Idol Headlines for 06/04/07

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Tuning In

Ailing Paula vents
Paula Abdul, who on Thursday said she is “deeply hurt” that a phone call with her reps was leaked to the press, opened up to about how she’s doing.
“Look at me, I’m OK, really I am, ” the “American Idol” judge, 44, said.
“I’m doing just fine and don’t have to explain myself to anyone. It hurts. The leak, that’s illegal. That was a private conversation. That was a violation of my privacy and totally illegal.”
The phone call was first reported by the New York Post…

Washington Times

Martina Helps Nbc Light Up July 4th
Star to perform at Macy’s fireworks celebration

Martina McBride joins NBC’s celebration of the nation’s 231st birthday extravaganza performing along with ‘American Idol’ winner Jordin Sparks, American Idol contestants Blake Lewis and Melinda Doolittle on the live broadcast of the “Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular.”

The show will air on Wednesday, July 4th, 9-10 p.m. EST (all time zones).

Net Music

American Idol News Still Centers On Sanjaya Malakar

Even though the American Idol 6 finale aired over a week ago, the show continues to make headlines. However, most of the headlines tend to center around a contestant who was eliminated from the competition several weeks ago. In his tenure on American Idol, Sanjaya Malakar attracted some of the most devoted fans and some of the most devoted critics in the history of the show….

Reality TV Magazine

‘American Idol parent company to go private in $1.3 billion deal

…Sillerman said he isnt worried by a recent ratings dip for …American Idol. The nation most popular TV show accounted for 32 percent of CKX revenue last year.

But Tuesday shows this year were down 14 percent for the target 18-to-49 age group, and Wednesday shows were off 7 percent.

Fuller has …some ideas and tricks up his sleeve to make the show better, Sillerman said, although he declined to say what they are.

Daily Press and Argus

Clinton wont mix Iraq with faith and an American Idol

…The reason she wont be debating Iraq at the Wednesday event sponsored by John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and the Financial Times newspaper?

…We have a prescheduled event, Clinton spokesman, Phil Singer, explained. In addition, she is only attending …a handful of forums other than the debates that are sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee, according to Singer.

The Wednesday conflict involves a downtown Washington fundraiser that features former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee and pop singer-songwriter Kenny …Babyface Edmonds.

Robert Guttman, director of the Johns Hopkins school sponsoring the debate, said he offered to delay the start to as late as 9 p.m. in order to accommodate Clinton 5-7 p.m. fundraiser.

The school is a little more than a mile from the Clinton fundraiser…

Politics on the Hudson

Live and Let Shill

Hey, Paul McCartney! Youre worth a bazillion dollars and the world is celebrating the 40th anniversary of your old band Sgt. Pepper masterwork ‘  what are you going to do now? …Im going on Home Shopping Network! appears to be McCartney ecstatic answer….

… After seeing his old music ruined by American Idol and Cirque du Soleil, youd think the good Knight might be a little extra aware of preserving his legacy and image.

Up next in Paul promotional regimen: Mass e-mail spam blasts!

Spill It: A Music Blog


…Springer says the summer TV competition will feature a Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District singer, whom NBC later identified as Robert Hatcher, who made it to the Hollywood round on this year’s “American Idol.”…

Ashbury Park Press

‘Idol’ judge attacks American rival

Idol judge likes Canuck show over its parent to the south

…He says Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson don’t know a thing about finding unique talent and this season’s finalists proved that.

“No matter what kind of props anybody wants to give Melinda Doolittle when it came down to it in America, they had a Justin Timberlake knock-off, who looks like he’s 40, and Jordin Sparks who is just a professional pageant kid … who knows so little about artistry, ” says the Canadian Idol judge.

“And the fact that that Blake (Lewis) kid had the audacity to use the word artist in describing what his music is, is ridiculous — it’s just generic, knock-off, imitative crap. Our show is about anything except that.” …

Jam Showbiz

Leslie Hunt sings to fans in Batavia, St. Charles

Clad in a polka-dotted mini-dress, Leslie Hunt sang her heart out for her fans in Batavia Sunday night.

As one of the top female performers on this season’s American Idol, the talented songstress from St. Charles gave two weekend performances.

Hunt sang on Saturday evening in St. Charles for a Salute Our Troops fundraiser held in the RE/MAX parking lot….

Beacon News

CBS unveils a funny ‘Creature’

…In the news

…We kept hearing that Paul McCartney might pop up on “American Idol” this past season, but he says the series is “too cheesy, ” according to the New York Daily News. Apparently McCartney has conveniently forgotten some of his colorful past…



An obesity campaigner who criticised AMERICAN IDOL winner JORDIN SPARKS’ weight has received death threats over her remarks. MeMe Roth, of the National Action Against Obesity group in the U.S., admits she has been the victim of hate-mail ever since her appearance on a TV show, with fans of the star “calling for my death”……..

Obesity expert takes heat from Sparks fans

…MeMe Roth of the National Action Against Obesity tells The Scoop that there have been …hate posts calling for my death ever since she went on Fox TV and said that Sparks is overweight. …When I look at Jordin I see diabetes, I see heart disease, I see high cholesterol, Roth said. …That what so sad about this ‘  she is not the vision of health ‘  she is the vision of ‹unhealth.ƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ 

Roth says she stands by her words ‘  but did not call Sparks …obese or say some of the other things that irate posters have attributed to her. Roth says that some have misconstrued her words because of Fox …sensationalized setup. …