Idol Headlines for 09/09/10 – The Evening Edition

Jason Castro Visits the American Idol Experience

@JasonCastro: “The American idol experience is so much FUN! I just made a guest appearance and gave some advice to the contestants.. Haha”

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost...
Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords Review


Constantine Maroulis readies for his final ‘Rock of Ages’ Broadway show

“It’s bittersweet, ” Constantine says about leaving the Broadway cast. “I know the tour’s going to be amazing, to take a role that I created across the country and engage all those Idol fans and all those cool people I haven’t seen in a while.

“I’m excited, but I’m also sad to leave. This is my home. This is the house that I feel like I built. This was a big deal for my — and for my friends and family, the cast and crew. It’s going to be tough to leave them behind.”

The touring production of Rock of Ages kicks off Sept. 21 in Chicago and currently has dates scheduled through June 2011.

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Carrie Underwood: Marriage ‘Feels A Lot Like Dating’

Country songbird Carrie Underwood wed NHL star Mike Fisher in July, and the beautiful blonde says married life is “working out really nicely.”

“Everyone always asks, ‘Do you feel any different?’ and I don’t, ” Carrie told Access Hollywood at an Olay Skin Care event on Wednesday, of life after saying, “I do.” “He’s in Ottawa working right now, and I’m working, so it feels a lot like dating.”

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Jessica Simpson is `Project Runway’ finale judge – Jordin Sparks in the Audience

She promised the audience, which included singer Jordin Sparks and designer Betsey Johnson, that they’d see color and fantasy on the catwalk. The crowd also saw an uneven mix of runway-ready, masterful looks and gimmicky ones — especially those micro mini shorts that don’t typically garner the best reviews when top-tier designers bring them back.

Sparks, now starring in Broadway’s “In the Heights, ” said before the show that she couldn’t imagine what was running through the designers’ heads even though she was essentially in the same position on “American Idol.” The difference, she said, was that she felt in control of her destiny because she was being judged on her voice.

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Houston Astros Fans With 10, 000 Harmonicas To Break World Record for Largest Ensemble Song

HOUSTON, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — The Houston Astros and the independent film, “Pocket Full of Soul: The Harmonica Documentary, “ have announced they will attempt to break the World Record for largest harmonica ensemble after the Astros game Friday, September 10th at Minute Maid Ballpark.

“Pocket Full of Soul” is a film about America’s love affair with the harmonica and the musicians who consider the humble instrument an essential ingredient of their unique Blues sound. Huey Lewis narrates the film and is joined by John Popper of Blues Traveler, comedian Robert Klein, country music star Clint Black, James Cotton, Magic Dick (from the J. Geils Band), Taylor Hicks (from American Idol), Lee Oskar (from War), and Kim Wilson (from the Fabulous Thunderbirds), as well many other musicians who cherish harmonicas as their pocket full of soul.

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Melinda Doolittle in Veggie Tales

Melinda Doolittle tweets, “Just had the best. day. ever. Dreams seriously do come true. I’m Officially a Veggie Tale!” (Veggie Tales are a series of Christean Judeo themed children’s strories featuring computer-animated vegtables)

Nigel Lythgoe: My Dogs Went from ‘Homeless to Bel-Air’

A Dalmatian, a pit bull and the executive producer of So You Think You Can Dance, all living under the same roof and getting along? In Hollywood, anything is possible.

Nigel Lythgoe hadn’t been looking for either of those dogs —he’d been thinking about getting two Rhodesian ridgeback puppies from a breeder in Chicago. But the producer was in the middle of a season of his hit dance show, and the prospect of picking them up started to get too challenging.

Then, a friend told Lythgoe, “I don’t know why you want to go through a breeder anyway. There are too many dogs in the world that haven’t got homes that are already alive.”

