Idol Headlines for 09/30/09

Kris Allen: Why the “American Idol” Champ Could Be a Therapist

I was very happy when Kris Allen won American Idol. I’m a big fan of Adam Lambert as well, but Kris has a soothing voice I could listen to for hours. I’ve been playing his new song, “Live Like We’re Dying, ” on repeat because it’s so catchy, and it has such a great message. It’s making me rethink how I live my life…

Do you ever feel so stressed out that you wish the day would be over? There are some weeks where I feel like a robot going through the motions of life. I’ll be so overwhelmed by work and after-work commitments that I neglect the people I love. I’ll actually forget to call my mom (and I already told you I typically talk to her at least four times a day), and I’ll barely have a conversation with Drew. Some nights, I get home so late that all I do is say goodnight to him before bed.


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Entertainment Wrap: Anoop trains for the fair

This week Kathy helps train “American Idol” finalist Anoop Desai for his N.C. State Fair performance.

‘The X Factor’ in the U.S.?: Five reasons that makes me fear for ‘American Idol’

News that Simon Cowell might bring top-rated British singing competition The X Factor to the U.S. airwaves has me feeling a little skittish. Maybe that’s because of my profound and deep-rooted fear of change.* Or maybe it’s because over in Jolly Old England, X Factor gobbled up American Idol’s British cousin, Pop Idol, like the great white devoured that water-skier in Jaws 2.(For the record, Britain’s iTV yanked Pop Idol after only two seasons in favor of upstart X Factor.) And as someone whose career, social schedule, and emotional well-being are built around a deck of American Idol playing cards (yes, they do exist), I want that water-skier kept out of harm’s way.

Entertainment Weekly

Paula Abdul Tweets RSVP To Simon Cowell’s 50th Birthday Party

Paula Abdul looks to be on good terms with her ex-American Idol colleague Simon Cowell, as the former judge on the smash singing competition Tweeted Tuesday about traveling to the UK for Cowell’s high profile birthday bash.

“Packing today, ” Paula Tweeted. “I am headed to the big apple and then to mr. Cowell’s 50th bday in London. I am very excited.”


Idol Q & A

Brooke White and Michael Johns stopped by Border’s on Sept. 28 to sing a few songs and sign their CDs for the crowd.

Brooke White, 26, was the fifth-place finalist on the seventh season of American Idol ‘ the season David Cook ultimately won. White, born in Phoenix, Ariz., recently released her first studio album ‘High Hopes & Heartbreak’  on July 21.

While she enjoyed a cup of hot tea, she took time out for five questions from Journal publisher John Beaudoin.


Rock a Little, Feed a Lot Concert

Los Angeles ( – Some of the biggest names in music rocked out in Downtown Los Angeles for a good cause at the Rock a Little, Feed a Lot charity concert on Tuesday night.

Among the performers at the Club Nokia event… Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Tom Morello and Benji & Joel Madden. Plus… a very blonde Katharine McPhee!

The last song of the night was something written just for this concert… called “All We Need Is Love”… and it will be released as a single next week.


General Hospital

American Idol finalist Chikezie Eze will appear on the October 9th episode of GH, playing a bartender at Jake’s (and a likely karaoke participant).

Jennifer Hudson: My Son Is Cutest Thing in the World

Jennifer Hudson may have kept mum about her pregnancy, but when it comes to her baby boy, she’s just another outspoken and proud mama.

“He’s the cutest thing in the world!” raved the Grammy-winning singer, who gave birth to David Daniel Otunga Jr. on Aug. 10. “There are no words for it. He’s the best. It’s just amazing ‘ us discovering each other, me becoming a mom.”

Jennifer Hudson Predicts Son Could Be a Performer

He’s only 7 weeks old, but Jennifer Hudson says her son David Daniel Otunga Jr. could be following in her singing footsteps.

“He seems like he’s very interested in music already, ” the Grammy-winning singer, 27, told Tuesday at The Wizard of Oz Netflix concert in NYC’s Central Park. “The other night he was having a fit and screaming and sometimes when I play music, he will just calm down. I was exactly the same way.”

US Magazine

Karina Smirnoff: ‘Aaron Has A Crush’ 

Karina: Hi everyone. On today’s blog, you’re getting both my incredible partner, Aaron Cater, and me. We’re together right now, heading to the studio. I hope you liked last night’s dance. We were nervous because it was such a recognizable song and I feared the judges could have said our performance was too theatrical. But we didn’t miss a step, and it went over very well. Phew!

Aaron: She’s right, I was pretty nervous. But at the same time I was really confident in the steps. It felt good and I didn’t think too much. I tried to get out of my head and just enjoy the dance, and I think that’s what really made the impact ‘ letting the fun shine through.

Kathy Ireland exits ‘Dancing With the Stars’

What happened: Monday night’s scores had been so close, and so many of the performances reasonably capable, that it seemed like almost anyone might be heading home on Tuesday night. Unsurprisingly, the first three couples made safe were the only ones ‘” the teams featuring Mya, Donny Osmond, and Aaron Carter ‘” who distinguished themselves from the group on Monday.


‘Dancing with the Stars’ Contestants React to Week Two Performances

Pop star Aaron Carter and partner Karina Smirnoff kept their top spot on the “Dancing with the Stars” scoreboard, sharing the lead with singer Mya and partner Dmitry Chaplin — ET’s “Dancing” correspondent Marie Osmond went backstage with the celebrity contestants to talk about the highs and lows of their week two performances.

Aaron and Karina were joined by some of Jim Henson’s Muppets during their performance. In reference to his green suit, Aaron said, “I feel like Gumby.” His polished posture certainly made him look quite the contrary to the flimsy clay figure while he glided across the dance floor.

ET Online

‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: On a Roll

To the surprise of no one (not even God, with whom all things are possible), ”model and entrepreneur” Kathy Ireland and her partner Tony Dovolani were kindly asked to please close their hold for the last time on Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars. It worked: They hugged! I knew they could do it. I wonder how many people will try to figure out what the heck ”the Urban Dictionary” is now that Kathy and Tom mentioned it. For the record, it is this and, shockingly, ”DANCMSTR has not been defined — yet.” Good to know for when I have a spare three hours and a burning desire to lend even more words to the topic, right?

Aaron Carter, Karina Smirnoff Defend Cocky ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Comments

On Tuesday night’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars, ” fans bid a fond farewell to Kathy Ireland, saw Joss Stone and Selena Gomez perform and even gotten to see Mya strut her stuff on the dance floor again. But it seemed like the hot topic was still the cocky comments that contestant Aaron Carter made in a radio interview on Monday, claiming he was hands-down going to win the show.

Dance partner Karina Smirnoff thinks that everyone has blown the whole thing out of proportion. “He is humble and one of the most non-cocky people on the planet!” she told “All he said was, ‘We’re going to win.’ They take that one sentence and isolate that.”


‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recap: The Real Dancers of Atlanta

A few weeks ago, I logged onto my Gmail. Bored, lonely, and tired of discussing the latest Matlock re-run with my cat, I decided to start chatting with a friend and asked her what she was up to. ”I’m in New Orleans, ” she typed. ”It’s so amazing here.” As I read her words, I looked down at my legs ‘” covered with a pair of Diet Coke-stained sweatpants ‘” which were cradling a bowl of plain Uncle Ben’s rice. Naturally, seeing myself in such a state, I immediately began feeling bad for myself. Why must I cope with sitting in my apartment like some sort of a boring jamoke while my friend gets to enjoy the awesomeness that is New Orleans?

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