Idol Headlines for 07/31/07

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Sloan Rangers
Ex-Idols score major-label duets deal: Sabrina Sloan and Sundance Head are recording a disc for Universal Motown

American Idol’s Sabrina Sloan has signed a recording contract with Universal Motown, and her first project will be a CD of duets with fellow season 6 semifinalist Sundance Head, the singer confirmed in an exclusive interview with ”The feel will be soulful songs with a contemporary twist ‘  kind of Al Green meets OutKast, ” said Sloan, noting that she and Head will hit the studio in August, with the hopes of making a late November release date……..

Thousands line up for ‘Idol’ auditions

Thousands of people hoping to be the next Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson or even Sanjaya lined up outside Qualcomm Stadium on Monday as auditions for the seventh season of “American Idol” began.
Some brought makeup kits, Starbucks cups filled with throat-clearing salt water and even karaoke machines. Others came before dawn, armed with sleeping bags and pillows.

“Why wouldn’t I get here early? My No. 1 goal is to be on the program, ” said Lonnie Beatty, 20, who spent the night on a trolley platform just outside the stadium grounds in order to be one of the first in line.

A publicist for the show said 12, 000 people showed up for their chance at stardom……

San Jose Mecury

California dreams come true for lucky few at ‘Idol’ audition

…John Edward Carey was one of the lucky few rewarded with a ticket to the second round of tryouts.

The custom guitar builder and post-punk rocker from Van Nuys, near Los Angeles, made it to the final 25 last year on his first outing and said he decided to give it another shot after dropping 35 pounds and getting an encouraging e-mail from a producer….

Lompoc Record

Thousands audition in S.D. for ‘American Idol’

Dreams died hard at Qualcomm Stadium Monday, where 12, 000 people auditioned for next season’s …American Idol.
Probably more than 95 percent of them left disappointed ‘ such is the cruel arithmetic of the top-rated show on television ‘ but many vowed to try again, either at other auditions this year or in future seasons…..

Sign on San Diego

What Inland hopefuls said

“I’m kind of looking at everybody and listening to everybody and seeing my competition. … I think I’m not the best, but I’m pretty good. I have confidence.”

–Vanna VanHooser, 17, of Riverside, waiting since 5:15 a.m. to audition for the show for the first time…….

Idling Corey Clark arrested in North Little Rock for drug possession, Arizona warrants

Ex-American Idol Corey Clark, who claimed to have had an affair with show co-host Paula Abdul, was arrested in North Little Rock early Monday on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, a police spokesman said.

Sgt. Terry Kuykendall, the North Little Rock Police Department’s public information officer, said officers were dispatched at 2:45 a.m. to 5711 Pritchard Drive after a report of a suspicious vehicle idling in the area.

When officers approached, Clark exited the vehicle, in which he was a passenger. His name was run through the Arkansas Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center, which revealed outstanding warrants from Arizona, where Clark was arrested and charged earlier this year for aggravated harassment and interference with judicial proceedings, Kuykendall said……..

Arkansas News Bureau

Thurmont teen excels in singing, leadership

Warren Zentz says he’s a “shower-trained” singer.
With no formal background in music, he has sung the national anthem at sporting events, memorial services and other events across the country and internationally.

He even made the cut from 20, 000 to 200 in the “American Idol” tryouts in New York last year….

…Zentz sings with the University of Maryland’s a cappella group, PandemoniUM, but said singing isn’t necessarily a career path. He’d like to work in advertising and communications for either a record label or a non-profit organization.

And he says he’ll try out for “American Idol” again this year.

“I’m just going to do it for fun, ” he said. “If something happens, great, but if not, I still have school.”

Frederick News Post

Kate’s 15 minutes of fame

My 17-year-old cousin packed big for her flight from Michigan to San Diego. Her single suitcase exceeded the 50-lb. limit.

At the airline counter in Lansing, the clerk said surely she could throw out a book or two. Kate explained she wasn’t headed to the beach, but to the “American Idol” auditions.