Read more and see a photo of Nigel and his adorable doggies at PeoplePets

Simon Cowell and Jesus

News of the X Factor mogul’s resemblance to the Son Of God couldn’t have come at a better time. Old Flat-Top’s had a rough few weeks. First there was the Auto-Tuning scandal on The X Factor, charges which Cowell seems to have taken to refuting with the claim that Auto-Tuning doesn’t actually exist: thus we are faced with the intriguing prospect that every successful auditionee in Glasgow and Dublin just happened to sound like a cross between Stephen Hawking and one of the For Mash Get Smash robots. “There is no machine to make people sound worse or better, ” he said, which presumably comes as news to the manufacturers of the Antares Auto-Tune Evo Pitch Correcting Plug-In, who are, as we speak, doubtless amending their industry-standard product’s slogan to The Fastest, Easiest To Use, Highest-Quality Tool for Correcting Pitch That Doesn’t Actually Exist According to Simon Cowell.

Read more at the Guardian

‘DWTS’: Erin Andrews Has Advice on Maks for Brandy

“The dos: do bring him coffee and a smoothie to practice. That gets him off on a good note, ” Andrews told “Extra.” “The don’ts: don’t take any of his bull! He will start to yell Russian expletives at you, and you’ll learn them by the end of the season.”

Read more at Extra

Susan Sarandon Up for Glee‘s Rocky Horror Tribute

And with rumors already buzzing about an episode of Glee devoted to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, will Susan Sarandon be making an appearance in tribute to the 35-year-old cult classic in which she costarred?

“Depending on what they wanted me to do, ” the Oscar winner, 63, told PEOPLE at Wednesday night’s SPiN New York “Ping Pong With The Models” Event to Benefit Haiti. “I’m not really a singer, so I wouldn’t be very out there. I’m a terrible singer. But I’m flattered they want to do it.”

And while Sarandon admits she was only recently introduced to the FOX show, she has certainly become a fan.

Read more at People

Chart Watch Extra: Is It A Hit Or A Let-Down?

Katy Perry’s exuberant “Teenage Dream” jumps to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 this week. It’s Perry’s second #1 hit in a row on that chart, following her summertime smash “California Gurls.” So her new Teenage Dream album must be setting records, right? Not so much. The album has sold 281, 000 copies in its first two weeks, nothing to sneeze at, but far below industry projections. (Most insiders figured it would sell about 400, 000 copies in its first week, which would have it approaching 600, 000 by now.)

Read more at Yahoo Chart Watch


Fox Toledo Speaks to Crystal Bowersox about the Ohio Records Check


Mike Lynche – Late Nite Sandwich – Sno Ball Edition!

Check out the Batman shirt!

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  1. Constantine was wonderful in ROA when I saw it off-BW and shortly after it opened on BW. I’m happy for his success.

  2. Is Constantine leaving for another gig or project? if so, what? Sounds as though he is trying to pull together an album.


    With the album release date approaching, David wanted to give his fans some previews of “The Other Side of Down”, so he shot a guided tour of the album on a recent tour through central park.

    Each video will have snippets of the songs from the album, with David explaining the meaning and motivation behind each track. These videos are only available right here on The first one is right here, stay tuned for more!!

    he previews other side of down and elevator in this vid.

  4. koshka- Constantne I think is just joining the touring ensemble of ROA. I don’t see why someone would rather tour than stay in the NY production, maybe he is getting bored? Or is it more money? I know nothing about Broadway.

  5. I don’t think I’ll be complaining about Adam’s album sales anytime soon.

  6. lorismile:
    09/09/2010 at 6:35 pm
    I don’t think I’ll be complaining about Adam’s album sales anytime soon.

    With several Idols coming out with albums in the next few months, I think some Idols fans need to prepare themselves for a shock. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

  7. No kidding, lorismile. Wow. What an eye opener that article was regarding album sales!

    Train- 451,000
    B.O.B- 386,000
    Taio Cruz- 105,000

  8. FloRida-264,000
    Train- 451,000
    B.O.B- 386,000
    Taio Cruz- 105,000

    Yeah, but the thing is all those people had huge smash singles, some of them more than one. So their albums sales are low but they are still raking in millions.

    It is just hard to tell today how any one artist will go. Will they sell singles? Will they sell albums? Will they sell a healthy combo of both?

