Idol Headlines for 08/14/07

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American Idols greet Cleveland fans outside Wolstein Center

…In addition to the sign, Paige had spent months creating a 2-inch-thick book for Blake, with pictures, testimonials and her own 2 -page letter to the beat-boxin’ cutie. “P.S. I love cheesy white guys!” she wrote…

American Idols get it started

This past weekend, I watched the Perseid meteor shower. Monday night, I caught the American Idols Live! concert.

Same difference, really.

Both come around every summer. And both involve quick bursts of razzle-dazzle by disintegrating cosmic debris. Or by overnight pop sensations. Whatever………

Who Makes Simon Cowell Cower In His Dressing Room?

When he not judging …American Idol contenders, Brit Simon Cowell takes a seat on the audition panel on his UK show …X-Factor.

Though he can reduce contestants to tears on both side of the Atlantic, the talent judge isnt as fearless as you might think. Cowell told Britain Radio Times in an interview for his UK show, he sometimes cowers in his dressing room to avoid the folks of contenders he bashed……

Access Hollywood

Family, friends stir anxiety

…”I just want everything to be perfect, ” said Jones, whose 4-year-old daughter has been to enough concerts to be considered a pro. “I want to make sure that my voice is right.”

“I want to make sure that everything is just ‘everything.'”

LaKisha wasn’t the only finalist who was hoping the audience would enjoy the show.

Chris Richardson, who is working on his first album while on tour, talked about how he and fellow performer Blake Lewis try to switch up their “little solo act” every other concert.

“We try to keep the audience entertained, ” said Richardson. “They’re spending so much money to see the tour.” …


‘Idol’ fans voice their love at concert

…The Palace was filled with fans of all ages, from teenyboppers to baby boomers nearing retirement. While young girls ran to the stage to touch the hand of whatever finalist came near, the older audience members remained in their seats, standing only when needed to see or to give a deserving performer a standing ovation.

And while there were a number of good performances, Flint’s LaKisha Jones’ rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” was one of the only performances to bring the entire crowd to its feet at the end.

As Chris Sligh advised future “Idol” hopefuls earlier in the concert, “If your name’s not LaKisha Jones, don’t try to sing a Whitney Houston song.” …


Idol musical shuts after one show

A Broadway show which was based on the hit reality TV programme American Idol has closed after its first official night on stage in New York.
Idol: The Musical, which was dubbed a “satirical musical comedy”, was originally previewed in July………



Reality TV shows rarely produce stars and more often than not it the losers who end up doing better.

So seems to be the case with American Idol star Chris Daughtry, whose debut effort is already the biggest selling album in the US this year.

No wonder, as this is pure American soft-rock at its best; think Nickleback mixed with The Calling and a dash of Kelly Clarkson. That one winning formula across the pond.

However, the faux-angst and derivative melodies may not go down quite as well over here. The cheese factor is probably a bit too high.

That not to say this is a bad album. Single It Not Over is a sing-along treat and the anthemic Used To will surely get women up in the aisles to belt out the chorus.

Real rock fans certainly wont be impressed with Daughtry, except perhaps for their collaboration with the legendary Slash on What I Want. But even then their attempt is pretty diluted.

They say: ‹Daughtry gets points for not courting soccer moms, but just because he can howl like a motherf*cker doesn’t mean he’s not a cheeseball. ‘

We say: Daughtry best left to the Yanks.

Best Tracks: It Not Over, What I Want.


Is ‘American Idol’ Exposure Overvalued?

The numbers speak for themselves, American Idol exposure is not worth its weight in gold. Gold records that is. The mantra amongst everyone from the contestants to the judges to the producers is that one does not need to win American Idol to achieve enormous success. Is the value of American Idol’s exposure over-rated? With Chris Daughtry the only authentic mega star to be produced outside of the shows final three, and sagging sales for those who make it all the way to the top, one has to wonder…..

Buddy TV

CD planner

Due in stores Tuesday:

…Nikki McKibbin, “Unleashed” (Chenoa). First season “American Idol” finalist finally scores a debut album after years of struggling to persuade someone to let her cut her brand of hard rock. So she did it herself. “Unleashed” is available via iTunes or on …


‘American Idol’ training class

Area residents looking to get a leg (or larynx) up at the upcoming American Idol auditions at Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center can avail themselves of the expertise of two coaches who are offering a free tutorial this Sunday.

From 1 to 4 p.m., Willingboro-based vocal teacher Nadiyah Kareem will conduct a three-hour session to help aspiring Idol contestants hone their performing skills.

She’ll be joined by Burlington County native Shaunta Warthen, who made the top-75 cut during the Season Four competition…..

Courier Post

Constantine’s Feel-Good Album
“American Idol” Finalist Is Hoping To Make His Fans Happy

…The first single off “Constantine” is “Everybody Loves, ” and it premiered on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Maroulis describes it as simply “feel-good rock ‘n’ roll.” In a world where even indie rock is starting to sound the same, Maroulis remained true to his fan base by making a pretty commercial record, but at the same time has taken a few risks.

“I was on ‘American Idol, ‘ so there’s a very specific audience ‘  the great Middle Americans, ” he told The ShowBuzz….


This ‹Idol prize includes a movie

…Those parts havent been cast yet, and Penn says he might approach Carrie Underwood, a real …American Idol winner, or Katharine McPhee, an …AI runner-up. It also possible, he says, that one or both actresses might be found at the singing auditions.

Whatever happens, a real person will win the singing competition, Penn says. He promising that winner a car, a national recording contract and cash. He planning for the finale to take place next spring in Kansas City.