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‘Idol’ Finalists Take Last Turn on Stage

The two “American Idol” finalists took their last turns on stage Tuesday night and crystallized the choice facing viewer voters: the most talented singer or the better entertainer.Blake Lewis, the stylist, and Jordin Sparks, the voice, each performed three songs in front of adoring legions of fans at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood…..

Game, set, match: Jordin

Maybe it is a singing competition after all.Jordin Sparks will win this year’s “American Idol” crown on tonight’s two-hour finale in part because she simply outsang the competition when it counted….

American Idol: Some People Wait a Lifetime

Hey, were all winners! Paula says so, ergo it must be true!A few notes before the recap:

phillyBurbs blogs

Is the suspense killing you? Me, neither

…As for Tuesday night, I think it was pretty unfairly stacked against Blake. And there’s one reason: “This is My Now.” When it comes to drippy “American Idol” finale songs, that drivel ranks right up there. (My apologies to the overly earnest Seattle songwriters who won that nearly forgotten contest.)Neither one of the finalists could sell it. Blake because he’s about as anti-drivel as they come, and Jordin because she’s clearly never faced a second of the fears and shadows and doubts that pack that craptastic tune’s lyrics…

American Idol: The ultimate anti-climax

Part one of the American Idol finale was hour long bore fest much like a pornographic film in which the male performer cant pop. Never has anti-climax been so insufferable. The blowfest kept up the season-long tradition of poor production. Half the time Paula Abdul mic wasnt on and the show was plagued by poor lighting, miscues and unbalanced vocal mixes. Youd think after six seasons theyd have this stuff worked out.

The judges clearly stopped giving two sh*ts about this season contestants long ago. Randy Jackson apparently thought it was Beatles night. Meanwhile Paula appeared to have had fresh collagen and botox injections. Simon Cowell seemed like he was dressed for a funeral, which turned out to be appropriate attire….

Jordin has true talent, not just a gimmick
Teenager has real chance to develop into next big pop star

One of the two “American Idol” finalists is capable of standing out for sheer vocal ability. The other relies on a musical gimmick most thought was mercifully put out to pasture a decade ago….

Win for Blake would restore ‹Idol as hitmaker
Show needs a pop star, and the Seattle beatboxer can be that star

Who can start a performance of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” by channeling Michael Winslow? Who wears cool pants and hip, quasi-retro clothes? Who really is from Seattle and not a ringer flown in from Arizona to audition in the Northwest? …

What a spark! Jordin has the edge on ‹Idol
Though Blake held his own on the first two songs, Jordin finished stronger

As Blake Lewis showed this week, chivalry is not dead. But it may well have killed his hopes of winning …American Idol…..

The future of American Idol’s contestants

Regardless of who is named American Idol tonight ‘  Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks ‘  both of their careers are set. But it is still fun to speculate (semi-seriously) about their futures. While were at it, why not speculate (not so seriously) about the futures of the rest of the Top 12 contestants?…

7 memorable moments from Season 6

On ‘AI, ‘ Seattle goes from worst to firstWhile this season’s installment of “American Idol” lacks the buzz, controversy and excitement of previous years, it did produce a handful of memorable moments. Heading into tonight’s big finale, here are some of the more interesting happenings from Season 6…

On ‘AI, ‘ Seattle goes from worst to first

Just a little more than four months ago, ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell declared the show’s Seattle auditions the ‘worst we’ve ever seen.’ Little did he know then that hiding among the less-than-stellar ‘Idol’ wannabes would be season six’s final two contenders – Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks. Here’s how it all went down on Tuesday’s final showdown between the sweet teen and the smooth beat boxer….

Beyond ‘Idol’ with dreams intact
Two ex-contestants look past slings and arrows of TV in quest for fame

Antonella Barba says if she had to do it over again, she would not audition for “American Idol.” “I would never choose to go through it again or tell anyone to, ” Barba said in her first in-depth interview since being voted off the show in March. “But I don’t regret it. It’s a TV show. I was a TV contestant getting TV-criticized.” …

‘Now’: That’s what I call music for ‘Idol’

“Breathe in the moment ¦”
Jeff Peabody is trying to take the advice of his song, This Is My Now, winner of the first American Idol Songwriter contest……….


