Idol Headlines for 09/26/07

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Kelly returns to Idol

…Clarkson, who won the first season of American Idol, needs all the publicity she can get. Music bigwig Clive David reportedly panned My December before it was released, and Never Again flopped on US radio…


Students Could Learn From Seacrest
He’s talented and hardworking, but Ryan Seacrest might fatigue audiences soon

…Dunkleman left “Idol” before its second season, which brought Seacrest to the forefront as the show’s primary host, and his exposure (or overexposure, depending on who you’re talking to) skyrocketed from there. His variety entertainment TV show “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” premiered in January 2004. It was ultimately canned after a few months due to dismal ratings…

Daily Titan

It’s ‘Idol’ gossip: Round 2 is Oct. 2-3

Finding out details about the second round of “American Idol” tryouts in Omaha is like trying to get Offutt Air Force Base officials to talk about state secrets.

Nobody can say anything…….

Bucky Covington Comes to Bowling Green

Country music isn’t just being made in Nashville anymore.

Singer Bucky Covington came to Bowling Green on Sept. 25 to film a music video for his newest song, “It’s Good to Be Us.”

The video is being taped at Balance MX Motocross in Oakland………


‘American Idol’ Big 4 hang at the Mansion

If UFOs really exist, who wants to explain to a visiting higher intelligence that Fox’s American Idol foursome are the most revered figures in our culture? Last weekend’s Dallas visit of Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest evoked more “Where are they?” fervor than the heady days of “Who shot J.R.?”

Though the host and the three judges were auditioning American Idol contestants at the W Hotel, the stars were not so carefree as to stay at the same hotel where contestants and fans were swarming.

Simon the bully Brit, Paula the sexy train wreck, Ryan the self-absorbed host and Randy the palate-cleansing nice guy were all ensconced in separate suites at The Mansion on Turtle Creek. When they did peek their heads out of their rooms, they were accompanied by bodyguards.

Simon Cowell Saved My Life

…..And in other news: J-Lo could take over from Sharon. Now, that I doubt. The sultry diva has got better things to do than spend half a hear jetting back and forth, says the reliable news source, The Hindu. between London and LA listening to all this cacophony. She’s got movies to make, albums to record. But I wouldn’t put it past her popping in as a coach. After all, she’s done it before, on American Idol.


60 SECONDS: Spike Lee

…What made you want to make a film about Hurricane Katrina?
I was in Venice for the film festival and my wife, Tonya, called me in my room and told me to turn on the TV. For the rest of my trip, I was in my hotel room switching between BBC and CNN. It was a great education. I used a lot of BBC footage in the documentary. They did not want those images to be seen on American television, the same way you are never going to see coffins coming back from Iraq.

Why does the US public put up with it?
I grew up in the late 1960s when everything was about freedom of expression. But now the media is used as a narcotic to put people into stupors. More people are into American Idol than the news. I guess we could blame Britain for sending us Simon Cowell.


Golfers get early start for pro-am tournament

…Among the amateurs playing in the event will be singer Taylor Hicks of Birmingham, who won last year’s “American Idol” contest, Retirement Systems of Alabama Chief Executive Officer David Bronner and Navistar President Daniel Ustian…

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