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Phil Stacey to Perform at Riverbend

Phil Stacey will open for Jars of Clay with a patriotic song on Family and Faith night at Riverbend, Tuesday, June 12th…

Korina dispatches Daughtry

Taking a break from her usual musical diet of trendy Brits, Korina Lopez catches a club performance by ex-American Idol rocker Chris Daughtry and band. Here’s her dispatch:

USAToday Blogs

Networks try new ways to end ad skipping

…Ford‹s “American Idol” videos and company-specific “tasks” on “The Apprentice” are the most effective examples of this approach today, Thompson said…

Meadow Free

Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund: Looking to a Bright Greek American Future

…The 2007 Humanitarian Award for Artistic Achievement was awarded to Constantine Maroulis, 2005 American Idol finalist, who told TGN that …It’s incredible that we have a mechanism to raise money for educating Greek Americans that want to go on to great things, to make a great life for themselves ¦.to pursue higher education, and that there are so many prominent Greek Americans in our society, and in this country, that can come together and bring awareness to these kids that really just want to learn. I think it’s amazing….

Greek News

‘I played with Sanjaya just for fun’

He doesn’t regret playing at the American Idol finale with the controversial Sanjaya, Aerosmith’s legendary guitarist Joe Perry tells BT…

Times of India

“American Idol” Diva Tamyra Gray Is Mimi in Rent May 29-Nov. 25

Tamyra Gray, the popular first season finalist of “American Idol, ” joins the cast of Broadway’s Rent May 29, playing dancer-muse Mimi Marquez….

Playbill News

Michigan actor stars in Nick flick

…But “Shredderman” is Andrew’s first lead role “in a bigger movie, ” he says. He also just finished making a movie for teens with Nickelodeon star Drake Bell and Kevin Covais (nicknamed Chicken Little) from “American Idol’s” fifth season….

Kelly’s an Idol hero
Clarkson, Brad Paisley set for Rexall Place shows

Even with a new American Idol champ on the scene, Kelly Clarkson remains the most successful artist to emerge from the still hugely popular Fox talent show.

You need proof? How about the fact that Clarkson is the only Idol winner who plays hockey barns throughout North America, including Rexall Place on Sept.14, it was announced yesterday…

Edmondton Sun

Derryberry headlines Peach Jam

…Last but certainly not least is Ryan Mims, who is known locally for his years with “Blast from the Past” and more recently for his appearance on the popular Fox television series “American Idol.”

Mims, the son of Jeff and Debra Mims of Clanton, is currently living in Nashville pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter. He has recorded several original songs of his own and has collaborated with well-known songwriters in the country music realm.

The Clanton Advertiser

Paula’s ‘OK!’ Confession

Paula Abdul opens up in the new issue of OK! magazine — and ET is on the set for the sexy cover shoot!


Notable DVDs being released today include:

“Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds” – Remember Jim Verraros? The “American Idol” contestant who couldn’t sing all that well but parlayed a moving back story involving deaf parents into a place in the first season’s top 10? Oh. Well, if you do remember him, I was going to mention he’s in this gay-themed comedy sequel, but never mind.

For Covington, there is life ‘  and a career ‘  after ’06 ‘Idol’

“I don’t do a whole lot of thinking, ” Bucky Covington says. “I’m a big believer in not over-thinking. I don’t really think about things until it’s done. If I thought about it before, it’d probably scare me to death.” …

Ratings Dive In 2006-07 Season

…Even without much in the way of strong competition, Idol saw its still hefty adult 18-49 ratings shrink 7% this season on Tuesdays (from 12.9 to 12.0). That was still good enough to boost lead-out House 19%, to 8.1. The medial show created buzz when it caught up with its once invincible lead-in toward the end of the season. On Wednesdays, Idol remained flat at a 12.3.
And last week season finale of Idol’ which culminated in the anti-climactic crowning of Jordin Sparks during a bloated telecast that ran nine minutes long (negatively impacting ratings for the local newscasts that followed)’ plunged 19%, from a 14.2 rating/35 share a year ago to an 11.5/31…


The highs (Jordin wins!) and lows (no confetti?) of Season 6

Season 6 of American Idol has come and gone faster than you can say “bush baby.” As with all years, it had its highs and lows, but none compare with Glendale’s Jordin Sparks taking the crown as the winner….

‘Idol’ runner-up McPhee projects a new image

Taylor Hicks is headlining in clubs and casinos. Kellie Pickler is opening for Brad Paisley. Chart-topping Chris Daughtry is gigging all over the place.

