Idol Headlines for 10/16/14

Ballroom With a Twist Returns to Tour With Pros From Dancing With the Stars and American Idol – Ballroom With a Twist will kick off its fifth national touring season in 2015 with pros from Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. The company will include Val Chmerkovskiy, Tony Dovolani, Peta Murgatroyd, Sharna Burgess, Emma Slater, Anna Trebunskaya, and Dmitry Chaplin, all of Dancing With the Stars, along with So You Think You Can Dance vets Serge Onik, Legacy, Jenna Johnson, Randi Lynn Strong, and Jonathan Platero, and American Idol performers Von Smith and Gina Glockensen-Ruzicka. – Read more at TheatreMania

The Voice’s Usher and Blake Shelton to headline United Way’s gala at AT&T Stadium – Usher and Blake Shelton are taking that heat they generated as competing coaches on The Voice and offering it to the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. Dallas Cowboys VP Charlotte Anderson and Troy Aikman are co-chairing the 90th anniversary gala for the local United Way chapter and there have been a lot of hints that something big was planned. On Tuesday, Anderson tweeted that she was “thrilled to be a part of ‘usher-ing’ this new era. Wednesday night, at a power-packed event at Anderson’s home, local United Way president and CEO Jennifer Sampson and Pepsi officials revealed that Shelton and Usher will co-headline a Feb. 6 gala concert for 25,000 people at AT&T Stadium and presented by PepsiCo. – Read More at Dallas News

Phillip Phillips on ‘Thicket’: ‘Music’s Like a Journal’

Phillip Phillips fans, if you’ve been keeping up with the ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ singer, you know that we’re already on Day 4 of our rollout of exclusive, behind-the-scenes content of Phillip’s ‘Behind the Light’ album. And today, he’s musing about ‘Thicket’ — and the bravery that comes with putting out a record.
“It’s always terrifying when you put out some new music … you never know how people are going to react to it,” he admitted in the video clip, which you can check out above. “Music’s very personal. It’s like a journal.”

Read more at Pop Crush

Clay Aiken: An American Idol On The Campaign Trail In North Carolina – Back at the football game, a man approaches Aiken behind the home team bleachers. “Serious question. I want to know where you stand,” asks Terrence Becker.Becker wants to know where Aiken stands on a federal judge invalidating North Carolina’s constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. “You wanna know where I stand,” asks Aiken rhetorically. “You don’t know where I stand?” Aiken is gay. The story made the cover of People magazine in 2008. And thus begins a heated five minute debate about gay marriage. In the end, they agree to disagree. Becker says there’s no way he’d vote for Aiken, but it seems unlikely he was planning to before the discussion either. A crowd forms, patiently waiting for campaign stickers and selfies. Walking away, Aiken is almost puzzled by what just happened. This isn’t a defining issue for him or his campaign. “It’s the first time that’s come up,” says Aiken. “The first time the entire time we’ve been in the campaign that’s come up.” – LISTEN to the interview at

Jennifer Lopez Surprises American Idol Singer Pia Toscano on Her Birthday – Jennifer Lopez has been known to celebrate her birthday in epic fashion, but on Tuesday night it was all about her former backup singer, Pia Toscano. Toscano – a former American Idol contestant – was celebrating her 26th birthday at Crustacean Beverly Hills when in walked Lopez. “Pia was shaking when Jennifer walked in the door because she was so excited,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE of the birthday girl. “She was so touched that Jennifer attended.”


Read more at People

Michelle Chamuel’s ‘Face The Fire’ Q&A – You were already playing in bands and recording music before you appeared on “The Voice.” From that viewpoint, do you see such a program serving as a stepping stone in one’s career, or is it the ultimate breakthrough? [There are] many answers. I think the first part of that depends on how you use it. You can use a tool like “The Voice” as the ultimate breakthrough. You can also use it as the ultimate career killer. They give you some pretty nice tools, resources and support to work with and it’s up to you to figure out how to do the rest. – Read more at Pollstar