The clerk immediately asked her to sing (Kate obliged). The woman had Kate pose for a photo and autograph her boarding pass. She then handed Kate and her mom new round-trip boarding passes, stamped “First Class.”

Sign on San Diego

So You Think You Can Kiss in Public?

Priscilla Presley has a thing for American idols!

TMZ sources recently spotted the 62-year-old Elvis ex at L.A.’s Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge — swapping spit with 58-year-old “American Idol” executive producer and “So You Think You Can Dance” judge Nigel Lythgoe. Hound dog!

We’re told Priscilla appeared to be enjoying herself — despite the lack of any facial expression!


‘Idol”s Corey Clark Arrested Again

…Clark is currently facing two felony warrants in Yuma, Arizona. Both stem from violations of the conditions of his release, because he did not show up to court after he posted bail on trespassing charges in 2006.

Once he is released from Arkansas, he is expected to be sent back to Arizona to face those charges. However, due to his past history of not showing up to court, Yuma County Sheriff’s Dept. authorities said that the judge very well may not set bail for him again.


American Express Celebrates Out of the Blue Kindness and Giving
American Idol(R) star Ruben Studdard helps the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and American Express kick-off campaign of giving with a “splash”

American Express and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) today launched a surprise campaign to celebrate the spirit of Out of the Blue kindness and giving. The campaign kicks-off in BGCA’s hometown of Atlanta, with American Idol’s Ruben Studdard making a special appearance at the Georgia Aquarium to shine a spotlight on how Out of the Blue acts can have a tremendous impact on friends, family and communities everywhere. The celebration will continue in Dallas, Miami and Seattle later this fall with American Express(R) Cardmembers in all four cities making possible an Out of the Blue grant of $500, 000(1) to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help BGCA achieve its mission of providing a positive place for kids across the country………


‘Idol’s’ King tops 19 Entertainment digital

Simon Fuller has tapped Fox Interactive Media executive Jeff King, head of the Web site for “American Idol, ” to run the digital media department in the U.S. at Fuller’s 19 Entertainment production company…..

Hollywood Reporter

Second American Idol Concert Cancelled in as Many Months

The winner of the fifth season of American Idol will not appear in Houston for an August as he was originally scheduled to.

FOX 26 News has learned that Taylor Hicks will not be performing on August 5 at Verizon Wireless Theater…..


Desperate celebs find home on reality TV
Paula Abdul, Scott Baio, the Coreys ‘  all trying to stay in the spotlight

I have a list. It already a long list and, now and then, I add to it. But it never put in writing. I keep it safely out of sight, in my head.

What on my list? Names of entertainment has-beens desperate for a comeback. Names of stars with dimming wattage who miss the spotlight. Names of show-biz attention hogs.

Each of these names seems ripe to be the focus of a TV reality series….



…Kelly Clarkson apologizes to Clive Davis. Huh? Actually it’s typical in the “musical/cultural” lull period we are in. Lull periods are characterized by things like Business controlling artists (ulnike the opposite “Intense periods” where Artists drive things)…In lulls there’s fashion over art; Boyfriend/girlfriend lyrics are in command; no major musical advances that make the prior generation of music nostalgic more than relevant; the “look” of artists is flashy but not scary…and the list goes on. Let’s just say that we are SO in the American Idol era… It’s actually a fascinating study of music and cultural trends over the past 50 years that I did…well, I think it’s fascinating…I also know it’s valid because I developed it in 1978 and it has been extremely accurate for the last 29 years in assessing and to a certain degree predicting trends. I guess I’ll dive into it next blog. The point right now is that an artist apologizing to a label head is typical during a lull period–During an intense period (like 55, 64, 70, 80 or 93, A label head would bow to an artist that sells as many CD’s as she does)…Can you imagine Elvis, The Beatles, Hendrix, the Police or Nirvana APOLOGIZING to a record company???!!!! Yeah–those are “big names” but any important artist from “intense” periods wouldn’t even bother. More on this lull/intense thing later…but suffice to say, we are in a lull…