Idol Headlines for 09/16/07

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American Idol Mania Comes to Huntington

It’s a show America Loves to watch and tonight- the American Idols took to the Big Sandy Superstore Arena Stage!

Before the lights went down and the music got loud- NewsChannel 3’s Michael Wooten had a chance to sit down the with Idols to find out what life has been like since they were put in the spotlight!

For many of them, it’s been a busy year touring. For runner-up Blake Lewis he’s been busy working on a record deal. So has the 2007 Idol Winner Jordin Sparks.


American Idol Countdown Week Thursday: #6 – Murtz Jaffer Interviews Phil Stacey

The American Idol Countdown Week continues as I had the chance to sit down with Phil Stacey when the Idols were in Toronto as part of their tour. Sorry for the delay with this, it has been a crazy time with V-Fest and the Fall premieres, but it’s worth it as Stacey says some interesting things, especially when he says that he enjoyed his elimination?…..

….MJ: What’s next for you after the tour is over? An album? Country?

PS: Yeah, there’s an album lined up. It probably won’t be released until next April. My first priority is just to get along with my family. Cater to my wife and cater to my kids for a little while. I am out here on the road here without them. They show up every 14-20 days, something like that……..

Reality Dish

Auburn Report

…Taylor Hicks performs

Ex-Auburn student Taylor Hicks sang at halftime, while Auburn band played along. Hicks, the 2006 American Idol winner, enrolled in 1995 at Auburn, where he studied business and journalism for three years. A native of Birmingham, Hicks marched off the field pounding his fist into the air with the Auburn band as it played the school fight song

The Decatur Daily

Gay Pride day draws thousands

Organizers of Savannah Gay Pride said Saturday’s celebration might have been one of the largest in the group’s existence.

An estimated 8, 000 people attended the daylong celebration, event organizers said. The day got under way at 11 a.m. and included a performance in Johnson Square by Kimberley Locke, a former “American Idol” finalist…..

Savannah Now

Wholl rock the BOK Center?

Garth Brooks emerges from retirement to open Tulsa 18, 000-seat BOK Center.

That what the public wants, according to a Tulsa World online survey.

Brooks took the top spot, with 304 of the 1, 616 votes cast between Aug. 26 and Sept. 9.

The unscientific survey allowed participants to input the performer of their choice.

Booking the country superstar for the September 2008 grand opening would be a major coup, said John Bolton, the arena general manager.

…Of course, wed love to have Garth, he said.

…Wed be crazy not to. He someone who would bring national attention to the event.

With Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire ranking second and third in the survey, it clear many respondents want the arena inaugural event to be an Oklahoman affair……..

Tulsa World

Britney? That All She Rote

Oops! Britney Spears forgot the words she meant to lip-sync at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 9. With this momentary brain malfunction, she joined the absent-minded ranks of American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee, who dropped a line from her medley of …Hound Dog/All Shook Up in last year finals, and Miss Teen South Carolina, Lauren Caitlin Upton, who plumb forgot what she was saying in a pageant interview that became a YouTube sensation………


Television: Who getting Emmy love?
Once again, nominees are hit and miss. We predict winners.

…Outstanding reality competition: …The Amazing Race (CBS), …American Idol (Fox), …Dancing With the Stars (ABC), …Project Runway (Bravo), …Top Chef (Bravo).

Our pick: These are all wildly entertaining shows, despite some knee-jerk reality-hating out there. We love …Top Chef, and we can see how the spectacularly filmed …The Amazing Race wins every year. But …American Idol is a cultural phenomenon for real reasons, and it deserves an Emmy…

The State

Pulling off the elusive comeback

The heights: Former L.A. Lakers cheerleader Abdul reigned supreme as dance-pop diva in the late 80s with albums such as …Forever Your Girl and … actually, just …Forever Your Girl.
The depths: From …Straight Up, Abdul career went straight down, particularly after it was revealed the vocals on some of her hits were not necessarily hers alone.
The comeback: Two words: …American Idol. Abdul found new fame as the kind-hearted, if loopy, foil to Simon Cowell Mr. Mean. Her sometimes bizarre behavior was another story.
The verdict: Day to day. Our advice to Ms. Abdul is to stick with …American Idol and stay away from painkillers.