…American Idol: Jordin Sparks …wiped the floor with Blake Lewis

It would take a miracle ‘  or a heck of a lot of fans ‘  for Blake Lewis to win …American Idol tomorrow.Jordin Sparks did what she had to do. She stood there and sang her heart out….

Mercury News

American Idol: Who will it be? Fans on edge awaiting the finale

Another year, another Idol. One of the most oddball seasons in American Idol history comes to an end tonight, but for keen-eyed fans of the show, it may be a little more than an afterthought.

While beat-boxing finalist Blake Lewis makes for a colorful sideshow act, victory seems all but certain for his opponent, cookie-cutter teen queen Jordin Sparks….

The Monitor


I’ve beaten the drum for Blake Lewis before, but after Tuesday’s show, it’s hard to imagine anyone but Jordin Sparks walking away with the next “American Idol” crown. Try to remember being 17, if that age is in your rearview mirror. Now try to imagine a talent or skill that you had in which you could go up again adults with more than a decade of experience. Imagine standing toe-to-toe with them, as well as with professionals in that field, week after week with millions watching you, grading your performance, your looks, even your nervousness….

Crown may be Jordin’s for a song

American Idol’s producers may not have intended it, but the online contest to choose the season’s trophy song may have decided the singing competition as well.
One of the goals of the songwriting contest was to find a fresher song than the tired, clichà ©-ridden power ballads that professional songwriters had foisted on past Idol winners. The winning song, by pastor Jeff Peabody and a member of his congregation, Scott Krippayne, turned out to be a tired, clichà ©-ridden power ballad called This Is My Now that sounded much like all the songs from back then.
And it was a disaster for Blake Lewis….


2 local men team up, win “Idol” songwriting contest

Even if Blake Lewis isn’t crowned “American Idol” Wednesday night, the Puget Sound area will already have staked a claim to fame on the show, thanks to a Federal Way pastor and a singer-songwriter from Tacoma.Jeff Peabody and Scott Krippayne teamed up to write “This Is My Now, ” the inspirational ballad selected from 25, 000 entries in the show’s first open songwriting competition….

The Seattle Times

American Idol: Almost Over and We Really Don’t Care Who Wins

…So America, your next Idol will be revealed tomorrow. You want our guess? Well since Jordin is obviously the better singer of the two, we have to give the title to: Blake Lewis. (Yeah voters, we know how you operate.)

After final sing-off, Jordin ‘Idol’ fave

Before the third and last song of the night, the “American Idol” judges were of a mind that the title still was up for grabs’ and then Jordin Sparks, all of 17, blew everyone away.
Simon Cowell and Co.’ who have no vote in deciding whether Sparks or rival Blake Lewis, 25, ends up the winner’ couldn’t contain themselves.
“You were the best singer tonight. You deserve it all, baby!” Randy Jackson gushed Tuesday……

The Denver Post

American Idol: Season 6 Finals’ The Final Two

This proud Seattleite must first take an admittedly selfish moment to stick her tongue out at Randy, Simon and Paula. For all the nasty comments they made about our city (even when many of the auditioners werent even from here)’ knowing that both finalists came from the Seattle lot is worth bragging about. So there! Thank you for letting me vent…


American Idol Songwriter Isnt That Undiscovered After All

Back when the American Idol songwriting competition was first announced, producers hyped it as a search for great undiscovered songwriting talent. In fact, American Idol producer Simon Fuller was quoted in a press release as saying …Having an untapped songwriter create the winner’s single seemed like a natural next step for our show. Not only do the fans pick their American Idol, but also his or her first single. This show has always been, and will continue to be, all about fulfilling dreams.”…..

Reality TV Magazine

Showcase Showdown
”American Idol” music guru Michael Orland hints at a spectacular season finale this Wednesday night, after acknowledging he was puzzled by the judges’ song choices last week

Last week Michael Orland, Idol’s musical guru, predicted he would not be out of a job working closely with Jordin Sparks until the end of the season. But after her less-than-stellar song options last week, we were wondering if Michael spoke a little too soon. He called us today between rehearsals with Jordin to talk about the top two and what we can look forward to for the final showdown…

Songwriters strike ‘Idol’ gold
Jordin and Blake will sing ‘This Is My Now’ by a Seattle pastor and a contemporary Christian music artist.

