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Yes, there is life after Idol

American finalists stop at ACC as part of tour before (they hope) launching solo careers

The American Idol franchise would appear in no danger of losing its share of the music marketplace.

Emboldened by the continued success of such past winners and runners-up as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry, this year’s “Top 10” finalists rolled into town yesterday for their American Idols Live date at the Air Canada Centre confident of launching their own careers.

Many Idol irons are indeed waiting in the fire when the 59-city tour wraps up late next month. The Star played catch-up with each of the kids yesterday.

The Star

Fallen Idols

Tour of the reality show finalists fails to live up to TV promise

So apparently American Idols Live is nowhere near the draw that the wildly popular TV show is.

The presence of this season’s favourite contestant notwithstanding — the one-named wonder and hair-man himself, Sanjaya — a very sparse crowd (somewhere around 10, 000, and I’m being generous) of mostly parents and their children turned up for the only Canadian stop of American Idols Live at the Air Canada Centre last night…..

Toronto Sun

On Tour with American Idol: The Gina Glocksen Q&A

She beat out thousands of singers who auditioned for a coveted spot on American Idol. Then she made the cut for the top 24, the top 12 and, finally, the top 10. Now, Gina Glocksen is living out of a suitcase on tour with American Idols Live! TV Guide stole a few midtour minutes with the Naperville, Illinois, native.

TV Guide: How’s the tour going?
Gina Glocksen: I’m having an amazing time……..


Hopefuls trek to Atlanta for ‘Idol’ auditions
Rejected singers from Columbus still feel good about taking shot at fame

Sometimes reconciling your “what ifs” means waiting 12 hours for a 30-second performance.

And learning you didn’t make the cut.

That mentality, paired with the lure of an easy shot of fame, is what led thousands of “American Idol” hopefuls to the Georgia Dome on Tuesday. Some 15, 000 people auditioned, according to estimates.

“I would have never known if I wouldn’t have tried, ” said Andy Johnston, 18, of Columbus……


Elliott Yamin

Vocalist Elliott Yamin first gained recognition as the second runner-up on the fifth season of the reality show American Idol. Born in 1978 in Los Angeles to a painter father and former professional singer mother, Yamin eventually moved with his family to Richmond, VA, where he attended middle school and high school……..

Constantine’s Big Debut

Two years after being voted off “American Idol, ” CONSTANTINE MAROULIS is thriving in Hollywood.

In addition to his recent stint on the small screen (playing a music producer on “The Bold and the Beautiful”), he’s been acting on Broadway and starting his own record label.

Indeed, he’s seen little rest since his “Idol” departure, and he’s just released his long-awaited debut album, Constantine. The album is a hodge-podge of sounds from classic rock, soul and Latin pop. Like “American Idol, ” the variety caters to the wide range of fans Constantine gained on the show. Of his large fanbase, he tells, “It’s the ‘American Idol’ effect, I think I can stream across the whole spectrum.”…….


Clarkson slipping into a sales slump

….My December, roiling with bitter plaints of sour romance, garnered mixed reviews and spotlighted Clarkson’s clash with label chief Clive Davis, who unsuccessfully lobbied for the sugar-charged pop fans earlier embraced. Clarkson recently switched managers and canceled a tour owing to poor ticket sales. She later posted an apology to Davis on her website, acknowledging him as “a key advisor” and “an important force in my success.”

“In the long run, she’ll be fine, ” predicts Glenn Gamboa, Newsday’s pop music writer. “She’s too talented to have this album be the career killer. People say, ‘I still like her, I don’t like the album.’ If she doesn’t change direction, she may have some problems.”

Clarkson has probably learned a valuable lesson, Gamboa says….


Jacksonville man mum on American Idol chances

Did Jacksonville LaMarcus Rusk make the first round of cuts on American Idol?

LaMarcus isnt saying.

…I want people to tune in to see, the 27-year-old Jacksonville man said Monday after trying out with 13, 499 other contestants August 6 at steamy Texas Stadium.

American Idol is scheduled to debut its next season at 7 p.m. Jan. 16 on Fox.

Rusk sang the Tevin Campbell song Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me) before two producers at about 2:30 p.m.

…I thought I hit it pretty good, he said.

But surviving to the next round wasnt his real motivation for travelling to Dallas for the auditions. Rusk dream is to be a …red-carpet interviewer ‘ one of those announcers who talk to celebrities as they arrive and depart various awards shows, movie premieres and the like……….

Daily Progress

Ten Things You Never Knew About Simon Cowell

His teeth are Hollywood white. His tongue is as sharp and accurate as a cheese knife. His trousers have a tendency to end just below his moobs. Yup, that right, his name is Simon Cowell and, over the last half-decade, he annexed your telly-box. Britain Got Talent, The X Factor, American Idol – theyre all must-see TV thanks to the wit and wisdom of Mr. Nasty. He also had something to do with Grease Is The Word, but we doubt it features very prominently on his latest CV. Anyway, with series four of The X Factor about to begin, wouldn’t you like to learn more about Simon Cowell? Read on for ten fascinating facts about the man who puts the talons ‘ ho ho ho! – into talent show TV………

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