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‘Idol’ concert about as fun as Season 6
Music review – At the Rose Garden, just like on TV, there’s great singing — and there’s Sanjaya

Despite its still-strong ratings, Season 6 of “American Idol” left a faint aftertaste of the blahs. The show spent what seemed like years showcasing blood-curdlingly weird auditioners. Singers who made the cut seemed at best pleasant and at worst — well, who can forget Sanjaya?

So when the “American Idols Live!” tour rolled into the Rose Garden Arena on Saturday night, the prospect of seeing the 10 finalists reunited in concert was an iffy proposition. Would their true talents have a chance to shine, or would they demonstrate why this seemed like a fairly forgettable lineup?

The answers: yes and yes……

Oregon Live

Idol tour takes TV show to next level

Dancing and singing to upbeat melodies, a band behind bright lights and relentless cheers from star-struck teeny-boppers.

It was everything a pop concert should be.

And, with 10 contestants from one of the country’s most popular television shows singing old and new hits, the American Idols Tour took it to the next level.

There was something for, maybe not everyone, but most people at this show. The contestant the mom in the sixth row hated was the one the 10-year- old in the nosebleed section loved….

Seattle Pi

Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone Outgrow TV Pop Contests

Kelly Clarkson and Joss Stone are both outgrowing the talent-show victories that shot them to fame. The two have released mature albums for summertime listening….


No sophomore jitters for songwriter Tunstall

…By contrast, the U.S. breakthrough of “Telescope” was helped by key placements for its songs, from performances on “American Idol” to the appearance of “Suddenly I See” on the silver screen in “The Devil Wears Prada.” “Black Horse & the Cherry Tree” then received a Grammy Award nomination for best female pop vocal performance.

“It’s weird, ” Tunstall says. “I’m writing these songs and they’re like little oompa-loompas. They go into the world and I keep getting these postcards from them, saying, ‘Guess what? I’m in a Meryl Streep film.’ I’m like, ‘Well done, haven’t you done well.”‘…

Public Broadcasting net

On to Dallas
A McAllen resident South Texas Idol contest victory guarantees her an audition with ‹American Idol producers

Jasmine Rico-Garcia rocked Cine El Rey Sunday afternoon.

She danced, she smiled, and she won the South Texas Idol with the Carrie Underwood song …Before He Cheats. She beat out 12 other finalists for the honor.

Rico-Garcia, of McAllen, told the audience she learned the song the night before, but neither the audience or the judges could tell.

She nailed it…..

The Monitor

American Idol 7 Auditions Kick Off

The American Idol 7 auditions kick off today at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Registration actually started two days ago on July 28, and according to FOX 6 in San Diego, thousands showed up and waited in line to claim their wristbands for the auditions. There were also three Idol hopefuls that didnt have to wait in line. Leonora Pangilinan, Ashley Tidd, and Christiana Villalva all won guaranteed auditions in front of the judges from FOX 6…..

Reality TV Magazine

Rapp and Pascal Together Again in Broadway’s Rent

…”American Idol” veteran Tamyra Gray is Roger’s Mimi…

Local siblings to audition for American Idol

While Belhaven gave the world the talented …Little Eva Boyd, who took …The Locomotion to the number one spot in 1962, another Beaufort County community just may produce the next musical phenomenon.

Siblings Ferando Warren and Candy Blanch, both of Washington, will temporarily leave their jobs at Southern Cheers in a couple weeks to take a shot at stardom. Theyll be among the hundreds ‘  better make that thousands ‘  of hopefuls auditioning for the chance to perform and compete in season 7 of American Idol……

Washington Daily News

Sports Define Many Lives

…Simon Cowell, from American Idol, talks about several embarrassing moments in his sports career playing soccer and running track. He was asked if he would advise his kids not to play sports. …They absolutely will, he responded. …Play ‘  win or lose ‘  but play. Know your limitations…and youll learn about yourself. Most of all, sports teaches communication and teamwork. Find me a TV show without good teamwork, and I will show you a bad show….

Hartford Business

Making A Difference In Hollywood

…The Cavaliers are extremely popular in Hollywood. Recently “American Idol” contestant Katharine McPhee has adopted one of these prize pooches. She sports around Hollywood with the adorable doggie….


He knows he’s got talent

…Finally, after nine auditions for “American Idol, ” he made it to the Hollywood round last winter – but he wasn’t seen singing on the Fox show. Even during the first few weeks of the NBC show in June, he wasn’t seen on the show.

“I always felt that if America gets to see me, they’d like me, ” he says by phone from Los Angeles while preparing for Tuesday’s live telecast. He has taken an unpaid leave from the countywide agency.

Viewers two weeks ago voted to send him from the top 20 acts to the top 10. “Idol” judge Simon Cowell produces the NBC talent show, hosted by Jerry Springer…

The Enquirer

Who said winners never quit?

…And the original “American Idol, ” Kelly Clarkson, is doing everything she can to transform herself from the Southern sweetheart who agreeably starred in “From Justin to Kelly” to a gloomy diva who doesn’t hesitate to dis Clive Davis…

Sun Times

Top praises American Idol

Duke praises reality TV for bringing real music backThe Four Tops’ Duke Fakir has praised reality TV talent shows for bringing “real music” back to younger generations.

The 71-year-old singer, who is the only original member of the group still performing, said American Idol and other talent shows “has America listening to all kinds of music as opposed to just hip hop”. ….

Metro UK

Rush & Molloy

…Ryan Seacrest is on holiday with several buddies. (No girls.) The “American Idol” host and his pals hit the beach the other day. Trying to avoid the $30 chair rental, Seacrest asked some ladies if they’d watch his stuff while he went swimming. Sure, they said. When he came back, he joked, “Did you take any of my credit cards out of my wallet?” Judging by their frowns, his American humor didn’t translate….

NY Daily News

Glenn Gamboa

…ALSO IN STORES. Korn’s latest “Untitled” (Virgin) album; Central Islip rapper Keith Murray teams up with Erick Sermon again on “Rap-Murr-Phobia” (Koch); R&B singer Mario brings new songwriters on for “Go” (J); The Starting Line moves toward power-pop on “Direction” (Virgin); rockers Puddle of Mudd return with “Famous” (Geffen); and “American Idol” finalist Mandisa debuts with “True Beauty” (Sparrow).


Nothing more than an Idol threat?
Critics say blaming the singing competition’s viewers for an anti-Toronto bias is ‘desperate’

…Canadian Idol isn’t the first Idol show whose voters have been accused of playing favourites. For the first five years of American Idol, every grand prize winner was from the American South (Texas, Tennesee, Alabama), leading to accusations that the show should really be named Confederate Idol. When Arizonan Jordin Sparks won the 2007 competition, it was considered newsworthy that Southerners had finally failed to deliver the prize to a good ol’ boy or girl.

But unlike Brunton, the producers of American Idol haven’t complained that their local people (Californians) aren’t winning. And though their boys and girls don’t win on American Idol, people from big U.S. cities still watch the show. That’s not the case in Canada. While Canadian Idol does well in some areas, it has struggled to find an audience in Toronto, and is equally unpopular in other big cities like Vancouver and Montreal. Brunton even alluded to this in his press release, lamenting the fact that “Toronto is not paying attention” to his show…

Hey Kat McPhee – nice panties! (hot pics & hot video)

Katharine McPhee has had her own little wardrobe malfunction of sorts (in an innocent good girl sort of way)…

Gay Socailites

Sun-Splashed Country Comfort

…Former “American Idol” top-10 contestant Carmen Rasmusen came through with some catchy tunes and a very friendly demeanor…