Idol Headlines for 10/12/10 – The Evening Edition

Matt Giraud is in Nashville for a photo shoot today @imMattgiraud: Down in Nashville for a photo shoot for some upcoming exciting things! I have WAY 2 many outfits. haha working with the great @davidmolnar

Photos after the JUMP…

Hanging out in the make-up/hair chair before the shoot!

Here’s a shot of the first outfit with the white screen!! Off to the next location!! Too bad it’s raining..


Lee DeWyze jams in the studio with Toby Gad and Lindy Robbins in the studio.



‘Dancing With the Stars’: Brooke Burke embroiled in lawsuit

“Dancing With the Stars” co-host Brooke Burke and her boyfriend, former “Baywatch” actor David Charvet, are caught up in a lawsuit claiming they knowingly bought stolen merchandise from a high-end L.A. store.

Burke was deposed in the case in late May, and snippets of her videotaped testimony have turned up on RadarOnline. In the brief excerpt that was leaked, she appears rather annoyed with the plaintiff’s attorney who’s questioning her; other than making her look testy, there’s not much there.

The lawsuit was filed by EuroConcepts, which sells expensive kitchen and bath fixtures, against an employee of the company’s L.A. showroom, Zalfa “Zee” Halaby, Burke, Charvet and numerous other people. It alleges that Halaby sold items from EuroConcepts to Burke and Charvet at a deep discount, then pocketed the money for herself.

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Ouch! Is the Dancing With the Stars Curse Back?

Brandy must be a really good actress.

Her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy tells us she’s hurting, but we certainly couldn’t tell she was in pain during last night’s Dancing With the Stars.

So then what’s up? Find out what else Maks told us in this week’s installment of our exclusive post-performance chat…

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The Situation Storms Off ‘DWTS’: ‘I Was Very Upset’

He seemed cool on screen when he was getting the lowest scores of the night handed to him for an Argentine Tango that Bruno Tonioli called a “terrible mess.” But behind-the-scenes on ‘Dancing with the Stars, ’ Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino was steaming mad.

“I stormed off and eventually cooled off, ” The Situation told a group of reporters backstage after Monday night’s show, even though that’s not what we saw on camera. “To be honest with you, I was very upset. I really tried hard. Those lifts I was doing were extremely difficult. The routine itself wasn’t as sloppy as they made it sound.”

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  1. Lol, Lee, of course you are writing a song about dreaming.
    I can’t wait to hear “Live It Up” tomorrow.
    Thanks for this video, MJ!

  2. Love the Lee jam session video! Can’t wait for Live it Up tomorrow!

  3. Great to see Lee in action! Tomorrow can’t come soon enough! Live It Up!!!

  4. MJ, thanks for posting the photo shoot pictures of Matt. He looks great. Now I wonder how long before he says what they are for, or how long until we see them.

  5. Wow love the video of Lee in the studio!! Can’t wait till tomorrow for Live it Up!! :)

    Thank you MJ for posting the Lee’s sneak peak vid!! This was tweeted a few mins ago:

    AOLRadio Idol fans: We will have Lee DeWyze’s first single titled ‘Live it Up’ tomorrow. I’ll tweet the info once it’s on our stations!

  6. Why don´t they turn up the heat for poor Lee. Hood over hat, must be cold in there

  7. Why don´t they turn up the heat for poor Lee. Hood over hat, must be cold in there

    Lee would wear a hoodie and a beanie in 90* weather…. in fact he did the day on tour that I met him! lol

  8. Chantal Kreviazuk comments on working with Carrie after talking about working with other acts who’ve had attitude:

    “And it’s funny because (American Idol winner) Carrie Underwood comes in the room, and she’s stunning, she’s young, she’s a gazillionaire, she’s successful, she has no ego.’’

    “And she’s grateful, she’s grateful, grateful, and I am so honoured to sit with someone who has that kind of class.

    Also a couple more reviews of Carrie’s recent shows in Tulsa and Dallas:

    Tulsa Today

    This was her show, and it is abundantly clear that she has moved well beyond her days when she was a fresh-faced contestant on the Idol program. Elaborate staging and several costume changes did not detract or overshadow Underwood’s singing, which sometimes happens when an artist’s show is at the degree hers was/ The show incorporated a flywheel at center stage that raised and lowered, a swing that descended from the rafters during one of her songs. She belted out John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads” while flying over the crowd aboard a pickup truck to symbolize her years of singing at festivals all over Oklahoma before her big break.

    Dallas Observer

    The highlight of the night had to have been “Temporary Home,” a song Underwood also wrote. Sitting in front of a broken-home backdrop, she sat down on the edge of the stage a put a soul into her voice that could creep up your spine.

    Apparently Carrie dropped in a little bit of All My Exes Live In Texas when she sang Songs Like This at all her recent Texas dates. LOL!

  9. Congrats to Lee fans. I actually have pretty high hopes for his album. I’m an incorrigible Kris fan myself but my daughter,the music snob, loves Lee’s pre-idol music and she usually knows what she’s talking about.

  10. Lee is switching singles last minute to Sweet Serendipity or was his tweet a joke? If it’s true. That was fast.

  11. On Friday, Oct. 15, Allen will perform at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, along with Los Angeles-based rockers Lifehouse. He’ll do songs from his self-released CD (recorded during his junior year in college) and new tunes, as well. His first single, “Live Like We’re Dying,” has sold more than 1.5 million copies.

    Maybe the reporter misunderstood. I don’t see this happening.
    I have to listen to BNS again, but the songs kind of slower, more ballads, right ?
    As opener, Kris will only have certain time (30-40 minutes) and I think that he can sing BCWU, BIB, INTK before singing any of the songs from BNS.

    Wow, if it will happen, although I want to hear Let It Rain more.

  12. Yeah I thought Kris said he wouldn’t do anything from BNS.I love the music from the album,but I’D rather hear LIR,BIB,INTK,and For The Ashes.

  13. Looks like Kris was helping out with special needs kids today.

    Big thanks to my buddy @KrisAllen for coming out to RUFL tonight! Had a great time with the kids tonight!

    Got to shoot a video for #RUFL & #communityconnections with @KrisAllen. Fun times! Oh yeah, & I got bloopers.

    Big shout out to @KrisAllen for taking time out of his Tuesday to check out RUFL & to @derekmoser for just being awesome!

    Thanks @KrisAllen for coming out and showing some love to our RUFL players tonight!

    ETA: RUFL is a flag football program specifically designed for children with developmental delays & disabilities, ages 5-17

  14. Awe just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore.Kris is such a great guy.So sweet.

  15. Ratna12–Yeah, that article is clearly mistaken about which album Kris will be singing songs from on tour. It doesn’t even mention KATA, only the old one. It’s a big OOPS!

    Wouldn’t it be something if he substituted INTK for TT as the ballad song? I’d kinda like that!

    So nice of Kris to help out with that football league. And why not? He loves football and he loves kids! Win-win!

  16. Thanks for the Matt Giraud news, MJ.

    He looks great in that picture!

  17. Can’t get enough of Matt G! I wonder what’s coming up for him. We know he’ll be performing at the Grand Ole Opry with Anna Wilson. But he’s been hinting at more exciting stuff to come!

  18. I really hope TPTB are beginning to recognize Matt’s talent. He so deserves it.

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