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For ‘Idol, ‘ R&B a tough sell
CDs by the black winners haven’t done as well as those by the white ones. Industry observers blame their genre.

Midway through Wednesday’s American Idol finale, Clive Davis offered his State of the Idol address.

As the man in charge of Idol record-making rattled off names of past winners, runners-up, even fourth- and seventh-place finishers, he omitted one of the Idols: Season 2’s Ruben Studdard, the first African-American winner……

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Oscar Mayer(R) Pairs With American Idol(R) to Support Jingle Contest
Singing Sensation and American Idol Season 5 Finalist Elliott Yamin Signs on to Kick-Off Search

Calling all “hot dogs” with a taste for Hollywood! It’s icon meets Idol as the Oscar Mayer brand today announced its official partnership with FremantleMedia for sponsorship of American Idol Season 7. America’s favorite hot dog company will amplify the partnership to support their “Sing the Jingle, Be a Star” promotion via broadcast and online advertising, on-pack, and online at…..

….AMERICAN IDOL Season 5 finalist Elliott Yamin will help the Oscar Mayer team kick-off the search for the next jingle stars on June 13 in the Central Courtyard at the Hollywood & Highland Center, just steps away from the Kodak Theatre where the season finale of AMERICAN IDOL took place. Elliott will assist the Hotdoggers, official drivers of the WIENERMOBILE vehicles, as eager entrants sing their hearts out at the first open casting call of the hot dog season….

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Idol Ratings Not So Sparkly

In the end, the Sparkettes couldn’t touch the Soul Patrol or Clay Mates.

Proving a fitting end to a season dogged by criticism of mediocrity, American Idol’s sixth finale failed to distinguish itself ratings-wise. About 30.7 million viewers tuned in Wednesday night for the 129-minute filler-friendly show to see beauty Jordin Sparks triumph over beatboxing beast Blake Lewis, according to figures from Nielsen Media Research….


Must-do events in May

He’s Coming Home — Sort Of
Since Chris Daughtry of …American Idol fame became a big-time rock star with a double-platinum album, he doesnt get home to North Carolina much. On Wednesday, he will at least be within a few hours of his home in McLeansville, outside Greensboro. Daughtry (left) and his band, Daughtry, will play a sold-out concert at Jesters Pub.

Fox Apologizes for Idol Gaffe

Fox has apologized for running over the allotted two hour timeslot on last nights American Idol finale. The show was scheduled to end at 10:00 PM, however, the winner was announced at 10:03 PM, and the show ended at 10:09 PM. As a result of the mistake, many viewers who recorded the show on their DVR’s missed the announcement of the winner….


Q94’s Melissa Chase muses on the end of another ‘Idol’ season

…During this time, the RCA Music Group and Clive Davis decide whether or not they would like to sign the different artists to their label. Jordin already has a guaranteed spot , but the rest will be decided upon individually. (We hear Clive is already very interested in Blake!) For the artists they pass on, life isnt over ‘ they may choose to sign with a different label. Elliott, for example, signed on with Hickory Records when he was not selected for RCA representation….

Daughtry takes it in stride

Chris Daughtry will perform at Jesters Pub on Wednesday.
Chris Daughtry has just stepped off a plane in Wichita, Kan., and he literally has 10 minutes to speak.

He physically and mentally tired from the hectic pace of his band nonstop touring schedule. His plane has been taxiing for what seems like hours. But he cant stop. His day is far from over…

American Idol and Mobile Marketing
…Had a chance ealier today to talk to Edward Boddington, MEF Americas Board member and Telescope, Inc. Founder. Boddington helped develop ‹Pop Idol in the UK, which became ‹American Idol in the U.S. (he handed the envelope to Ryan Seacrest last night on ‹American Idol announcing Jordin Sparks as the new American Idol)…


The Essentials | Paula Abdul

¢ You might have missed it. Paula Abdul …Greatest Hits: Straight Up! was released May 8.

¢ Abdul was something of an American idol before she started judging …American Idol, which completed its sixth season Wednesday night.

¢ She is not a bastion of lucidity on TV. Maybe Britney Spears is patterning her wackiness after Abdul……..

The State

Drooping ratings for ‘American Idol’ suggest it may have passed its peak

The best days may still be ahead for Jordin Sparks, but the same may not be said for ‘American Idol.’…

The Urbana Daily Citizen


SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has dismissed reports he failed to honour an appearance on the American Idol finale on Wednesday (23May07) night, insisting he was never invited in the first place…..

Clive’s Speech Ain’t Music to Kelly’s Ears

After Clive Davis’ very public display of rejection toward pop superstar Kelly Clarkson (via a speech that canonized Saint Carrie Underwood) on last night’s “American Idol” finale, sources tell TMZ that SONY/BMG execs were apologizing to members of Clarkson’s camp for their label head’s rude behavior…..


How will Jordin’s career stack up?