Last year …American Idol finalists are working it harder than any of their predecessors.

Runnerup Katharine McPhee has hit the radio-concert circuit, Minneapolis, Allentown, Pa., and New Haven, Conn……..

Simon Cowell ‘red-faced as sex secrets are exposed’

…Paula, 44, quipped: “Simon is an egomaniac. He’s the only man I know who screams his own name when having sex. And his idea of foreplay is staring at himself in the mirror.”

The incident was made even more embarrassing for Simon, 47, as Paula made the comments in front of an audience including his 80-year-old mother Julie.

Simon’s older brother Tony, 55, also let slip the music mogul would wear make-up to feign illness to get out of going to school….


‘Idol’ finalist Daughtry to rock amphitheater

“American Idol” 2006 finalist Chris Daughtry is the final Marcus Amphitheater act to be announced for Summerfest. He and his band Daughtry will perform at the amphitheater on July 6…..

JS Online

US online ads charting hits with help from American Idol

…American Idol for example represents a true cross media phenomenon, explained Matt Booth of The Kelsey Group. The show’s website (during its season) has become the number one TV website with a “video section” offering “more than 400 clips generating over 80 million page views.”

Idol site’s popularity was further confirmed by recent data compiled by hitwise, reporting that it drew 33 per cent of all visits to TV show websites overall. The second place holder only had a 12.3 percent share of viewers. The roughly 12, 500 photos on the website alone generated another 300 million page views…

Telecom TV

Miller finds lasting legacy with radio-friendly tunes

…Interested in iPods and downloading, too, and this subject area can cause mild-natured Miller to talk a blue streak about the evils of Apple Steve Jobs, stealing music, the loss of audio fidelity on mp3s and compact discs, why …American Idol is perhaps not such a good thing, and the risk of hearing damage from blasting …Jungle Love on those little earbuds iPods employ. (Lower the volume, he urges)…

‘Idol’ ratings higher than first reported

Final national figures showed that the audience for Wednesday’s “American Idol” finale rose to an average of 30.7 million viewers, still down dramatically from last season. Because Jordin Sparks’ coronation as the sixth “American Idol” winner didn’t come until after 10 p.m., “Idol” viewership was adjusted from 29.5 million in fast national figures to 30.7 million in the final national (live plus same-day viewership) tally.

While those numbers dominated the night and added an extra bit of relish to Fox’s already preordained May sweeps victory, they were still off rather dramatically from last season’s “American Idol” finale. When Taylor Hicks topped Katharine McPhee, the two-hour show averaged 36.4 million viewers….


“Idol” winner Taylor Hicks to visit Dewey

The 2006 winner of “American Idol, ” Taylor Hicks, will play a concert at the Bottle & Cork nightclub in Dewey Beach on Tuesday, July 3.

Tickets will cost $30, said the bar’s booking agent, Vikki Walls. Ages 21 and over only will be admitted since the venue does not have a restaurant license…

Eminem ‘Too Over-The-Top’ For Marilyn Manson; Plus Justin Timberlake, Police, Tom Morello & More, In For The Record

…Ace Young is gearing up to release his debut album. The #7 finisher on season five of “American Idol” has signed a deal with S Curve Records (Fountains of Wayne, Joss Stone) for the yet-untitled disc, scheduled to drop in September and be preceded by a single in July. Young will be backed by a full band on the album, which is being executive produced by hitmaker Desmond Child (Kelly Clarkson), with songs written by Diane Warren (‘NSYNC, Pussycat Dolls) and Andreas Carlson (Nick Lachey, Britney Spears). Young, who helped write pal Chris Daughtry’s first hit, “It’s Not Over, ” said he’s writing or co-writing all the tunes on his album as well as working on songs with “everyone, ” though he declined to name names. “You’ll hear it when it happens, ” he promised….


  1. LisaB, thanks for all of the great articles. And special thanks for opening up with an blip on Phil. I’m not that cray about patriotic music so I’ll go listen to him sing “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” again.

  2. I think it’s nice that Joe Perry treated Sanjaya nicely, as a professional.

  3. During Season 6, Idols sang 3 Police song (Blake = “Roxanne”, Chris S = “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”, Phil = “Every Breath You Take”) so I will argue that this is Idol related (a stretch, I know, but lots of people said they were going to the Police concerts so I thought they might be interested…)

    Here are a couple of reviews from the kick-off concert of the Police tour:

    “The legendary punk-inspired reggae-rock band The Police kicked off its high-energy reunion tour Monday by delivering a powerhouse performance, wowing fans with hit after megahit for more than two hours straight.”

