Idol Headlines for 09/22/07

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Collect Call From … Daughtry

Each month, one lucky rock star phones Blender HQ every day for a week, just to, you know, share. Now on the line: Grunge-rockin Idol alum Chris Daughtry……


Philbin loses `Best Regis‹ a fourth time

…Other Rellys went to Howie Mandel for “Funniest Guest” and “American Idol” champion Jordin Sparks for “Best Winning Reality Guest.” ….

Jordan Falls News

Sparks named ‘People’s Choice’ by Us Weekly

…Industry insiders say the young singer is set for a meteoric rise on the same level as previous Idol winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.


How Will ‘Nashville’s’ Poor Ratings Impact ‘American Band’?

Nashville, FOX’s new docu-soap from the people who brought you Laguna Beach and The Hills, debuted last Friday with horrendous ratings. The show flopped worse than anyone could have imagined, finishing last among network shows, three of which were re-runs. That’s not a good way to start your series. FOX was looking to make Nashville a staple of its Friday night line-up and solidify the night as a viable ratings success in anticipation of The Next Great American Band’s debut in late October. Now that Nashville has thus far been a failure, how will that impact the future of American Band?…….

Buddy TV

What’s she wearing?
Joel Stein tags along with “Access Hollywood” and finds out the secrets to good interviews.

…Nancy and Billy, meanwhile, were casually chatting up stars, while I was sweating profusely, pretending to know who I was interviewing. I spent an entire interview questioning a beautiful actress as she stood next to her unattractive date, with no clue that she wasn’t famous and that he was Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer of “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance?”

I have lived in L.A. for two whole years; there is no excuse for misinterpreting that dynamic…

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