CBS BRINGS PROGRAMMING DIRECT TO CONSUMERS WITH NEW MULTI-PLATFORM DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE – For $5.99 Per Month, “CBS All Access” Delivers Full Seasons of Current Primetime Shows, Leading Daytime and Late Night CBS Programming, and Thousands of Episodes from CBS’s Library of Classics New Service Also Offers Live Streaming of Local CBS Television Stations In 14 of the Largest U.S. Markets, with More to Come – CBS Corporation today announced the launch of CBS All Access, a new digital subscription video on demand and Nielsen-measured live streaming service for the CBS Television Network. CBS All Access will offer subscribers thousands of episodes from the current season, previous seasons and classic shows on demand, as well as the ability to stream local CBS Television stations live in 14 of the largest U.S. markets at launch. – Read more at

‘Nashville’ Guest Star Laura Benanti Talks Sadie’s “Shady” Past – Nashville viewers have only seen a little bit of third-season guest star Laura Benanti’s Sadie Stone, a longtime singer-songwriter who becomes friends with Connie Britton’s Rayna James. But she’s set to have a bigger role in Wednesday night’s fourth episode, “I Feel Sorry for Me,” bonding with Rayna as the two hide out from the paparazzi and even duetting on “Gasoline and Matches,” which fans can already buy on iTunes. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Once again we see how the Voice has proved a huge advantage to the judges on this show. It a marvelous showcase for the artists who sit in the chairs. Unfortunately, it has yet to,prove it can do anything close to this type of success for the contestants. This would seem to be the focus as they go,forward.

  2. This week’s Billboard Mid Week Country Update’s “Makin’ Tracks” feature provides the backstory on the making of Carrie’s “Something In The Water,” and it’s a great read. Carrie apparently got emotional during the interview talking about her own baptism. So, SITW was written on 5/2/2014 in a cabin in Nashville (by Chris DeStefano, Brett James, and Carrie). Chris DeStefano had the musical track worked out before the session. Carrie brought the title to the table and wanted to repurpose it to sing about baptism. The article talks about how rare references to baptism have been in country music, and also the unusual musical nature of the song. They talk about deliberately broadening the chorus to be relatable to people who aren’t into organized religion. Here’s a fun detail from the article:

    The “Amazing Grace” chorus became epic. DeStefano served as the de facto choir leader, singing with Underwood, James, songwriter Hillary Lindsey (“So Small,” “Blessed”) and gospel-based background vocalists Vicki Hampton and Robert Bailey.

    “My manager has a video on her phone of me bouncing in the room because I just couldn’t contain myself,” says Underwood. “We were going to church in the studio.”

    Carrie was apparently surprised when her label chose it as the lead single for her upcoming Greatest Hits album – Gary Overton thinks that’s because she thought the label would be afraid of it. The label apparently did test it internally and there apparently was a short debate in the promotion department as to whether there would be pushback but they went ahead with it. Producer Mark Bright talks about how the song goes against the tide at country radio right now.

  3. This isn’t a defining issue for him or his campaign.

    correct… “second place” is the defining issue for anything Clay Aiken

  4. Clay should have told him that he did not know of any gay man that would be interested in marrying Mr. Becker. And if someone should ask him, he can say no. Mr. Becker is safe and he should rest easy and not lose any sleep. He does not have to marry anyone of the same sex.

  5. Actually, I think it shows how these coaches have taken the exposure the Voice has allowed them and given back. It is after all a charity event. The judges have done supported several charities over the years. For example, Usher and Blake did one for the tornado victims in Moore, OK last year.

  6. To be fair, the new iPads are cool. But yeah, I will never understand why people use them to take pictures or videos. Too big lol.

  7. It’s a a bit of a chicken and egg issue. Are they getting these gigs b/c of the Voice or are they asked to be on the Voice b/c they’re already getting gigs like these?

  8. The NPR report is a real puff piece. If you listen to the audio at the site, there’s a little bit of Clay’s “heated discussion” with a constituent about the federal court of appeals overturning the ban to gay marriage that was voted as a constitutional amendment by a large majority in North Carolina. It starts at around 3:00 minutes:

    Clay’s responses are weak, just saying that even though Clay wouldn’t vote to restrict that guy’s rights, that guy would vote to restrict Clay’s rights? The guy doesn’t like the ruling to overturn the amendment that was voted in by a majority, and thinks that the majority should rule. The discussion seems to end by Clay simply saying that he disagrees with the guy, which is a pretty wimpy response. He should have responded like this tweeter suggested, as this would have been a response that may have at least made this guy think a bit:

    @Secordry2: @clayaiken heard “majority should rule” argument on @NPR. Next time, quote Jeffersons Inaugural Address. See pic.