Whoever wins the “American Idol” crown tonight will owe a shout-out to a greater idol.“This Is My Now, ” the original song performed by “American Idol” finalists Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis in their showdown Tuesday at the Kodak Theatre, was written by a Seattle duo: a pastor and a contemporary Christian music artist. The song, which beat more than 25, 000 entries in this season’s online songwriting competition, will be released as the winner’s first single….

Cowell quitting Idol

Music mogul Simon Cowell has stunned American Idol fans by revealing he’s quitting the show in three years time.The show’s Mr. Nasty insists he won’t be signing up for more episodes of the talent show after completing the 10th season of the TV phenomenon….

Irish Examiner

Banal ballad may hand Jordin crown

God helps our football teams win (ask any sports fan). And, apparently, He wants Jordin Sparks to win American Idol.How else to explain the genesis of This Is My Now, the original song performed by American Idol finalists Jordin, 17, and Blake Lewis, 25, in their showdown Tuesday night on the final performance show of Idol’s sixth season?…

Miami Herald

American Idol: Why Blake Lewis doesn’t want to win

Blake Lewis does not want to win American Idol and American Idol does not want Blake Lewis to win American Idol. Are we clear?…

Buddy Tv

Tuesday Night’s Idol: Jordin Looks (and Sounds!) Like a WinnerPEOPLE critic Tom Gliatto thinks the last song was the determining factor.

The hour-long performance finale with Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks ended with what I first thought was an incredibly dumb idea: They both were made to perform a soggy new inspirational ballad called “This Is My Now, ” the winning entry in the show’s songwriting contest. But it became the defining moment of the night and maybe the season, showing how an unfamiliar, not terribly distinguished piece of music can be completely transformed from one voice to the next…

‘Idol”s Final Showdown

…Spotted in the star-studded audience were DENISE RICHARDS, RICKY SCHRODER, “Grey’s Anatomy”‘s JUSTIN CHAMBERS, KATHY GRIFFIN and former “Idol” contestant and soon-to-be soap star CONSTANTINE MAROULIS, who will be joining the cast of “The Bold and the Beautiful” this summer…


‘Idol’ duo stir critics’ passions

The entertainer vs. the singer. That’s how the American Idol judges framed last night’s showdown between Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks.
Both were doing a pretty good job of playing to their strengths until Blake ran into a brick wall titled “This Is My Now, ” the treacly ballad that has been ordained as the eventual winner’s first single.
Of course, Blake’s appeal had little to do with his singing. So in the end we’re left with a toss-up…

A Familiar Final Night for ‹Idol

Once again the final night of …American Idol competition pits a goofy, likable guy with a crowd-pleasing schtick and not so much of a voice against a pretty young woman with a big, gorgeous voice but not so much entertainment value….….During the break, local news reports that this year big …get for tonight finale will be Britney Spears. Oh goody: lip-syncing and no panties? …

Hell to the ”Now”!
In the last performance show of season 6 of ”American Idol, ” Jordin may have clinched her victory over Blake with her version of a cheesy custom-made song, ”This Is My Now”

By Michael Slezak

…I mean, if the goal here is to produce a viable hit single, then why not let Blake release ”Time of the Season” and Jordin go with ”I (Who Have Nothing).” Because no radio station I know (or want to know, anyway) is going to play a record with a chorus that goes, ”My fears behind me/Gone are the shadows and doubt/That was then/This is my now, ” especially when it’s paired with a melody that tastes like a fondue made of melted Smarties, Skittles, and Jujyfruits.Why not just drop the last ”w” in the song title and call it ”This Is My No”?


Could Blake win bigger by losing tonight?

…Would Lewis, a hip, beat-boxing, decidedly independent musician, actually be better off losing?“Idol” winners are locked into a contract that’s been characterized by industry experts as “onerous” and “restrictive.”

Up until now, the consensus in Lewis’ peer group — part of Seattle’s notoriously anti-mainstream music scene — has been that it just might be better to lose than to win….

