Idol Headlines for 09/29/07

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‘American Idol Rewind’ Returns in National Syndication on Saturday, September 29th
Series Will Highlight Season 2 with Over 30 Exclusive Contestant Interviews & Never-Before-Seen Footage

American Idol Rewind is back, and this time the popular syndicated series will highlight Season 2, the year that put American Idol on the map with legendary talent and unprecedented ratings. Premiering Saturday, September 29th in most syndicated markets nationwide, American Idol Rewind will feature an introduction from Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard, narration by runner-up Clay Aiken and the best never-before-seen clips and interviews to-date….


Idol mind ¢ Idol mind ¢ Idol mind

Perhaps one of the telltale signs …American Idol finalist Elliot Yamin has reached celebrity status is youre only allowed 15 minutes to be in a room with him.

And Super grabbed those 15 minutes when the 29-year-old artist visited the country recently…….

Showbiz and Style

Flora-Bama Lounge is on the border

…Football and famous people

The Flora-Bama is well-known for its mullet toss, but it also has been known to host a few famous faces. Big & Rich stopped by just last week. Jimmy Buffett still drops by once in a while. Buffett recently put out a Flora-Bama song called Bama Breeze, a tribute to the bar.

“He grew up around this area and he kind of cut his teeth at the Flora-Bama a little bit, along with Taylor Hicks and some other people who have come along in this place, ” McClellan said. “Taylor Hicks keeps a picture of the Flora-Bama right next to him at his bedside. That’s where he got his start.”

This weekend, if there are any Alabama and Florida fans in the area who aren’t at the game, McClellan hopes they’ll be at the Flora-Bama.

“Hopefully it’ll be an enjoyable weekend, ” he said. “The main thing is we’re here for people’s enjoyment and relaxation and to take some of the cares of the world out of their minds maybe and get them to enjoy life for a while.”

And cheer for their favorite team.


More fantasy, less reality behind ‘High School Musical’ popularity

….”Maybe it’s just that it’s good clean fun, ” says Benjamin. “And the singing and dancing — it’s a little bit of the ‘American Idol’ phenomenon. We make a bowl of popcorn, and we watch. It kind of harkens back to the Sunday night movie that everyone watched together.”….


Blake Lewis Has An Audio Day Dream

Season 6 runner-up Blake Lewis will release his debut album Audio Day Dream through 19 Recordings/Arista Records on November 27, 2007. The beat boxing American Idol alumnus from Bothell, Washington is currently in the studio working on A.D.D.

In line with his unique performances from this past season, Blake will be working with a diversity of producers on the album, including Sam Hollander & Sluggo (Gym Class Heroes, Boys Against Girls), JR Rotem (50 Cent, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Sean Kingston), Ryan Tedder (V. CENTRAL TO THE PROJECT), David Hodges (Evanescence), BT, Sean Hurley (Robin Thicke), and Mike Elizondo (Maroon 5, Eminem).

Before the release of Audio Day Dream, you can relive all the top moments from this years finale between Blake and Jordin in our photos section!


The Fix Factor: Just how real is Simon Cowell’s hit show?

Secret coaching for potential winners. Sad no-hopers picked so the judges can mock them. And gullible families goaded into rows with Simon Cowell. Just how ‘real’ is ITV’s hit reality show?……

…”The producers said before we went on the show that if we were told by the judges that we were not good enough, we should not accept the decision. Basically, they told us to beg, so I did, ” she told the Mail. “We have been set up to look like a bunch of fools. The whole thing is fake.” …

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