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Daughtry Unveils New Album Leave This Town

LOS ANGELES, May 7 /PRNewswire/ — Daughtry unveils the title of its second album Leave This Town (19 Recordings/RCA). Released on July 14, the album once again produced by Howard Benson (All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance) features a dozen plus songs, including the first single, “No Surprise.”

Chris Daughtry, bassist Josh Paul, drummer Joey Barnes, and guitarists Brian Craddock and Josh Steely recorded Leave This Town in Los Angeles. Much of the album explores the different paths we take in our search for transcendence. “A lot of it is about how leaps of faith can set us free or tie us down, and how we often find heartache when we run from something and redemption when we run toward something, ” says Chris Daughtry.

Musically, the album shifts gears smoothly between arena-rock anthems (“No Surprise, ” “Ghost of Me”), hushed ballads (“September”), emotional mid-tempos (“Life After You, ” “Learned My Lesson”) and country-influenced (“Tennessee Line”).

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‘American Idol’ Rock Week Makes Us Scream On Like Danny Gokey

“American Idol” in 60 Seconds has fast become an MTV News institution, but it goes by so fast that it’s not always easy to catch every golden nugget. So, here we present to you a slightly altered text version of Jim Cantiello’s bite-size recap of the week’s “Idol” hijinks, plus a joke or two that had to be cut for time!


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Has ‘American Idol’ Become A Boys Club?

For the first time in eight seasons of “American Idol, ” the top three contenders are all guys ‘  which means for the first time in “Idol” history, America is getting back-to-back male champions, following last year’s showdown between David Archuleta and the eventual victor, David Cook.

With flamboyant rocker Adam Lambert, clean-cut Danny Gokey and dark-horse Kris Allen as the final remaining contenders this season, it raises the question: Has “Idol” become a boys’ club? And if so, why?


‘American Idol”s Final Three Talk About Making It!

A record-setting 64 million votes were tallied for “American Idol”‘s rock-themed week, and the final woman in the competition — Allison Iraheta — was eliminated.

That makes next week’s competition a testosterone-loaded event with Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert still in contention to become the next singing sensation.

“Top 3 is crazy! It’s a big milestone, ” says Adam. “We get to go home. To have my hometown rooting for me and following the show is really surreal and really, really exciting. I have a feeling it will be overwhelming. I’m a little nervous, but looking forward to it.”

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Allison Iraheta: In Memoriam

allisonSo last night on American Idol Allison Iraheta’the cherry-haired 17-year-old with the voice of a woman at least three times her age’was sent packing by the viewers, in what may be one of the season most facepalm-worthy moments. Allison, to be sure, was something of an underdog in the competition, taking the judges by surprise when she outlasted Alexis Grace and Lil Rounds to be the last woman standing; indeed, Simon Cowell seemed to be particularly peeved by her success, no doubt in part because her undeniable talent threw the Adam-Versus-Danny final storyline that had been set in stone at some point during the Hollywood Round into jeopardy. Even this week guest mentor thought that America got it wrong, although Simon is no doubt happy that his consistent underpraising of Allison undeniable talent and constant decisions to focus on things like her outfits and her …charisma have finally paid off.


God Damn American Idol

Are you happy with yourselves, America? Satisfied yet? This is what you wanted, right? A bunch of thick, charmless white guys for your Top 3? Well you got it!

Allison Iraheta, the most likable contestant left on this godforsaken God-and-pony show, went home the night after Danny Gokey sang his interpretation of Herod’s slaughter of the children (it might’ve gone a little something like this). She was the last of this season’s long string of sacrificial women and minorities (and a blind guy who wasn’t very good), and her fate was sealed the day the producers decided the smug white-gospel walrus and West Hollywood’s favorite aging jukebox musical understudy looked the funniest together.

Allison Iraheta: ‘It’s Been Such a Great Ride’

To say that some of us at have gone into mourning over the elimination of the brilliant, perfect, incredible Allison Iraheta would be a bit of an understatement. Still, I managed to keep my tear duct floodgates closed long enough to ask Allison about yesterday’s unfortunate American Idol results show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, Allison. I’ve had a hard night since you got voted off. How are you going to console me?
ALLISON IRAHETA: I have to console you? Okay. I’m good. I’m just so happy I’ve made it this far. It’s been such a great ride.

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ Castoff Allison Iraheta Insists: ‘I’m Not Boring’

Allison Iraheta might have gotten the boot from “American Idol” after rock night, but all hope is not lost.

Just look at another fourth-place finisher who just happened to be performing during Wednesday night’s results show: Chris Daughtry. He went on to sell millions of albums and collect fans across the world after failing to nab the “Idol” crown.

So what’s next for Allison? Is Daughtry-like success in her future? We caught up with the 17-year-old rocker to talk about Simon Cowell’s personality comments, her time in the bottom three and much more.


