Idol Headlines for 09/02/07

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The Idols are live!

There’s been a whole lotta screaming going on as the Top 10 finalists of Season 6 of ”American Idol” crisscross the country on the ”American Idols Live” tour…..

American Idol at Alllentown Fair



Allentown Fair gets another chance to judge 10 American Idols

The American Idols came to the Allentown Fair on Saturday night and put on a show that was entertaining and fun, with good singing, good songs, a good five-piece backup band and two backup singers, and good spirit.

And I’m not even a big fan……

Philly fails to wow ‘Idol’ judges

Here what you might not see when Fox …American Idol returns in January: …Idol wannabes, their numbers pinned to their chests, being wanded by security people in the lobby of the Hyatt Philadelphia before stepping onto the escalator that could take them to the stars.

It could be a bumpy ride.

Fifteen or so contestants into the call-back auditions from last weekend massive cattle call at the Wachovia Center, judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul werent yet wowed by the results of …Idol first-ever Philly auditions.

…A lot of the auditions are ¦the equivalent of eating water for lunch ‘ it doesnt leave you with anything, Simon told reporters Saturday afternoon, reaching into his bag of similes for one that not likely to strike a chord in a city known for fattier fare……….

Simon, Paula, Randy come to town

Three men in black guard the escalator at the Penn’s Landing Hyatt Regency. Occasionally, shrieks descend. Have aliens taken over the second-floor ballroom?
Nope. Just Meanie, Crazy Paula and The Dawg. And they’re sending a few gifted singers to Hollywood……

You are so beautiful — and scandalous

First of all, I saw Ryan Seacrest this week at the Wachovia Center. He was cute and tan and fairly short, and he was also appealing in an I-can-tell-you’re-cheesy-but-I-still-wish-I-could-bask-in-your-glow kind of way.
And now that I’ve shared my big news I’d like to move on to a conversation I had with someone auditioning for “American Idol.”

Me: Have you been practicing?

Auditioner: No.

Me: Have you ever done any singing before?

Auditioner: No.

Me: What do you think your chances are?

Auditioner: Pretty good.

I get A. I get B. Adding them up to get C, however, is presenting some problems………

“American Idol” fans brave elements to see Bucky Covington in Anderson

Not even the forces of nature can stop an “American Idol” star; at least they couldnt stop Bucky Covington and the Nashville Stars on Friday.

Fans turned out by the thousands Friday night, brushing off the rain and ignoring the distant rumble of thunder, to catch a glimpse of Bucky Covington, the former “American Idol” star, and the Nashville Stars on stage at the William A. Floyd Amphitheater in Anderson. The concert was part of the first-ever Great Southeast BalloonFest……

Independent Mail

Miller’s Idol audition pushed back one day

D.J Miller has one more day to prepare and worry about the American Idol audition that could send him to Hollywood.

The country crooning Monticello teen was scheduled to perform a capella for the TV program’s three judges here this morning but producers bumped him to a Sunday afternoon spot without explanation, his father Darryl Miller said by telephone….



TARA Reid gets mocked for her hard partying and bad plastic surgery, but she has a loyal defender in Constantine Maroulis, the “American Idol” alum. “I went to high school with Tara Reid, ” Maroulis recently told Baird Jones. The two grew up in Wyckoff, N.J. “I noticed her even be fore high school because she also went to a private Catholic grade school, ” Maroulis said. “She was so striking with that hair and she was pretty developed even when she was a little kid . . . She was always a good girl, a sweet kid. It’s tough, when you are making a name in Hollywood with the press, the way people brand you. People are unfair to her. Compared to the other party girls – Nicole, Paris, Lindsay – Tara doesn’t look so bad these days. Tara did not go to prison, she never broke the law. Tara is trying to clean up her act. She is a talented girl.”


Verizon taps 5 in contest for ad spots

…American Idol finalist Ayla Brown, Miss Rhode Island Ashley Bickford and Channel 12 anchor Karen Adams served as judges and helped select the winners from a field of 20 finalists at the Verizon Jazz Stage at WaterFire….

Music Lovers Jam at Riverfront

It’s all about Jazz in downtown Nashville this weekend. Some top musicians are performing at Riverfront Park all weekend for the Music City Jam.

American Idol contestant George Huff, along with the Fisk Jubilee Singers and jazz musicians Kirk Whalum, Brian McKnight, and Gerald Albright are in Nashville for the two day event….

News Channel5

Making the Idol’ cut not all about talent

Instead of hearing “you’re going to Hollywood, ” I ended up wasting a good 20 hours of my life to stand in line for two days to hear the ill-fated words “it’s gonna have to be a no’; you’re not what we’re looking for this year.”

Hmm … “not what we’re looking for.” Okay, so maybe I didn’t dress up as Batman or Wonder Woman or even as a cross-dresser, but I think I have a decent singing voice. Let’s face it, “American Idol” is about talent, right? Riggghhhht.

.Last Saturday, I left my house with two of my friends at around 4:30 a.m. Yep, this was after working a full shift the day before. Anyway, this was the day we would be in line for all hours outside Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center just to get a small piece of paper put around our wrists, which would grant the right to an audition Monday for the hit TV show…….

Amateur Power
Novices Steal the Show As Television Plays Who Wants to Be a Star

What is this, amateur night?!”

Once upon another time, that was the ultimate insult — as when bellowed by a bombastic director at performers rehearsing a play sloppily in the classic movie musical “42nd Street.” But the slur has lost its punch. Any given evening, on any broadcast or cable network, could be amateur night now, and suffer no more for it than high ratings and crowds of commercials….

Washington Post

Michael McDonald Takin’ it to the Palace Theater

The grief Michael McDonald got in the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin” is nothing compared to what he faces at home every day.

McDonald’s children (ages 20 and 17) belong to a generation that identifies “blue-eyed soul” with “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks, rather than their dad, a veteran singer-songwriter who belonged to the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan……