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‘American Idol’: On the scene at the finale performance show

Maybe it was the bright, sunshine-y day that basked the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles with a warm, welcoming glow for yesterday’s American Idol Top 2 performance finale extravaganza. Maybe it was the way Top 36-ers Casey Carlson, Kendall Beard, Kristen McNamara and Hollywood week washout Emily Wynne-Hughes all hugged each other outside the Nokia like they were the best of besties. Maybe it was the way the aforementioned foursome attracted a small mob of onlookers content to grab a photo and autograph from anyone involved with American Idol at all. Maybe it was the gaggle of well-dressed youngsters I saw happily packed like cattle just inside the Nokia’s glass facade as they patiently waited to be transformed into Swaybots and herded to the lip of the Nokia’s stage.

Entertainment Weekly

Video: Kris Allen & Adam Lambert on Their ‘Idol’ Showdown

ET was backstage Tuesday night with “American Idol” finalists Kris Allen and Adam Lambert after they took the stage for the last time. Kris and Adam tell ET about their excitement to be in the finals and “Idol” judge Paula Abdul explains why she thinks both finalists will be very successful in the music industry.

“Kris is relevant today on the radio, pop music along the soulful John Mayer type of way, ” Paula says. “Then you have Adam who is the rock and glam rock god. A completely different artist. It doesn’t matter who wins and who doesn’t they’re both going to go on and have separate distinct careers.”

ET Online

Simon Cowell’s Ex Attacked After ‘American Idol’

It happened at L.A. Live — a complex that includes the Nokia Theatre where “A.I.” was taped. A 33-year-old woman walked up to Terri, asked if she was Simon’s girlfriend. The suspect allegedly attacked her and attempted to choke her.

Simon CowellThe suspect — Janice Thibodeaux — was booked on felony battery. She’s being held on $52, 700 bail.

We’re told Terri refused medical treatment. She was escorted out of the complex by three cops.

Just found out Thibodeaux is twice Terri’s size, weighing in at 200 lbs.


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Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen: Who Will Be America’s New ‘Idol?’

They say it’s all about the singing. But there’s much more than just talent to talk about as Adam Lambert and Kris Allen step up to the stage for tonight’s season eight finale of “American Idol.”

Tuesday night, Lambert showed off his vocal prowess by making good of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” and Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come, ” while Allen belted out “Ain’t No Sunshine” and Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.”

Both contestants also sang a song penned by newbie “Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi, “No Boundaries.”

ABC News

‘American Idol’ Finale Kicks Off With Sports Metaphors, Broken ‘Boundaries’

“American Idol” in 60 Seconds has fast become an MTV News institution, but it goes by so fast that it’s not always easy to catch every golden nugget. So, here we present to you a slightly altered script of Jim Cantiello’s bite-size recap of the week’s “Idol” high jinks, plus a joke or two that had to be cut for time!


The view from the ‘Idol’ audience

LOS ANGELES (AP) ‘  Here’s what one writer was seeing from his vantage point inside the Nokia Theatre at the “American Idol” final performance (Row H, seat 401 ‘  way back in the loge).

The lobby is energized as the audience slowly tromps in through security. Some folks immediately line up to purchase merchandise. The Adam Lambert T-shirts ‘  no metal studs, just black lettering ‘  seem to be selling at a slightly brisker pace than Kris Allen’s garb.

Stars: They’re just like “Idol” fans! Debra Messing and two young boys (one looks to be 5-year-old son Roman) frantically shuffle into the concession line for a snack before heading inside to their seats.

Associated Press

‘American Idol’ recap: A Tale of Two Idols

It was the best of finales, it was the worst of finales.

On one hand, not even the most rabid American Idol addict ‘  even someone who’s, say, starting to think of the SIMS people in the show’s opening credits as a second family ‘  could’ve scripted a better story arc than the one we got for the final Tuesday-night performance episode of season 8. In Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, we were treated to two wickedly different types of singers, bonded by mutual admiration and respect, singing not so much to win our votes, but rather, to win our hearts. (”We just came to give a good show, ” was how Kris so succinctly put it.)