  9. I think that it’s been assumed that Candice was dropped by Interscope, but since her artist’s page has disappeared from Interscope’s website, I guess that it’s official.

  10. Celebrity News Buzz @celeb_news_buzz
    #Celebrity #News Phillip Phillips on ‘Thicket’: ‘Music’s Like a Journal’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]:

    [embedded cont…

  11. lol The writer of the NPR piece tweeted this:

    Tamara Keith @tamarakeithNPR · 22h 22 hours ago

    Dear Claymates: Thurs at 5:40 and 7:40 AM, you may want to tune in to @MorningEdition for a story about @ClayForNC (subject to change).

  12. Yeah, I knew what the Mr. Becker’s problem was with overturning the ban on same sex marriage. I was just trying to offer him comfort to calm his fears. Didn’t want him to think he was going to be forced into an unwanted marriage, lol. Never expected Clay to step up and defend anything.

  13. I honestly think that the main problem that guys have with gays is concern that they will be hit on. lol

  14. I’m really sad to hear this news. Someone with a voice like hers should be making music.

  15. Good point. How many country awards has Blake won? And Usher was huge long before he was ever on the Voice. I think the United Way would be excited to have either of them support their charity. You might be able to claim Blake got some of his popularity from the Voice, but for Usher, the Voice is just a comma in his achievements. One could be the chicken and the other the egg.

  16. Actually, some of the Voice winners are doing better than the winners from Idol: Danielle Bradberry, Josh Kaufman, Christina Grimmie, Jacquie Lee.

  17. How do you figure that? Danielle is the only one of those 4 who even has an album out. It has sold a little over 100K and she has struggled to break onto country radio. Josh has gotten a role on Broadway in “Pippin” but there’s no sign that he will get a single out any time soon, let alone an album. Christina put out a single that has gone nowhere. Jacquie is putting out an EP next week. Her first single went Top 50 on HAC, which is nice, but it’s not anything to jump up and down about. None of these people are exactly getting a ton of buzz or burning up the charts. They do all currently have label deals, though.

    Also, neither Jacquie nor Christina won The Voice.

  18. She is making music. Just as an independent artist rather than as someone signed to a major label :)

  19. A few of The Voice winners are doing better than a few of AI winners, but the majority of AI winners are doing way better than the majority of The Voice winners.

  20. (In case anybody’s forgotten, Anonymous is the anti-censorship hacker, hacktivist collective in the Guy Fawkes masks that confuse everybody’s ethical categories — ha. . They’ve protested scientology, various world governments, the Steubenville rape accusees, etc., and they get arrested a lot.)

    Anyway, I guess not surprising that they would be in favor of freeing the music of one of the few conscious rappers you’ll find in major-label territory (or at least as close to a conscious rapper as we’re likely to see these days, I suppose.)

    Anyway, thanks, Anon, because I like Lupe, too.

    According to this retweet, it appears that Gabriella Coleman, McGill prof and sociologist of the technology world, who probably has the most inside track of anyone in the world on what’s really going on inside Anonymous, may be giving credence to this report:

    Retweeted by Gabriella Coleman

    19 hours ago
    Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Tetsuo And Youth’ Gets Release Date After Anonymous Threatens Atlantic Records #HHBU

  21. Clay should have had the facts at his disposal. He apparently didn’t. The 2012 vote on that NC Constitutional Amendment was ~62% for and 38% against (1,317,178 to 804,802). What Clay should have known is that less than a third of ~6.6M registered voters actually voted. The number of voters in favor represented only about 20% of the total registered. That’s certainly no basis for claiming over 60% of North Carolina voters were in favor. More than two-thirds of them didn’t vote.