First, congrats to the bubbly Jordin Sparks, who as the world knows was crowned this season’s winner of American Idol. We all knew she was going to beat out Blake Lewis.

Now that I’ve had a few hours to let it all sink in, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Jordin could do better — in the long run — than first-year winner Kelly Clarkson and the very hot Carrie Underwood……

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Who Is Sanjaya Malakar, Fake or Bill Vendall?

Sanjaya Malakar or Bill Vendall is creating Internet buzz claiming to actually be a Rhode Island School of Design graduate student who was doing a “human art project.” Now he comes to be known either Sanjaya Fake or Bill Vendall…….

Who is Sanjaya Malakar, really?
Is Sanjaya Malakar a fake??

First, I have to give Sanjaya some credit. Over the past 24 hours, this video of Sanjaya Malakar hit the internet. In the video Sanjaya claims his name is Bill Vendall, a 25 year old graduate student, who created the character of Sanjaya Malakar as a part of his thesis at Rhode Island School of Design…


This Is Your Life … again

SIMON Cowell is left speechless as he is handed the This Is Your Life big red book for the SECOND time.

Cowell, 47, was given the honour in 2003 ‘  but he is the first star on the revamped ITV1 show.

New host Sir Trevor McDonald pounced at the American Idol final in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Cowell said: …Is this a wind-up? Im actually really embarrassed. The show will be aired here next Saturday June 1……


“Idol” Exit — Fame Clock at 14:59

The train has left the station — and the “American Idol” castoffs are on board! Adios!

TMZ cameras caught Phil, Chris, Brandon and Gina as they left their hotel in West Hollywood to head for the Kodak center in Hollywood….


Jordin enjoys her first day as ‹American Idol
‹What have I got myself into, she joked, as she rushed to appearances

…Hey Access, it my first day as your ‹American Idol. It 5:25 in the morning and the sun is coming up.

Welcome to 17 year old Jordin Sparks new life.


Live at ‘American Idol’: Red Carpet and Post-Show Report

…Nearly two interview-filled hours after her emotional coronation, Ms. Sparks made her way to the pressroom for a conference with the media, as runner-up Blake Lewis and several of the guest musicians had done earlier. Following are highlights from these Q&As and interviews on the red carpet…


American Idol finale audience off from last year

The “American Idol” triumph of 17-year-old Jordin Sparks drew nearly 6 million fewer viewers than last year’s finale, in the latest sign that U.S. television’s highest-rated show may have finally hit its peak….

American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks Talks
We spoke to Jordin and runner-up Blake moments after the finale.

…When Lewis came before the microphones, he couldn’t seem more pleased. He didn’t appear to be someone who had just “lost” anything. One of the first questions for Lewis was about his rousing performance with hip-hop artist Doug E. Fresh. Lewis could barely contain his excitement when talking about that particular moment. “Doug E. Fresh was dope, ” he said. “He’s such a pioneer. I’ve been beat boxing for eight years now, and he’s been an inspiration. It’s the kind of moment that you won’t ever forget. The energy in that room was amazing. It was hip-hop on American Idol and to me you can’t do better than that.”

Asked about working with Fresh, Lewis said, “We’ve talked about doing a track. I’m going to be in New York in a week, and what’s so great about beat boxing is that it’s such an impromptu style art form. You can be on the street or the subway or in the hallway with a friend. That’s what’s so great about the hip hop culture is that it’s right there, you can reach it, you can grab it. Working with Doug E. Fresh is certainly a dream and it came true tonight.”…


All Access Jordin Sparks On Her First Day As The ‘American Idol’

Jordin Sparks is the new …American Idol. Only Access Hollywood was by her side every step of the way when her reign got rolling and only we had her on our stage….

Access Hollywood

Briefly: Ryan Adams, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Bonnaroo, Chali 2na

Brother-and-sister gospel duo BeBe & CeCe Winans (music), who reunited on stage during last night’s (5/23) “American Idol” finale, plan to mark their 25th anniversary with the fall release of their first new album in 13 years, and will back the set with a tour, according to a press release.

“I’m so grateful of Bebe & Cece’s past accomplishments, ” Benjamin “BeBe” Winans said in a prepared statement. “But I’m so excited about coming back together and blazing new trails of hope into the hearts of people all around the world.”

“I’m very excited that the time has finally come for BeBe and I to reunite and encourage the world with uplifting, soul-changing music, ” Priscilla “CeCe” Winans added.

Details about the new album and tour will be revealed in the “coming months, ” according to a spokesperson.


Snakepit Ball, shows and parade bring out the stars

A crescendo of entertainment will fill 500-Mile Race weekend, including an Indianapolis Motor Speedway performance by past “American Idol” competitor Chris Daughtry one hour before the green flag drops….