Entertainment Weekly

Idol Worship: Post-show Report

For such an anticipated showdown, there wasnt all that much going on in the media area on Tuesday night. Most radio interviews had been done on Monday in the Nokia downstairs lounge, where all of the Top 13 were paraded down a long hallway of stations set up for remote feeds. Fox affiliates got their own time with the season 8 bunch in an area set up outside the Nokia Theater doors and accessible to just about anyone off the street. That where we saw Allison Iraheta graciously pose with a couple of eager girl fans after the show, and also ran into Chicken Little himself, Kevin Covais, who was getting recognized left and right.


Idol Worship: The Final Two Face Off

Allen_lambert Between the Lakers game across the street, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake underground (the second in a week), and, of course, American Idol final showdown, downtown LA was literally bouncing last night. And amazingly, it was smooth sailing in and out of the Nokia Theater. For us, anyway. Who knows how long Adam Lambert and Kris Allen had to stick around for more rehearsals, interviews and glad-handing. But before we get to our post-show exploits with the guys (which lasted all of five minutes and was shared by a hundred or so other journalists) and some backstage scoop we were able to gather, we offer our final rundown of the season that brought back fingerless gloves and showed that a sparkling personality isnt always a must when it comes to advancing in this competition. As for who the American Idol will be? Admittedly, were torn. Weve always insisted that Kris will be more marketable, radio-friendly and easier to swallow on a mainstream level, but Adam pulled out all the stops last night and cemented his superior showman status. Read on for more of our take


‘American Idol’ Finale: Tales From Inside The Nokia Theatre

LOS ANGELES ‘  Arriving at the Nokia Theatre on Tuesday night (May 19), downtown Los Angeles was buzzing with excitement and rivalry. On one side of the street, smartly dressed folks swarmed into the theater for “American Idol.” Across the way, people in Kobe jerseys filed into the Staples Center for the Lakers game. In my hand, I harnessed a ticket for the most popular TV show in the world.

Inevitably, people will ask me what it’s like inside the live “AI” performance show, and my answer is a simple one: church.


Were Live-Blogging The ‹American Idol Finale!

It here! It only took us 38 episodes, 17 weeks and one Tatiana del Toro, but the …American Idol finale is just moments away!

Tonight Im live-blogging from the actual honest-to-Gokey …American Idol finale – but dont get too excited. Im not in the auditorium with the judges and the random celebrity guests and the Seacrest. Im in a …press viewing party in the basement of the Nokia Theatre, squeezed in between other (sweaty) media outlets and watching the show on a monitor. This is the glamorous underbelly of showbiz, folks, and taking a look around the room, Id say put the emphasis on belly.


Finalists go note for note on ‘Idol’

LOS ANGELES ‘ Contrary to reports from judge Randy Jackson, Adam Lambert did not sing his face off at the Nokia Theatre last night. But as he squared off against fellow finalist Kris Allen, Lambert did sing his heart out. And his passionate performances could turn the San Diego theater kid into the next …American Idol winner.

…You can’t beat that, New York radio producer Joel Morton muttered from his orchestra seat after Lambert, 27, wrapped up his fevered rendition of Sam Cooke’s …A Change Is Gonna Come. Morton’s armchair critique was seconded by the judges and by the cheers that turned the 7, 000-seat theater into a large Lambert love-fest.

Sign On San Diego

‘American Idol’ 2009 Predictions

One’s been a front-runner from the moment he auditioned.

The other was a dark horse who slowly surged to the head of the pack.

The eighth season of ‘American Idol’ comes to an end this week, and it’s come down to a battle between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. We asked bloggers to weigh in with their predictions of which singer will triumph in the end.


‘American Idol’ audience down, but show’s not out

NEW YORK ‘  For most people, the big dispute at American Idol is whether Kris Allen or Adam Lambert should win the singing competition tonight as TV’s No. 1 series ends its eighth season.

Yet those who track Idol’s TV, music, concert and licensed merchandise business face a more important question: Does the 8.4% drop in the average audience this season ‘  to about 25 million, according to Nielsen ‘  suggest that the Idol phenomenon has peaked?

Advertisers spent $903.3 million on Idol last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence. But it “has begun to show signs of wear, ” analyst Brian Hughes of ad buyer Magna says in a report.