  22. You’re right – they didn’t win, but they’re doing better than the winners from Idol from the past two years. Christina just finished a tour overseas. Where’s the runner-ups from Idol from the past two years?

  23. It sounds as if Joan was effectively dead when she was brought to the hospital. If she had been an ordinary person instead of a popular celebrity, I’m guessing she may have been declared DOA instead of being kept on life support until Melissa could arrive and help decide when to disconnect it.

  24. It may not be 100% accurate, but it’s probably close, due to ratios. Kind of like how they only ask 1000 to 2000 people for presidential approval ratings or their opinions on different things-obviously they can’t ask every one of the US’s 300 million plus residents, but the sample size gives a good idea.

  25. That was an extremely nice and supportive gesture on Jlo’s part to show up at Pias birthday Party. Really gives me a lot of respect for Jlo. She certainly dresses like a Star, but more and more she displays a human side that’s very likable. Happy Birthday Pia. I can’t recall any of the other judges over the years doing anything similar, certainly not Simon. If I’m wrong I’m sure it will be corrected.

  26. I’m sure that Clay knows those facts, but he’s so afraid of discussing any gay issue that he wants to just end those discussions ASAP. He’s been such a coward in avoiding anything “gay”.

  27. Possibly, but I think that they would freak if they were come on to by a gay guy.

  28. It could be that Interscope is still paying for maintenance of the site, but I think that it’s more likely that they are just slow to remove the logo. Usually, an artist has actually been dropped long before they were removed from the label’s website.

  29. Blake got some of his popularity from the Voice,

    Blake got a lot of his popularity from The Voice. That’s why he’s afraid to leave it, I think. Maroon 5 was in a slump before Adam joined The Voice. And would Christina’s smash duet with A Great Big World have even happened without The Voice?

  30. Christina just finished a tour overseas.

    Christina had a HUGE You Tube following and a prior record deal before she even auditioned for The Voice. That tour might have happened even without The Voice (although TV probably helped her secure another record deal)

    Jena Irene was a high school student in Detroit prior to Idol, and Kree Harrison was barely scratching out a living in Nashville

  31. wasn’t Christina opening for someone else on this tour? I thought I saw that somewhere

  32. I think it’s cool that they seem to be genuine friends. It doesn’t really support the opinion that she hates all the pretty female contestants.

  33. It is a really nice song choice. “Cuckoo” was my pick for the lead single from Trespassing — such a fun song and great live. Still sounds great 2+ years later.

  34. Totally agree. The Voice has always been about the judges. Even so far as saying that “they” have won, not the contestants. Gwen joining the show just as she’s about to put out a cd is no mere coincidence.

  35. A dj doing cell phone karaoke at 12 Man Jam concert…featuring Raelynn, Jackie Lee, and Scotty.:)

    “@ChrisCruise: Where my @ScottyMcCreery fans at Check out your boy singing Alan Jackson w/ yours truly:

  36. Looks like there is a chance for some new Adam music soon — specifically “Calico” the Avicii-Adam-Nile Rodgers collaboration. Nile Rodgers tweeted about it this morning:

    Nile Rodgers ?@nilerodgers
    Sunrise from my bedroom Friday, October 17, 2014 6:40 AM – In a few hours music will be pumping in my studio

    ?@tattoojo @nilerodgers @adamlambert will we ever hear Calico?

    Nile Rodgers ?@nilerodgers · 5m5 minutes ago
    @tattoojo: @nilerodgers @adamlambert will we ever hear Calico? {I think
    soon. @adamlambert @avicii & spoke about it not long ago.}

    ?@tattoojo @nilerodgers @adamlambert @avicii ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    ?@tattoojo @nilerodgers @adamlambert @avicii i think i may #Freakout!

  37. The lead single? The fan push for this song as a single still mystifies me.
    That cd is chock full of amazing songs, several of which are radio-ready. I exercise to the Trespassing cd at the gym quite frequently. I only skip Cuckoo and one other song.

  38. I still hear WWFM quite a lot in malls and restaurants in Toronto. It was playing in Milestones Restaurant last week and their playlist is probably the same across the country so YAY!

  39. It got a great response after Pretty Little Liars so it probably played better for that younger demographic. I liked it a lot, the song I skip is Underneath. I have to be in a certain mood for that one.