    It will be interesting to see how labels adjust to the new market. Are they going to be able to keep these huge corporations with high overhead afloat only on smash singles and the revenue they generate? Or will they adapt their business model and get smaller? Hmm..

  9. Do you remember the interview Adam had with that Kidd Kraddick the other day and how he said RCA was “more traditional” in how it released songs and albums? Maybe they know what the hell they are doing afterall. If you release a single and album close together you can strike while the iron is hot and sell more albums. All these quickie singles released one after the other by the same artist are hurting the album sales- but does that really matter when you are selling multiplatinum singles?

    So selling 700,000 albums at 13 bucks a pop vs. 2 million singles at $1 a pop. Hmmmmmm. No complaints from me here about Adam, lol.

    And add his tour on top of that. He may not be selling albums or singles as smashes, but he is doing pretty damn well in all three areas.

  10. FloRida-264,000
    Train- 451,000
    B.O.B- 386,000
    Taio Cruz- 105,000

    a sign of the time, economy is still bad, and with technology as it is, it’s even easier to just copy your favorite music, why buy?
    I am very worried about our S9 idols coming up :( , with their album releases.

  11. So selling 700,000 albums at 13 bucks a pop vs. 2 million singles at $1 a pop.

    Well, its not that simple, since smash singles tend to generate way more than the ITunes sales… ringtones, licensing, etc. Not to mention other kinds of opportunities that come – endorsements, performing in huge media events, etc. And if you use that album equivalent formula thingy (dividing single sales by 10 and adding to the album total), then the people on that list all did pretty damn good.

    And add his tour on top of that. He may not be selling albums or singles as smashes, but he is doing pretty damn well in all three areas.

    Adam is smashing at the tour IMO. Everything else is doing good, but he does need to get those IIHY sales up IMO. Anyway, none of what I said was directed at Adam. I was trying to talk about the industry in general. Just putting that out there. :D

    My point was no matter how you slice it, there is no such thing as a hit act selling 10 million albums worldwide or otherwise, under any formula you come up with. A few years ago every major had at least one project a year that would make that much, and a bunch of others that would at least crack 2-3 million. So I was wondering if labels can sustain their operations… huge staffs, business models built around spending lots of promo money, etc… without making some huge changes. I don’t even know how much longer we can even have “majors”, or at least as many of them. I don’t think it can last.

  12. Adam’s album sales look positive fantastic next to some of the numbers in that Yahoo! article — and even Kris’s sales look far less grim

  13. Adam’s album sales look positive fatnastic next to some of the numbers in that Yahoo! article — and even Kris’s sales look far less grim

    Kind of puts things in perspective doesn’t it? Kris’ 300k+ is not that far off from some of these album numbers. I am proud that Adam is also creating a solid reputation as a live performer because touring revenue is a crucial supplement to income for acts nowadays.

  14. MJ – thanks for posting that Yahoo chart watch article.. good stuff.

  15. FloRida-264,000
    Train- 451,000
    B.O.B- 386,000
    Taio Cruz- 105,000

    That’s not bad, especially for Train, because their hit Soul Sister is heading toward 5,000,000 downloads world wide.

  16. I am very worried about our S9 idols coming up, with their album releases.

    I’m not so much. Idols traditionally sell more albums than singles. I don’t expect any different for the top three of S9. The numbers will be lower than previous Idols but will still be at least as good, if not better, than artists outside the bubble.

    That article has confirmed what I have believed for awhile now. If a label doesn’t release a single and album as has been done previously, a single released followed quickly by the album, then people are just going to pick and choose the songs they like.

    With digital downloads gaining popularity and CD sales down, the industry will have to make changes. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see music released by singles exclusively at some point. Doling out the music in a trickle will create greater demand. It would also mean less upfront investment by the label and the artist. Sounds like a win/win to me.

    There are only a few artists who have really have selling power right now. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Eminem come to mind.

  17. Most of the artists pushed by the labels and the radio conglomerates right now are putting out really crappy products. I don’t feel bad for Train or Taio Cruz when half their albums are crap. Why not just cherry pick the few songs that seem like the artists put any effort in? If the major music players pushed better artists with higher quality work into the public consciousness maybe music sales would be better.

