Idol Headlines for 11/27/07

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TV’s Mr Nasty wants pop princess to star in American Idol

Simon Cowell wants Britney Spears to make a guest appearance on US talent show American Idol.

‘As far as I’m concerned, she can produce or direct American Idol if she likes, ‘ he says. ‘She’d bring in 50 million viewers.’ ………

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Rock Reality Show Recap: The Clark Brothers Dominate Rolling Stones Week on …The Next Great American Band

The producers of American Idol think they can find The Next Great American Band on TV (and no, theyre not talking about the next great Grand Funk Railroad). We think we can find some pleasure in this pursuit with our Rock Reality Show Recaps. Here our sixth report:


TV Guide’s Online Video Awards: The Winners Are….

With 1.75 million votes cast, TV Guide is pleased to reveal the winners of the inaugural edition of the Online Video Awards……..

Behind-the-Scenes Video: Hey Paula: Behind the Scenes (Bravo)


Teacher’s dream to sing

….Rosener said she hopes to begin performing at more area street dances and other events, although having two youngsters younger than 3 makes that more challenging. She said she’s won several vocal competitions and finished second in last year’s state Colgate County Showdown. Immediately following that event, John drove his pregnant wife to the American Idol tryouts in Minneapolis.

“We drove all night and got there at 7 in the morning. I was pregnant and nauseous and throwing up, ” she said. “It wasn’t pretty.”

Rosener didn’t advance and said at 29 she was too old to try out when the program came to Omaha for this year’s tryouts….


YouTube Promotes ‹Celebrity Rehab in Drug Awareness Campaign

What your first memory of an anti-drug commercial? An egg frying in a pan and a voice saying, …This is your brain on drugs, is a common answer. It seems the …scared straight approach to inducing a fear of drugs ‘ remember the shotgun wielding teen that killed his friend after smoking dope ‘ hasnt come far. Now in YouTube clips promoting a new show called Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinksy of Love Line fame will attempt to reinvent the genre. Watch a clip here of Crazy Town Seth Binzer apparently free-basing crack and explaining its dangers and consequences……..

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Adoration for Aiken follows him here

To most of us, Clay Aiken is that nice young man who placed second in the 2003 season of “American Idol.”

But it seems Aiken has a cult following among middle-aged women, creating an unexpected boon for Miller Auditorium and the Kalamazoo Public Schools.

Aiken will be in town Friday for a holiday concert with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra at Miller Auditorium — an event occurring on Aiken’s 29th birthday.

To the delighted astonishment of Miller officials, they’ve sold tickets in 26 states for the concert, drawing hundreds of women from fan clubs with names such as Claynation and Claymates. About 50 Aiken fans were so determined to get front-and-center seats that they bought season subscriptions to Miller, costing those patrons an extra $100 each. (The fans donated tickets for the other events back to Miller, which is distributing them to area service clubs.)……..


Entertainers of the Year: 25 Top Stars of 2007
Meet the extraordinary talents who shined brightest in 2007, from George Clooney to Johnny Depp to Carrie Underwood to…EW’s pick for Entertainer of the Year!


Faith Hill was only kidding, folks, when she feigned outrage at Carrie Underwood’s win at the 2006 CMA Awards, but viewers may’ve been truly shocked by the now-24-year-old’s meteoric rise. In 2007, Underwood further solidified her country bona fides with a confident, twangy No. 1 album, Carnival Ride, that vindicated all the promise and possibility American Idol aspires to offer. ‘ Jeff Labreque


Christmas music starts early at Smiths’
Holiday recordings have something for everyone

….The orchestra lends a marked change, though Smith hasn’t completely shed his piano-pop core on Wonderful Christmas. Album track “Christmas Day, ” in particular, is stocked with his trademark contemplative hooks and features a radio-ready contribution from American Idol alum and Nashville favorite Mandisa.

Smith was impressed enough with her contribution ‘  “She just, in my opinion, knocked it out of the park, ” he says ‘  to ask her to come along on his Christmas tour, which starts Thursday and ends in Nashville on Dec. 22 at Brentwood Baptist Church. Scheduling conflicts prohibited Mandisa’s inclusion, so fellow Idol-er Melinda Doolittle will take that spot (and helm Mandisa’s duet part in “Christmas Day”)….

Seventeen Picks The ‘Style Stars’

….Other winners in Seventeen’s first-ever Style Star awards were Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Jordin Sparks, Fergie, Lauren Conrad, Ashley Simpson and Lil Mama….