USA Today

Does Adam Lambert have enough glitter for the ‘American Idol’ gold?

Ryan Seacrest said it came down to “the guy-next-door versus the guyliner.” But just as they’ve been doing all season, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert kept subtly adjusting their stage personalities Tuesday night, making this last elimination round more up-to-date, fashion-wise: the battle of the trench coat versus the T-shirt and vest.

It was a fair match, with each singer connecting to his own muse — Lambert’s glittery air sprite and Allen’s humble woodland spirit — while fulfilling the requirements of an “Idol” season-topper. Each savored earlier breakthrough moments, hit high notes, and (barely) survived the “Idol” commissioned song that is supposed to serve as the winner’s first hit single, yet somehow rarely suits either finalist. (The less said about the unsingable “No Boundaries, ” co- written by judge Kara DioGuardi, the better.)

LA Times

Season 8: No Hail Mary needed

It could not have had a less auspicious beginning. Season 8 of …American Idol came out of the gates in a hailstorm of controversy, missteps, shake-ups and wildly uneven episodes. After a seventh season in which the reigning juggernaut of entertainment showed its first signs of mortality as the ratings eroded, the buzz among showbiz cognoscenti was that the long-awaited decline of …Idol had begun.

And in its early days, Season 8 seemed on the way to fulfilling that prophecy. The preseason was dominated by news of format changes, including the addition of uncertain new elements (such as Kara DioGuardi as a fourth judge) to the most potent chemical formula in modern television.

LA Times

‘Idol’ finale has evolved into quite a spectacle

The songs have been sung, the judges have offered their final critiques, and America has voted. Tonight, the winner of ‘American Idol 8’ will be announced, and then both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will be off on their post-Idol press junket, followed by the summer tour. But first, of course, we must get through two hours of pomp and pageantry, better know as the ‘American Idol’ grand finale!

This year’s ‘Idol’ grand finale promises to be a splashy spectacle with all the elan of Grammy and Oscar nights combined. There will be at least one group performance from the Top 13, individual performances by Adam and Kris, duets between various people, including celebrities, and of course the results. There will also be performances by various big name artists, a look back at Kris and Adam’s ‘Idol’ journey, and other assorted goodies.

Kara DioGuardi co-writes ‘American Idol’ winner’s single

Kara DioGuardi — the now and possibly future judge of “American Idol” — has co-written the winner’s first single.

The song, entitled “No Boundaries, ” was written with Cathy Dennis and Mitch Allan.

For years, the “American Idol” winner has been saddled with mediocre debuts. In an interview last month, when asked whether she might offer her expertise to break this cycle, DioGuardi said: …Ive been asked to. Ive submitted something.”

When pressed for details, she said: “I did write one that ‘ I wont say it what they all write about. But it is, kind of. Because they asked for that! It not like you can submit anything, they have a criteria.

What is it, like, I’m so happy?

…It about finding your dream, ” DioGuardi said. “And the struggle. That what they want.

LA Times

Would A Kris Allen Win Be A Huge ‘American Idol’ Upset?

We’ve argued over who will win “American Idol.” We’ve visited Kris Allen’s hometown and chopped it up with Adam Lambert’s peeps.

We’ve labeled Allen this year’s “dark horse” contestant and argued why Lambert is “change we can believe in.” But now comes the real question of the hour: If Allen wins tomorrow night, will it be the biggest upset in “Idol” history?


‹American Idol Finale Diary: Does Alex Wagner-Trugman Get Mobbed By Fans?

It been less than three months since Alex Wagner-Trugman was beamed into 20-plus million homes on …American Idol. The semifinalist was one of the contenders highlighted during the early ‘  yet still highly rated ‘  preseason …Idol episodes. The dude got a significant amount of screen time. (No small feat, since he had to compete with Tatiana del Toro.)

While driving around with the …Idol semifinalist, I casually asked Alex if he still gets recognized. His response?

…Let go to the Third Street Promenade [in Santa Monica, California], and youll see for yourself.