Spectacle is the rule at ‘Idol’ coronation

…Some “Idol” fatigue is inevitable after a slog from January to May. But this year, the show seemed to wear its maturity on its sleeve; its bigness is becoming both a blessing and a curse…

Kim Goes on Birdie Tear to Lead Colonial

…Two nights before the Colonial, Purdy cast about 100 votes for “American Idol” champion Jordin Sparks, the 17-year-old daughter of retired NFL player Phillippi Sparks, one of his golfing buddies and a fellow board member at the Phoenix country club where they are both members.

“Her family is just a real positive family. I’m trying to bring that to my golf game, ” Purdy said. “She inspired me today.”…

ABC7 News

Jordin Sparks became the new “American Idol” with more than 74 million votes counted, but the results almost felt secondary to the night itself.

When Green Day hit the stage about an hour and a half into Wednesday night’s two-hour show, it became official: This is the best finale ever.

What’s funny is that it caps a season considered inferior to the others.

Perhaps the show’s producers finally learned the meaning of the phrase “all killer, no filler.”…

On the scene: Green Day’s “Working Class Hero” video shoot

For some viewers, one of the unexpected highlights of last night’s Idol finale was surely Green Day’s performance of their new cover of what may well have been John Lennon’s finest solo tune, “Working Class Hero.” It was a powerful rendition, restrained yet full of intensity ‘  everything your average Idol moment ain’t, in other words. It even came with a good cause: Green Day recorded the song for Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur, an all-star compilation of new Lennon covers whose proceeds will go toward ending the ongoing genocide in Sudan. (The CD will be in stores June 12; you can already donate $0.99 by buying Green Day’s single or R.E.M.’s “#9 Dream” cover on iTunes. To raise even more money for Darfur, Green Day have designed a limited-edition “Working Class Hero” t-shirt available soon at Hard Rock Cafe.) You couldn’t have asked for a better proof that the show’s commitment to social justice extends beyond their special “Idol Gives Back” episode ‘  or that Green Day are rapidly becoming this decade’s most eloquent protest musicians….


Wednesday’s Idol: What You Didn’t See
The Grand Finale

…The American Idol Finale red carpet completely blanketed the Hollywood Walk of Fame ‘ except for one particular star in the sidewalk: Ryan Seacrest’s. A square hole was cut in the red carpet so everyone to see it. Everyone, that is, but Carrie Underwood, who was caught by surprise when she suddenly noticed the name ‘ and then had to do a little hop, skip and a jump to avoid tripping on it….

Tyler versus Sanjaya

Anyone with even a passing interest in Aerosmith was appalled when guitarist Joe Perry joined irritating “American Idol” also-ran Sanjaya Malakar on stage. But the curious collaboration did make us wonder what, if anything, Sanjaya and Steven Tyler might have in common….

Her ‹Purple passion

A new face on Broadway has done something that producer Oprah Winfrey couldnt ‘  convinced me …The Color Purple is a must-see. But it is right now and will be through October.

…American Idol winner Fantasia gives such a powerful performance in her Broadway debut that it almost, to borrow a lyric from the show, …too beautiful for words.

What makes it even more of a triumph is that Fantasia had never acted on stage or even seen a Broadway show before stepping into the role that won La Chanze a Tony last year.

The show director, Gary Griffin, worked with Fantasia in Chicago to get her ready to play Celie, the long-suffering Southern woman Alice Walker created in her prize-winning book. Boy, Griffin did a good job. Fantasia natural ease and honesty come through from the moment she steps on stage at the Broadway Theatre. She doesnt try to sell her acting or singing but creates a beautiful aura around Celie that draws you in. It a deeper …Purple as a result….


Any Plastic Surgery For Jordin Sparks?

The question of the moment is whether or not American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is completely natural or has she had any plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement.

The only rumor currently circulating is about Jordin Sparks full lips possibly being augmented by lip injections such as Restylane or another dermal filler….

Make me

Sweet success
Daughtry soars after ‘American Idol’

In a musical age where success is found in iTunes downloads and MySpace friends, rock band Daughtry has succeeded with the original definition of “making it” in the biz – album sales and sold out shows.

Whether it’s lead singer Chris Daughtry’s powerful deliveries, genre-crossing songwriting, unforgettable American Idol performances or rock star sex appeal (sorry, ladies, Chris is happily married) – whatever the formula may be, it’s working for Daughtry…

Myrtle Beach Online

Best on ‘Idol’ so far? I vote for Mandisa

…Many of us believed that it was her performance of Mary-Mary’s “Shackles” that got Mandisa eliminated from the show. Until that moment, the idea of a faith-based song being performed on a show such as “Idol” was unimaginable.

Mandisa took a bold stand for her beliefs in God. It was in that moment we fans were able to know who she is as a person. Perhaps leaving the show took her out of a situation where winning might have had her doing something for which she would have to compromise her beliefs….

Huntsville Times


…”Paula did not break her nose. She had pitched a fit, threw something into a mirror or glass object, and a shard of glass struck her in the face, which explains why Paula’s nose didn’t seem swollen, ” said our spy. A rep for Abdul termed the account “absolutely, categorically untrue.”