Seattle Times

‘Idol’ Finale
Jordin and Blake break down their final ‘Idol’ performances

Fox News

Passing the Torch
American Idol Taylor Hicks on ending his year-long reign

Fox News

Tuesday’s Idol: What You Didn’t See

…When it was time to introduce the judges, band leader Ricky Minor had a little surprise up his sleeve: When Simon Cowell came out wearing, rather than his signature tight tee, a discoed-out black suit with a white shirt unbuttoned down to his “cleavage” (as Ryan Seacrest would later joke), Minor and band played “You Should Be Dancing” by the Bee Gees, replacing the lyrics with “It’s Simon Cowell, yeah.” …

American Idol: Showdown

…At the Idoldome, one could often say, without stretching the truth too far that the air overflowed with tension. In the 4000 seat Kodak theater, packed to the rafters ‘ where I sat with Idol fans — the air overflowed to the point of near riot. The scene was a strange one as Hollywood execs in power suits squeezed in through crowds of contest winners in sequined ‘We Love Jordin’ t-shirts. While the Idoldome tapings are dominated by children, this very much seemed an adult affair.

The crowd shriek was honed to perfection as the show began ‘ bringing us full circle to the irony that the worst audition in Idol history ‘ this year Seattle day ‘ produced both the finalists and the winners of the songwriting competition…

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Idol rehash: Why Blake Lewis will and won’t win American Idol, plus a prediction on who will win

Another season of American Idol comes to a close tonight. I’m sure every devoted Idol fan in Seattle is pulling for Blake Lewis, including yours truly. After watching the performances I’ve made my prediction for the winner, and it’s not who you think it is. But first, here are some reasons what Blake will and won’t win American Idol….. blogs

A walk and talk with Blake Lewis

LOS ANGELES – A new car for mom. Maybe a Mac or acoustic guitar for himself. And he’s not yet quite sure what he’ll buy dad.

Win or lose tonight Blake Lewis should be signing a recording contract any minute now. So Tuesday evening, after singing for millions on “American Idol, ” he told The Seattle Times some of the things that might be on his initial shopping list post-significant first paycheck.

He spoke as he was escorted from one hotel press interview room into an elevator and into the Kodak Theater next door, “American Idol” entourage firmly in tow….

The Seattle Times

The Beatbox vs. the Tears


The first disappointment of the evening was Paula Abdul’s nose. I’d read the press accounts of her Chihuahua mishap and tuned-in expecting to find her half-hidden behind a protective face mask, like Richard Hamilton or Jason. But Paula looked just fine; the only hint of the surreal at the judges table was Randy Jackson’s garish marching-band conductor’s jacket, from which we may infer that he is angling for a bass gig on Michael Jackson’s comeback tour. For me, the whole show was plodding and pedestrian’ it didn’t have, as Simon would put it, that wow factor. The audience was subdued. No one made David Hasselhoff cry. And, by the way: Where were the celebs? If the best you can do is Kathy Griffin, it’s probably wise to skip the audience reaction shots altogether. Simon Fuller may want to send a bus over to Promises to collect some A-listers for tonight’s “results show spectacular.”…



Sanjaya Malakar takes on the UCLA cheerleading squad while filming a pilot for a new reality show (which is being produced by the creators of American Idol) in Venice Beach on Friday.

On the Scene: The ‘Idol’ final performance show

…Ad break #2: Idol semi-finalist Lesley Hunt comes over to powwow with Sanjaya, Gina, Haley, and Chris Sligh. Garrett, during Blake’s performance: The band is too loud; you can’t hear Blake. While the different acoustics between the live show and the one TV has been an issue all season, I gotta agree, the band really did muffle some of Blake’s softer notes…


‘Idol’: No bad note for Fox
Despite a slight dip in ratings for the Tuesday night shows, media buyers say ‘American Idol’ is still a huge money maker for the News Corp.-owned Fox network.

…Another media buyer said one possible factor for the ratings slip in the Tuesday night shows is simply that this year’s contestants were not as compelling as those in seasons past, save for Sanjaya Malakar, whose woefully out of tune performances and hair styles generated the most buzz this season.

So “American Idol” may have, to paraphrase the Daniel Powter song that “Idol” helped make popular last season, had a bad day…or year…


“Idol” Contestants Snub Blake

“A.I.” castoffs Antonella Barba, Haley Scarnato and Gina Glocksen are pretty clear as to who their pick to win “Idol” is… and it’s not Blake Lewis…