Visiting with Idol’s fashion guru Miles Siggins

IMG_1329 On Sunday morning, just over 48 hours before the finale, the CBS lot which once housed the Idoldome is eerily quiet. The storied American Idol set has been dismantled and moved downtown to the stage of the Nokia theater, taking along with it almost all of the legions of crew who service the production round the clock during Idol season.

The soundstage where the eyes of millions saw the rise of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen now, sits cold, dark and barren.

LA Times

Kara DioGuardi song could decide ‹Idol

The judges have always held a great deal of power on …American Idol. A well-placed barb from Simon Cowell can doom a contestant, while praise can thrust another into the spotlight. But Tuesday …Idol saw the newest judge, Kara DioGuardi, put in a position where her words may have decided this season winner.

Kara DioGuardi co-wrote …No Boundaries, this year designated first single for the winner. It was the final song that Adam Lambert and Kris Allen sang on Tuesday, and left the final impression in the audience mind as everyone went off to dial or text their votes. And unfortunately for Kris, it was a song that fit Adam’s voice better than his.


Allison Iraheta on Her Special Relationship With Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert or Kris Allen? Though their fellow Idols were diplomatic when Rolling Stone asked them to break down the chances of either singer winning American Idol Season Eight, ousted hopeful Allison Iraheta wasnt shy when she spoke about her special relationship with Lambert, with whom she performed …Slow Ride during Rock Week, when Slash joined the show as a mentor. (Can Lambert take the Idol title home for sure? Check out Five Ways Lambert Could Lose American Idol).


Katie and Suri Cruise Spotted at American Idol Taping

A solemn-faced Katie Holmes, 30, and her 3-year old daughter, Suri Cruise, showed up at Tuesday night taping of American Idol, witnesses told

Holmes and her child were among a crowd of 7, 000 who turned up tonight in Los Angeles to witness the climactic face-off between fan favorites Adam Lambert, 27 and Kris Allen, 23.


When Would Adam Lambert Come Out of the Closet (if He Happened to Be Gay)?

Let’s play a game. Let’s pretend that you’re a 27-year-old male finalist on American Idol and that there are photos on the Internet that appear to show you tongue-wrestling with another guy. Entertainment Weekly said you “might be gay, ” and TV Guide said you were “openly gay, ” though you haven’t spoken a word about your sexuality to your adoring, screeching, OMG-tween public. Then again, to be fair, you do have a man friend in the audience every week, who even smiled, waved and stuck out his tongue at you playfully when you sang “If I Can’t Have You I Don’t Want Nobody, Baby.” And just yesterday, Perez Hilton reported that you introduced a man as your boyfriend’ perhaps the same guy?’ to a couple of other finalists at a dinner at Outback Steakhouse in Burbank, Calif.


Kelly Clarkson Talks ‘American Idol’ Finalist Adam Lambert

Kelly Clarkson might have won “American Idol” way back in 2002, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten where she came from. Clarkson, who released her latest album, All I Ever Wanted, earlier this year, said she looks forward to making her way back to the “Idol” stage each year to show her support for the newest hopefuls.

“I go back basically every year. It’s fun!” she told MTV News; this year, she performed “My Life Would Suck Without You, ” sharing the results-show stage with Kanye West. “I usually see the same crew. I see those people all the time.”


On finale eve, Idols of years past gather and compare notes

Every May as the world convenes in front of TV sets to choose our new pop despot, a certain college of cardinals gathers around the main stage. For the 80-some singers who have stood on the “Idol” stage before, finale time is like a giant family reunion, a time to reconnect with their comrades in arms, with whom one, two or six years ago they fought through a bloody season and toured the nation before being scattered to the four winds to seek their fates in the swirling tides of contemporary music.

On finals eve, the gathering place of this fabled fraternity was in a off-the-map basement on the opposite edge of downtown from the Nokia. On Monday night, the Edison bar was the scene of the most intimate of “Idol” conclaves as about two dozen Idols past gathered for a party thrown by Fox Radio to celebrate the finals.