  18. Totally random but I’m watching VH1’s countdown of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. The Idol commentators they’ve had so far are Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson and then just now Kimberly Caldwell appeared to talk about Elvis. And related to DC, Ryan Star has been on there a bit talking about some of the artists. Kimberly caught me by surprise though because I’ve been watching the show since it was in the 50s and this was her first appearance.

  19. If the major music players pushed better artists with higher quality work into the public consciousness maybe music sales would be better.

    The only problem with this is that the listening public doesn’t seem to want good voices and good music. People tend to like catchy tunes with a hook and a beat that stir up something within the listener. And its been this way since recorded music first started. I’ve forgotten most of the music I’ve listened to in my lifetime…but the stupid little ditties and the off the wall tunes are as familiar now as they were then.

    I think for many listeners quality is never the issue…and the Artist’s skills often take a back seat to the silly lyrics of many number 1 songs.

    And as far as sales…why does anyone who owns a computer buy any music anymore. There are hundreds of ways to get “free” music.

  20. And as far as sales…why does anyone who owns a computer buy any music anymore. There are hundreds of ways to get “free” music.

    I could easily steal music. But I’d rather not.

  21. I’m with you MJ. Oh, I used to steal it big time in the Napster days, but then it was new and called file sharing ;) ( I still heart you Shawn Fanning). There were no Itunes. Now there is no reason why people should “steal it”. Support the damn artists! A dollar isn’t gonna kill anyone and now even with Rhapsody you can join and have unlimited downloads for $10.00 a month.

    I also think that because the industry is no longer cracking down like they were a few years ago with taking people to court over file sharing, people are becoming more brazen about stealing it again.

    And it IS stealing.

  22. I could easily steal music. But I’d rather not.


    I’m not too worried about Lee or Casey, and maybe not Crystal. All should do fine and I expect to pick up all three albums because I’m sure they’ll all be amazing (especially Crystal’s but that’s my Crystal bias here). Who I am kinda worried about are my faves Siobhan and Aaron. Aaron, I think, has the talent to be the “male Taylor Swift” I’ve heard him portrayed as (Personally, I think he has a better voice and talent than a “male Taylor Swift”, but I dunno if he can sell as well as one, and not because he doesn’t have “it”, because I think he does have “it” even if it’s kinda hidden). Siobhan, I’m not too sure what she could do. She’s unique. Maybe she could headline a band like Carly Smithson or hit Broadway?

    I dunno, but I’m always gonna be supporting at least KellySoxNus.

  23. And as far as sales…why does anyone who owns a computer buy any music anymore. There are hundreds of ways to get “free” music.


  24. Has Aaron been signed?

    Or any of the other S9 yet besides the top 3?

  25. Aaron has not yet been signed, although there are many who believe a deal is in the works. He is moving to Nashville and he has been working with industry people but there hasn’t been an announcement to date.

    None of the other have been signed and there really aren’t any whisperings of deals either. Many are talking about going the indie route.

  26. Why does Simon find it necessary to lie about making voices sound better than it really is?

    Congratulations to Melinda! I must find out what Veggie Tale character she is. The Grandbabes watch the program. :smile:

    GreenHippo, I share your concern regarding the Season 9 contestants and album sales. I wonder if anyone really cares at the production level? Siobhan and her band, Lunar Valve are said to be working on some demos to send out to record companies. I hope she gets proper management!

  27. KrisAllen

    #It felt great to be inducted into the Arkansas HOF tonight! Thanks to everyone for helping me get to where I am today.

  28. Didn’t Train’s album/cd come out in Oct 2009?


    I think many younger people aren’t buying cds, but either downloading from sites like itunes or rhapsody, or sadly illegally downloading music.

    The reason Susan Boyle’s CD sold so many cds is because a lot of older people still buy cds. My mom and aunt still buy cds and bought Boyle’s cd. They don’t know how to download music.

  29. I like the sarcastic article from the Guardian about Simon Cowell, and this quote illustrates perfectly how I think he treats the X Factor audience:
    regards the public as a contemptible bovine mass that it’s virtually impossible to underestimate

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