summer with the “Idol” tour, which he called “tedious and long.”

“Gots To Get Her” is Lewis’ most ready-for-radio next single, borrowing and reforming Irving Berlin’s “Puttin on the Ritz” melody to craft embarrassingly effective fluff.

The urban flavor seen in his “Idol” back-and-forth with Doug E. Fresh is in short supply on the CD. There’s just one guest rapper, Lupe Fiasco, on the celebrity crush tune “Know My Name.”

“I was hoping for more hip-hop flair. It comes down to the time thing and the release date, ” Lewis said.

Lewis feels he already has one leg up on fellow “Idol” alumnus, some of whom have disappeared from the pop scene after disappointing first-album sales.

Radiohead Soon To Be $40 Richer, Thanks to Blake Lewis

Rather than ask American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis where he learned to beatbox or what he thought of Jordin Sparks debut album lackluster sales, we inquired as to how much Lewis, a known Radiohead fan, paid for In Rainbows. Well, he didnt actually buy it yet, but when he does, Lewis says, …Id probably spend $40 or something, just because that cool and theyre going a different route………..


Here comes season seven of ‘American Idol.’ Yawn.

The seventh season of “American Idol” debuts in about six weeks, and I’m trying hard to care.

Bloggers on the Web, from mega-fans to year-round “Idol” reporters, have been keeping a faithful watch on the Fox TV reality show and anticipating next year’s crop of talent.

Already, spoiler lists are circulating from Hollywood week, filmed in late November, with the names of contestants rumored to be in the top 50.
I haven’t noticed any singers from Alabama on those lists, although they are far from complete or official. The spoilers will become much more precise as the two-day launch of season seven (at 7 p.m. Jan. 15 and 16) draws near.

If I’ve learned one thing about this show, it’s that “Idol” maniacs are smart and relentless. They’ve learned how to subvert the system, and they take great pride in revealing the producers’ carefully guarded plans…… Blog