Into a quiet alley, down a long stairwell, one found a cozy little gathering where Kimberley Locke and Bo Bice, Diana DiGarmo and Hayly Scarnato, Melinda Doolittle and Jason Castro hobnobbed with those few who have walked the lonely path of the American Idol. And talking with them, one gets a sense of the many directions a post-“Idol” career can go.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ winner is going to Disney World

LOS ANGELES ‘  Kris Allen or Adam Lambert won’t just be crowned the next “American Idol” ‘ one of them is going to Disney World.

Whichever singer wins will shout the famous phrase “I’m going to Disney World!” in a commercial airing after the show’s Wednesday finale. He’ll also croon “When You Wish Upon A Star” in the spot.

Disney said a camera crew will capture the celebratory pronouncement on the Nokia Theatre stage moments after “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest announces the champion’s name. The Fox competition is down to Allen, a 23-year-old college student from Conway, Ark., and Lambert, a 27-year-old theater actor from San Diego.

Sign On San Diego

Aussie admits stalking American Idol star

A MELBOURNE woman has pleaded guilty to stalking a female American Idol contestant over the internet.
Tanya Maree Quattrocchi, who was sent to trial last year on charges of stalking singer Diana DeGarmo, was arrested again earlier this year for similar offences.

The 23-year-old of Oak Park in Melbourne’s north pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court today to four counts of stalking.

Police allege Quattrocchi stalked DeGarmo, the singer’s mother Brenda and the Tennessee star’s housemate, model Donielle Morris.

Jordin Sparks, Steph Jones Friendly at BMI Pop

What do we have here ¦ Jordin Sparks out ‹jonesin with Steph Jones at the BMI Pop Awards.

Were hearing the …just friends speech but you do have to admit they look nice together.


Kristy Lee Cook’s still Oregon’s ‘Idol’ After a year and a half on the fast track, ‘Idol’ finalist Kristy Lee Cook rides and rescues retired racehorses

EAGLE POINT — Kristy Lee Cook is up to her dark-blond hair in horses. She’s in southern Oregon, driving her pickup with a horse trailer attached, heading to meet her veterinarian outside of White City, a small town near Medford.

Cook, 25, is wearing jeans and a brown hooded sweatshirt, practical gear suitable for the day’s duties. She needs to see the vet to talk surgery options for Mud Stomper, a former racehorse who was donated to her Kristy Lee Horse Heaven Foundation, which rehabilitates and finds homes for rescue horses.

It’s a less glamorous setting than where Cook was last year. But she looks content to be home in Oregon after spending the spring of 2008 as a finalist on “American Idol.”


Ruben Studdard reflects on ‘Idol’ life

No one knows better than Ruben Studdard what Adam Lambert and Kris Allen face after the finale.

The season two winner of “American Idol” can bear witness to how dramatically life changes once a singer makes it to the finals of the mega-spectacle that is the show.

Millions of people tuned in to watch Studdard take on Clay Aiken in the finale of the competition. In fact, only the season five closer (won by Taylor Hicks) has drawn more viewers than the 34.2 million who saw Studdard crowned “American Idol.”

Since then, much has been made of Studdard’s success (or lack thereof) compared to other winners and contestants, such as his good friend Aiken.

Nigel Lythgoe Judges the Idol Judges, Finalists

Nigel Lythgoe may not be involved with American Idol anymore, but that doesn’t keep him from sharing his opinions.

The former A.I. executive producer’ and current E.P. and judge on So You Think You Can Dance’ doesn’t think too highly of the singing contest’s decision to take on a fourth judge.

“I think Kara DioGuardi has done a great job as the fourth judge’ I just don’t like four judges, ” he tells E! News. “Problem is, when you’re live, if you do any more than three judges, then the judges start to take over the show, which doesn’t help anyone.”

As for how Idol will conclude, Lythgoe feels the series has a strong pair in both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, and their audiences could be pretty split.


Inside the Simon Cowell Estate

“American Idol” tough guy Simon Cowell is on the market and has moved into a multi-million-dollar bachelor pad! Simon gives “Extra” a special look at his Beverly Hills estates. He says, “I don’t do tours. I invite people over for a drink.”

Cowell’s hallways are lined with photographs of greats like Frank Sinatra and Natalie Wood and his garage is full of luxury cars. The “Idol” judge loves his new home, but Ryan Seacrest is a little bitter! During Ryan’s first visit Simon says he looked like “he’d sucked on a lemon.” Cowell adds, “Then he wouldn’t go home that night. Checked into a hotel.”