    “Twenty-three years after the breakup, is The Police as good as we remember? Yes, it is.”

    “The floor of the arena vibrated from the impact of the thousands of bodies bouncing to Every Little Thing She Does is Magic – even if it progressed into an almost unrecognizable tune as the band messed with its beat and phrasing. ”

    The set was 20 or 21 songs long (depending on the review)

  4. Thank you Lisa B. And – Thank you Kirsten! I can’t wait to go see the Police in August! Yea!

  5. So the idol ratings were better than originally thought but still way down from last year. I wonder how the tour/signings will do. I’ll make a prediction that nobody gets signed by a major unless you include Christian music. Not wishing anybody ill but it would be better for the show next year if winning actually meant something. I watched Season 1 Rerun and realized that most past idols have not gotten record deals. They have to make winning this show more important again.

    Lu – Where is the etrain? I’m getting a real train. LOL

  6. I know I sound like a broken record when I post, but 30.7 million viewers is still absolutely monstrous. Believe me, no one over at FOX or 19 Entertainment (or whatever they’re called, I’m having a brain fart) is worried, not when the numbers are still so huge and they’re getting $1,300,000 per 30 second spot.

    I agree with jpfan–winning should mean something again. I get so tired of the “oh, I’m glad I didn’t win” comments. It’s like contestants expect it to be like the sports teams they were on growing up–doesn’t matter if you win or lose, because everyone gets a trophy (which is totally bogus).

  7. IMO–the numbers being less than last year probably is a concern. They want to ride this wave as long as they can. Once you get big money, you want to keep on getting it.

    But nothing last forever–even AI. I think they have done well to be this popular for this long.

  8. They definitely would like the numbers to stay where they have been, but it needs to be a huge drop before they start losing money. AI is fairly cheap to produce, so they would need to get next to no ratings in order for it to actually lose money. And anyway, almost every show is showing a drop in viewers, so it’s not just an AI thing this season.

    They have done extremely well–most shows would have seen a downward trend after the first three or four years. AI managed to go up for five years, very unusual.

  9. The ratings are still huge, despite the drop – which is also fairly “huge” by the standards used by the networks to measure these things. If the season finale of any series on any network declines by 19% or 23%, the network notices. And is not pleased.

    Idol will remain lucrative for Fox and Freemantle Media. But it will be less lucrative than it would have been without the ratings drop. The networks set ad rates well in advance of the season. Fox had the luxury of using the Season 5 numbers to set ad rates for Season 6 – ad rates are based on projected ratings. If Season 6 episodes didn’t meet the projections, Fox will be forced to quietly give advertisers “make goods” – i.e. free or lower cost ads in subsequent months. For Season 7, Fox will be obliged to use the lower Season 6 numbers to make projections and set ad rates. Those rates will be obviously be a lot lower than they would have been if Season 6 had matched Season 5’s numbers. Ad rate inflation, which is significant and constant, will mask the decline, but the loss of potential revenue will be significant. Licensing fees paid by networks to production companies (such as Freemantle Media) are affected by and highly sensitive to ad revenue earned by the network from the show.

    The bottom line is that whatever the show did this season to alienate viewers is going to cost the show and the network substantially in the long run. BTW, the revenues earned by the Idol related entities from contestant CDs that sell a lot of “units” is a drop in the bucket compared to the ad and license revenues at stake.

  10. The bottom line is that whatever the show did this season to alienate viewers is going to cost the show and the network substantially in the long run. BTW, the revenues earned by the Idol related entities from contestant CDs that sell a lot of à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“unitsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  is a drop in the bucket compared to the ad and license revenues at stake.

    WORD to your entire post SODF.

    I just hope that they learn the correct lessons from this season. I’m afraid that they’ll look at the ratings and say “Hey, our ratings held steadier on results nights than performance nights so let’s book more stars and ignore the contestants even more than we did last year.” In the chase for more dollars from every conceivable source, they are in the process of killing the golden goose.

    Focus on the journey so we’ll want it to continue and care when it ends.

    And don’t forget the cheese.

  11. Season 6 benefited from great expectations from Season 5. Season 7 won’t have that. Plus the other networks conceded the night to idol and put up carp against it. Season 5 actually beat out the Olympics and the Grammys. However, AI still dominates so as long as the erosion doesn’t worsen they should be okay for a few more years. (I agree that if its just guest stars and no contestant drama, the erosion will get much worse.)