Fay Observer

Imaginary Trips Beyond Reality

……Great World of Sound follows two fictional salesmen who sell bogus recording contracts to aspiring singers and songwriters. In depicting the scam victims, the film director, Craig Zobel, took a postmodern approach, using the techniques of reality television to comment on reality television. He advertised in newspapers for musicians, then filmed their auditions using hidden cameras, mixing the unwitting performers with the actors playing the salesmen. Parts of the movie resemble …American Idol crossbred with …Punkd….


George Clooney is Mr Congeniality
Just what is it about George Clooney that people find so irresistible? After seeing him in action, we get the picture

….Does he ever watch ER these days? No. …But my office is right next to the sound stage I spent so much time on, so I see em all the time. It a different set now ‘ it a business, he says. …When we were there, it was really exciting. People keep forgetting. They talk about American Idol, which is the big hit in America ‘ 22m people watch it. Our reruns were getting 35m. We had 44m people an episode watching. It was completely unexpected. …We got on this rocket and we didnt know how to ride it, he says…

Sunday Times

Meeting Mr Motor Mouth

…He makes chopping motions to indicate the dividing lines between his girlfriends. Apparently, it isn’t uncommon for a group of women to turn up at his door, desperate to watch American Idol. “I’m like one of the girls, ” he says. “I have a lot of male friends, but I don’t really have a posse of male friends. My male friendships are more one-on-one. These women have actually meant a lot to me over the last few years, and without me consciously trying, they all turned up in the screenplay. It’s quite touching. This is my love-letter-slash-poison-pen letter to them.”…

Sunday Herald

Britney’s performance raises weighty issues

….Even hollow-eyed, emaciated starlets such as Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightley
are subjected to endless speculation about their weight, or lack thereof. And when Mary-Kate Olsen copped to anorexia and “American Idol” contestant Katharine McPhee revealed that she was bulimic, both made headlines….

Contra Costa Times

Alice Walker extends challenge to teens: Write from your heart

….Former “American Idol” runner-up LaToya London, who graduated from Skyline High, joined Walker in Dannenberg’s class Friday.

London will play the part of Nettie in the stage production of “The Color People” opening in San Francisco next month.

While the Skyline students appeared starstruck by London’s appearance in their classroom, many said they were more nervous and awestruck by Walker.

“I want her to correct my paper, ” Farlow sad. “I want to know a beautiful soul touched my paper.”


Emmys get the Idol treatment

…….The show will be presented by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest – a decision that has raised some eyebrows.

Unusual choice

“My initial reaction was dismay, ” Mr Kronke says. “He just doesn’t really seem to fit the template.

“He’s not really known for being terribly funny – he is the host of a reality show, hosting an awards show that is by and large honouring scripted excellence.”

Previous Emmy hosts include Ellen DeGeneres, Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart – all veteran comics with their own shows on US TV.

Seacrest’s role on American Idol, a programme that showcases wannabe talent, is that of ringmaster.

He is respected as a slick host, a master of the teleprompter, but he is not known for his ability to deliver an opening monologue designed to get laughs from one of the toughest live audiences in the world……


Seacrest to Spears: Reconsider Emmys!

Emmy Awards Show host Ryan Seacrest is offering Britney Spears time on Sunday night’s broadcast.

The American Idol emcee tells that Britney wasn’t included in his show rundown as of Friday night. Still, he hopes that despite the label’s rep comment Friday saying Spears was not planning to be on the Emmys, Britney will change her mind.

He even offers Britney a deal, telling Us: “I am willing to give up my monologue, song and interpretive dance for her apology.”

A Seacrest interpretive dance for a Spears mea culpa? Sounds like a fair trade!

US Magazine