Kara DioGuardi Poses for “Divine” PETA Ad

Kara DioGuardi hopes to be an idol ‘  or better yet, an angel ‘  for dogs.

The American Idol judge is the newest face of PETA’s Angels for Animals campaign. She posed with her Chihuahua Tikki for a “divine” new ad.

Wearing angel wins, and with golden light emanating from her head, DioGuardi urges you to “Walk your dogs every day. Don’t ever crate or chain them.”


‘American Idol’ judge Randy Jackson eyeing women’s accesory line

After America chooses either Adam Lambert or Kris Allen on Wednesday night’s “American Idol” finale, Randy Jackson is going to have to find a hobby. Luckily for the talent judge, he already has one: women’s accessories.

Jackson took a business meeting last week at the W Los Angeles-Westwood to discuss a new venture. Says a spy, “Randy met with a PR agency to discuss how to market a new line of handbags, but he had to cut the meeting short to film ‘Idol.'”

If Jackson hasn’t come up with a name for his bags just yet, we have a suggestion: Hot Dawg Holders.

NY Daily News

‘Dancing With the Stars’ finale recap: Shawn and Mark Flip Out

Finally! It took eight seasons, but as of last night, when placed next to the latest and tiniest winner, the much-mocked Dancing With the Stars trophy appears…kind of big! Or at the very least, not so pathetic! This is huge. Eighteen inches to be exact. Congratulations to season 8 champions and new overlords of Planet Mirrorballus: Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas. Are you looking at the picture? Mark has total Gilles-gelled hair, but it’s really him. Derek couldn’t wait to wedge his noggin under Mark’s thighs to repay him the favor from last season’s finale, when Mark hoisted Derek up for his victory with Brooke Burke. According to now-official show rules, you’re not truly the winners unless the confetti hits you first.

Entertainment Weekly

Shawn Johnson vaults to ‹Dancing title

This season of …Dancing With The Stars has been, in some ways, its most satisfying. All three of the finalists ‘  Gilles Marini, Melissa Rycroft, and Shawn Johnson ‘  were entirely deserving, were very good dancers, and were handled well by their partners (Cheryl Burke, Tony Dovolani, and Mark Ballas, respectively). The season even had a great bonus story in fourth-place Ty Murray shockingly steep learning curve.

The narrative would end Tuesday night in one of three ways, depending on who won. A Gilles victory would be a win by the steady favorite, a Melissa win would be a triumph for the contestant who stepped in at the last minute with only a couple of days notice, and to see Shawn pull off the upset after seeming to be in the shadow of the other two would be a genuine shock.


“Dancing with the Stars” Co-Host Harris to Join Cast of Broadway’s Chicago

Two-time Emmy Award nominee and celebrated TV personality Samantha Harris (“The Insider, ” “Dancing with the Stars”) will make her Broadway debut this summer in the Tony Award-winning revival of Chicago.

Harris will play a six-week run as Roxie Hart beginning July 7. She will continue in the role of the merry murderess through Aug. 16.


‘Dancing With the Stars’ results: And the winner is…

In what was the closest competition in series history, Olympic gold medalist and all-around athlete adorable Shawn Johnson narrowly edged out sexy Frenchman Gilles Marini for the title of Season 8 …DWTS champion.

The 17-year-old gymnast from West Des Moines, Iowa, grew in leaps and bounds as the competition progressed, and with the nurturing, twirly guidance of partner Johnny Castle Mark Ballas, was remade a ballroom dance superstar. Though she was tied with Gilles coming into Tuesday night finale, the voters ultimately gave spry Shawn the advantage: Maybe it was because of her perfect-30 freestyle routine the night before. Or as a reward for how far she come out of her shell. Or maybe it was a vote for America. Whatever the reason, that 18-inch globe of glittery goodness, the coveted Mirrorball trophy ‘  the highest honor in reality TV about ballroom dancing ‘  is hers. (A special shout-out to those of you who joined in our live chat on Tuesday: We totally called it!)

LA Times

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