  12. I think there is a pattern that happens…every couple of years we get a meh season of Idol. First and Second season great…Third..kind of blah…. Season 4 and 5 best ever..Season 6 kind of blah…now what ever happens next year it will seem great again I bet! Season 5 is a tough act to follow. And season 3 being blah wasnt due to a lack of talent just like this year was just the way things played out..Fantasia is very talented..just as Jordin is but the ZING was just not there in those seasons as much. But what ever ..I love this silly show and will continue to watch it..even when sometimes I hate it.

  13. On under “Latest American Idol News” they have a survey up to find out what people do and don’t like about the show and the website. It is one way to get your opinion across, although I wish they had asked more specific questions.

  14. Ratings may be down but not as much if you adjust for dvr’s. I ended up liking this season more that last because of the contestants. Last season I really only like Chris, Ace, and Bucky while this season I liked almost everyone in the top 12. I don’t get why anyone would call the season boring but that’s just me. :smile1_tb: I must say that I wouldn’t like AI as much if only the winner had a shot for a contract. It’s easy to get very invested in your favorites and a real drag if you spend all that time voting for nothing.

  15. Just bought Bucky’s cd and if you haven’t got it and you like country by all means get it , it’s worth every penny. He does every thing from weepy ballad to rockin country. IMHO if he does a good video of the ballad ” I’ll Walk” that boy will have a monster hit on his hands. Other songs on the cd have a southern rock sound. I’d give the Buckster an “A” for his first effort. :clap_tb:

  16. I also don’t think Season 6 was boring, but there are so many things AI can do to improve the show. I hope TPTB will pay attention to the suggestions being made on one of the forums.

    Almost everyone wants more attention paid to the TOP 24, so that we are familiar with them before the voting starts. Auditions for all 24 contestants should be shown on air before the TOP 24 starts.

    Randy needs to change or just leave the show. Any how, there are two to ponder!

    Thank you for all your hard work MJ! You are appreciated!

  17. Re “adjusting” the ratings for DVR viewers, I suspect the adjustment would have minimal impact on the issue of the ratings drop because people DVRed the show in Season 5 also – simply at a slightly lower rate. More important is the fact that DVR “delay” viewers don’t count as much to advertisers – who are aware that DVR viewers are skipping commercials at a much higher rate than live viewers. Real time viewers count much more, as far as ad rates are concerned.

    Of course other shows are also DVRed and didn’t suffer ratings losses as severe as Idol’s.

    Many factors contributed to the Season 6 ratings decline. The widespread perception that the Season 6 finalists were sub-par is obviously one such factor. The widespread perception that the show was ignoring the the voting results from Season 5, with respect to choosing contestant albums for promotion, caused similarly widespread viewer disgruntlement, and is another factor that surely contributed to the ratings decline. Doubtless it caused many viewers to question the competitive integrity of the show and the value of voting – and ultimately the value of watching.

    Obviously the list of contributing factors could continue. The upshot is that the ratings decline was real and it was significant. It’ll be interesting to see what lessons TPTB will take from it, and how they react next season.

  18. Ratings may be down but not as much if you adjust for dvrà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s. I ended up liking this season more that last because of the contestants. Last season I really only like Chris, Ace, and Bucky while this season I liked almost everyone in the top 12. I donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t get why anyone would call the season boring but thatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s just me. :smile1_tb: I must say that I wouldnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t like AI as much if only the winner had a shot for a contract. Ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s easy to get very invested in your favorites and a real drag if you spend all that time voting for nothing.

    Word to everything that Bean just said. I bet if you did a comparison to last year when they all went out, you’d find this cast just as good if not better than last year (well, except for 7th!). It’s more that the show didn’t focus enough on the kids, not that the talent pool was worse. True, the talent was less diverse in style, which could add to the boredom factor for some.

    I would also hate for someone I voted for and want music from to be restricted from getting a contract just because they didn’t win. I want to hear these artists even if they don’t win.

    I still loved this year. I think rating are down for tv shows overall and I hardly think the drop in ratings spells doom and gloom for the AI machine.

    Also, I’m glad they opened more phone lines/ports whatever this year. :)

  19. Jordin looked and sounded so amazing finale night. I thought all tose looks were Badgley Mischka, but I found ouut they were I loved that gunmetal lace dress she wore with jeans when singing with Blake on Wed and that Green Top on Tues singing FIGHTER by Christina Aguilera was so hot. POPPIE COUTURE also did the Finale pink dress she wore with Reuben and as far as Im concerned, she never looked that perfect…like a princess. Loved her on Regis too. That looks like AG denim. She is a star.

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