Idol Headlines for 09/28/07

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The Next Great American Band To Kick Off With Three Two-Hour Episodes

In what could become the highest rated show to ever hit Friday night, The Next Great American Band will premiere with three special two-hour episodes……..

Reality TV Magazine

Finding family fun this weekend in Dallas

…For the food enthusiast: The Greek Food Festival of Dallas also starts this Friday. Catch a glimpse of American Idol Finalist Constantine Maroulis on stage Saturday at 9 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. General Admission is $5 and does not include food and drink. Visit for more info…

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Clarkson deserves credit for Reba Helper

It’s no rumor, Reba McEntire’s latest CD, “Reba Duets, ” is going to be the country music superstar’s first album to ever debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200.

That’s amazing considering she has been a staple in the music business for the last 25 years, but what makes this album different from her others?

To answer that, one must merely glance at her list of duet partners on the album. Kelly Clarkson and Justin Timberlake, in particular, sell this album for Reba.

The first time I heard “Because Of You” by Clarkson, I was blown away.

The same rang true the first time I heard it in duet with Reba, but in a different way. This is Clarkson’s song, not Reba’s.

It’s true a whole new genre is being introduced to the song, but let’s be fair about it. Clarkson topped the charts with this song by herself long before Reba ever put her chops in it. That needs to be made known……..

Sturgis Journal


Country queen DOLLY PARTON has turned down the chance to join the judges on AMERICAN IDOL – because she simply can’t be mean to wannabes.
The Jolene singer will take part in a tribute to her music in the next season of the talent show, but she’ll only help singers master her hits backstage.
She says, “I won’t be a judge. I couldn’t do that. I can’t tell people they aren’t doing a good job even if they ask me.
“To tell someone if they’re good or bad, or if they suck isn’t me.”



AMERICAN IDOL sweetheart KATHARINE McPHEE has become engaged to the man who helped nurse her through her battle with bulimia.
Her longtime boyfriend, Nick Cokas, proposed to the 23-year-old recently, but friends insist it wasn’t a big surprise.
An insider tells American magazine OK!, “They’ve been talking about it (marriage) for some time.”


Simon Cowell ‘refused to let Sinitta be an X-Factor judge’

Sinitta claims Simon Cowell refused to let her be the fourth judge on ‘X Factor’ because he knew she would beat him.

The 80s pop singer – who was signed as a recording artist by Simon at the age of 14 – says the music mogul chose Dannii Minogue over her because she would be easy competition….


Clarkson prepares for footy

US pop singer Kelly Clarkson is well prepared for a footy mad weekend in Australia as she promotes her new album, My December, and an upcoming tour.

The first American Idol winner arrived in Australia this week and was met immediately by AFL grand final fever in Melbourne.

Clarkson said yesterday she felt right at home among the sports-mad Victorians.

She fondly recalls her performance at the National Rugby League grand final during her first Australian tour three albums ago when she performed her debut hit Miss Independent….

Jimmy Webb prefers music old-fashioned way

…As for the severe drop in compact disc sales in recent years, Webb says, “I don’t know what to say about that except if you devalue the product that you make and if you make really bad records, that’s what happens. If you forget how important it is to create albums that have great songs on them, and if you believe that artists are going to come from ‹American Idol, ‘ if that’s what you believe, if you believe in ‹instant showbiz, ‘ then that’s what you’re going to get. But you can see there’s no longevity to it, and it certainly has not been good for the business.

On the “American Idol-bred success of fellow Oklahoman Carrie Underwood, Webb said, “Oh, I’m very happy for her. I’m very happy for her. Certainly I take nothing away from her. And I’m sure that now she can go through the excruciating process of actually enduring the disappointments and the hard knocks of a long-term career in show business that just builds character and actually creates an artist of great depth and sensitivity.

“It’s not winning a contest on TV. And the fact that we think this is the new way to pick our stars is really self-delusion. It’s not the way the public is going to pick stars.

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College Football | Spotlight hits Eugene

…Despite being an Auburn grad, 2006 “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks isn’t playing favorites in his state. He sang at halftime at Auburn on Sept. 15, and last week was on the Alabama sideline, rooting for the Tide against Georgia…

Seattle Times

A song from Elliot

…Before Yamin came to the Philippines, he learned basic Tagalog greetings like mabuhay and salamat because he knew that there are many Filipino Yaminions or Yaminoys.

…I appreciate that you guys made ‹Wait for You a hit. I truly appreciate the support and Im very happy to be here, he says.

Sway Penala, an American Idol contestant who is of Filipino parentage, told Yamin that Manila is like New York and Cebu similar to Hollywood, which got Elliott excited because he would be seeing both places….

Manila Standard

Navistar Notebook

…Taylor made: Taylor Hicks of Birmingham and “American Idol” fame, said he started playing golf when he was eight or nine years old at Grayson Valley Country Club, which was the home course of Charlie Boswell, a fabled blind golfer who is now in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame…………..

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