  40. I have heard a bunch of songs from a lot of different ex-Idols in department stores, airports, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc. And they aren’t always singles, either. Recently I have heard WWFM, Cuckoo, LLWD, Alright with Me, Sweet Serendipity, Home, GGG, My Life Would Suck Without You

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say these playlists are made up only of songs from ex-Idols, lol. I’m guessing that their publisher(s) sends a bunch of their songs to the people who make these playlists that get used in these type of public places

  41. That song isn’t on Avicii’s current album, right? And I think it’s too early to start promoting songs from his next album (has Avicii really even started working on that?). So do you think Nile means Avicii might play it at one of his shows?

  42. I think Cuckoo got the best response on Pretty Little Liars because it was the one played the longest on that show. I’m with TLKC as it is not my favorite but would have supported it if it had been the single. Underneath, Shady, Runnin and Chokehold are my favorites. Just goes to show that nobody really knows which songs would have been hits because they did not all get a chance. BTW, I liked BTIKM also.

  43. Have to admit I can’t get too excited about an Avicii song with Adam. With so much media and fan interest for Lay Me Down, only to see it released outside the country as a 5th single with no push, was disappointing. I’ll save my energy for an Adam release from A3.

  44. I’m guessing that their publisher(s) sends a bunch of their songs to the people who make these playlists that get used in these type of public places

    Your bet would be correct (allowing that I don’t know if it’s publisher or label or management that does the sending). Businesses buy ambient music playlists from central sources — there’s one that’s D-something, and one of the Cook fans would remember the name, as it was discussed a lot on DCO in mid-2012, when TLSIWFY came out — that use both hits and deep tracks.

    The songs are chosen to provide the right “feel” for the business. AFAIK, they can vary regionally within the same chain. For instance, the Kohl’s in my parents’ small town gets a more Christian-rock-oriented playlist than the ones I’ve visited in Phoenix.

  45. So true. What a wasted opportunity! Not sure what the thinking was there. I am intrigued though about Nile’s latest tweet.

  46. I actually hear WWFM occasionally on one of the NYC stations I listen too. It’s usually on my drive home from work. Still love that song!

  47. mjsbigblog: Blake got a lot of his popularity from The Voice. That’s why he’s afraid to leave it, I think.

    I totally agree here. Blake struggled to sell albums before The Voice, to the point that his label experimented with 2 “6 pack” EPs in 2010 to give him 2 launch cycles and more visibility. He got his 1st platinum album on the back of Voice exposure, and then his 2nd. Yet, he STILL wasn’t and isn’t in the top tier of country album sellers – people like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Carrie, and Florida Georgia Line are still bigger sellers. Now his current album’s 1st week sales took a shocking nosedive from his previous album’s 1st week sales, though exposure on The Voice will probably help it to keep selling.

    The other major boost Blake’s gotten from The Voice is endorsements. He now has a partnership with JCPenney (mostly for charity) and he’s shilling Pizza Hut pizza. His Q score has shot up thanks to his TV exposure. So he’s making a TON more bank than he used to, thanks to The Voice. He knows what The Voice has done for his career, and I totally agree that’s why he’s reluctant to leave it.

  48. Yep. I love Underneath but it is too slow for exercising. (Great for cool down on the treadmill, though.)

    Trespassing and Cuckoo didn’t get that great a response after Pretty Little Liars. Making Top 20 on iTunes for a few hours doesn’t mean much in terms of resonance and sales.

    Cuckoo did marginally better and the PLL demo was probably part of that but many fans had already downloaded the “radio-ready” version of Trespassing so they couldn’t do it that night.

    Here’s hoping that the CD3 release is better managed.

  49. THIS. I would have supported Cuckoo it if it had been a single, too. The other song I always skip from that cd is BTIKM but I voted for it and supported it because that was the song RCA released. (It got to Top 10 in our radio market.)
    P.S. I love your 4 favourites, too.

  50. Underneath may be my favorite song on the whole album. The lyrics are just beautifully heartbreaking and the music is gorgeous. It’s not a song to exercise or dance to, though :)

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