Idol Headlines for 08/30/07

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‘American Idol’ Finalist’s Battery Trial Postponed For Rehab

A former “American Idol” finalist facing felony battery charges is in a California rehabilitation facility, her attorneys said in court Wednesday ahead of her trial on battery and drug charges.

Jessica Sierra, 21, a top-10 contestant on the show in 2005, entered the facility in July for treatment of unspecified problems and will likely be there for several months, said attorney John Fitzgibbons…….

Daughtry offering fans a new brand of rock

Chris Daughtry knows that not all of the 3 million people who bought his band’s first CD are traditional rock fans.

“I definitely see people at shows, and you’d look at and go, ‘There’s no way … you’d catch them at a rock show, ‘” he said recently on the phone during a three-day stop in South Dakota. “But they’re here, and they look like they’re enjoying it; and they know every word to every song.”……..

Courier Press

Music industry seeks another champion as Kelly Clarkson, 50 Cent drop banner

This summer was supposed to be a …three-peat for Kelly Clarkson and 50 Cent.

Much the way …Spider-Man 3, …Shrek the Third and …Pirates of the Caribbean: At World End were titles slated to keep this season movie box office afloat, pop star Clarkson third CD, …My December, and rapper 50 Cent third disc, …Curtis, were titles considered to be surefire summer saviors.

A few undeniable summer hits certainly were needed. During the first half of the year, sales of digital tracks rose almost 50 percent from the same period last year. But CD sales fell 15 percent, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

…American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry …Daughtry is the best-selling CD of the year, and that actually a 2006 release. (You can see him at the South Carolina State Fair in October;

Clarkson and 50 Cent track records looked like the right remedies, or at least Band-Aids, for an ailing music industry. Then things fell apart for both artists………

The State

Live like Sanjaya (before ‘Idol’ days)
Federal Way digs on sale for $360, 000

You voted for him on “American Idol, ” now you can eat in Sanjaya Malakar’s kitchen and sleep in his bedroom.

The curiously coiffed crooner — actually, his soon-to-be stepfather — is selling the Federal Way home where the 17-year-old lived for two years before his life got swept up in Idoldom.

“We’re going to be moving to Hollywood in October, ” Sanjaya’s mother, Jillian Blith, explained by phone from New York — the latest stop in the American Idols Live Tour ’07.

“We just feel that we need to be down there for the (music) industry, ” Blith said……..


Carrie Underwood’s New CD Is Carnival Ride

Carrie Underwood has chosen Carnival Ride as the title of her new album, her record label announced Wednesday (Aug. 29). It’s the follow-up to her debut CD, Some Hearts, which has been certified sextuple platinum by the RIAA for shipments of more than 6 million copies. Carnival Ride gets its title from the lyrics of one of the new songs she has recorded. “You step onto this ride called life, and it’s a crazy thing you don’t know anything about, but you get on it anyway, ” the American Idol winner said. “You do what you can to lean different directions to try and get it to go where you want it to go, but you can’t stop it — it just keeps moving. That’s why Carnival Ride works as my album title. It describes the wonderful craziness that I’ve been through over the past couple years.”

Faris Is No Longer A House Bunny

Apparently Anna Faris believes in truth in advertising. The actress best known for starring in the horror movie spoof series Scary Movie is having the title of her latest film changed. The change better reflects the apparent goal of the movie, or at least appeals to the intended audience.

The movie that was formerly known as House Bunny stars Faris as a Playboy bunny who gets kicked out of the Playboy house and winds up in a college sorority where she leads the local band of misfits on a quest to keep their college house. That quest clearly involves making use of Faris character Playboy experience, so what better title to now give the move than I Know What Boys Like? So that’s the new title, according to MTV Movies Blog

Probably not a coincidence, that title is also the name of an ‹80s song by the Waitresses. Considering the movie also features the acting debut of American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee, Im expecting a timely remake that can be marketed on. It actually a smart move. There definitely a limited appeal for a movie starring Faris, McPhee, and Colin Hanks, even if they do pose as Playboy bunnies (although McPhee plays a pregnant hippie, nothing sexy about that). By expanding on a song title, success can hopefully be found somewhere else in case the movie bombs.

Cinema Blend

Opera will waft over WaterFire on Saturday

….Verizon, which co-sponsors the jazz series with Idearc media, is also hosting the last of its summer casting calls at the jazz stage. From 5 to 9 p.m. a panel of celebrity judges, including former American Idol contestant Ayla Brown and the reigning Miss Rhode Island, Ashley Bickford, will face 20 finalists vying for the right to represent Verizon in print and TV ads for its new fiber-optic broadband service, known as Verizon FiOS….

Covington lives in ‘A Different World’

What do you do when a complete stranger hands you her infant to hold, then wants you to pose for a picture with the child and – believe it or not – autograph the baby?

“I was scared to death I was gonna hurt the little fella, ” singer Bucky Covington said. “But I did it, and it’s just part of everything going on right now.”……