Allison Iraheta: Vote for whoever’s awesome

Allison Iraheta’s departure from “American Idol” this week makes the final three an all-boys club. In her post-elimination chat with reporters, the 17-year-old Californian discusses her duet with Adam Lambert, talking back to the judges and what it was like to sing for Slash.

In light of the reviews Danny and Kris got, paired with your well-received duet and your own performance, were you feeling pretty confident going into last night?
It was weird. I’ve been in the bottom three so many times, I was really prepared for anything. Every Wednesday, I’m just prepared. When it was down to Danny and me, I was like, “Well, it’s either him or me, ” and it was me. I’m pretty happy I made it that far. I’m glad I got the opportunity to be on that stage.


Rickey Minor ‘absolutely’ surprised at Allison Iraheta’s American Idol exit

American Idol music director Rickey Minor says he was …absolutely shocked that Allison Iraheta was eliminated on Rock Week.

…Allison is rock, he told me a few minutes after the show ended Wednesday night. …You look in the dictionary under rock, it a picture of Allison in the female dictionary and a picture of Adam in the male dictionary.

So what happened? Minor figures it came down to the fan bases. …Either her fan base didnt vote enough, or the other fan bases came to the party, he says.

USA Today

American Idol Fourth-Place Finishers Give Clues To Allison Future

At first, I was not an Allison Iraheta fan. I might even have been an Allison Iraheta hater. But the 17-year-old …American Idol contestant won me over with her passionate rendition of …Someone to Watch Over Me during last week Rat Pack tribute night. And her performance on Tuesday ‘  a soulful cover of Janis Joplin …Cry Baby ‘  had me thinking the cranberry-haired rocker was headed to the top three ‘  and perhaps further.


Call it ‘American Scandal’? Fans say Allison Iraheta robbed, and Danny Gokey still getting pity vote

Maybe they should rename the show “American Scandal”?

Allison Iraheta supporters are reeling after the 17-year-old rocker’s shocking ouster on “American Idol” Wednesday night. And going by the incensed commentary on the Fox show’s online fan forums ‘ many of them think the judges did her in.

From bluesand: “It’s all the judges fault. They pick their favorite and pimp them to heck!”

And from parisbabe18: “She was never going to do anything good enough for Simon because her success wasn’t in the script.”

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Kris Allen’s Hometown Fans Did Their Part To Get Him In Top Three

Simon Cowell can laugh all he wants about Kris Allen’s being “humble, ” but the 23-year-old singer from Conway, Arkansas, is obviously doing something right, since he made it to the top three Wednesday night on “American Idol.”

After two weeks in which he was told in no uncertain terms by Cowell that his run on the program was probably over, Allen did it again on Wednesday, even after a pair of performances on rock night that were not his strongest to date. It helps that Allen’s hometown is pulling for him in a major way, as evidenced by another strong turnout for Tuesday night’s Kris Allen Watch Party, which this week drew nearly 2, 000 supporters to his church, New Life, where once again they voted en masse.


Updated: Kris Allen Comes Home

A UCA student makes it into the national spotlight. 23-year-old Kris Allen is traveling back to Arkansas from Hollywood where he hit it big with his singing voice.

The Conway resident is in the top three of the American Idol show; and is returning home for a concert and parade. Both will be taped by network television cameras and broadcast next week.

For Kris’ friends, they can’t wait to see him. It was just Wednesday night when America learned Kris Allen made it into the top three of the singing competition.

Students and Allen’s friends at UCA can’t wait to see him Friday when he returns for a concert.


Local family of “American Idol” contestant Kris Allen spreading the word, and asking for votes, as he competes in top three

GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan — Michigan didn’t lose it’s only tie with “American Idol” when Kalamazoo’s Matt Giraud was voted off last week.

Just ask the numerous family members of contestant Kris Allen spread throughout Genesee County.

In a somewhat surprising elimination show Wednesday night, Allen, a 23-year-old from Arkansas, known for his mellow guitar-playing and humble attitude, was voted into the show’s top three. The show’s judges had not been fans of Allen’s most recent performance of The Beatle’s “Come Together.”


Cousin’s Introduces the Gokey Sub Sandwich

WITI-TV, MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett headed to the Cousin’s sub restaurant in downtown Milwaukee to sample the Danny Gokey sub sandwich. Gokey formerly worked at a Cousin’s location in Brown Deer.

Watch the mayor and some representatives from Cousin’s subs take their first bite into the sandwiched named just for the ‘American Idol’ finalist.


Danny Gokey sugar cookies at Grebe’s Bakery

The race is on for local businesses to put Danny Gokey’s “American Idol” face all over town, as the Milwaukee singer returns for Danny Gokey Day on Friday.

Grebe’s Bakery, 5132 W. Lincoln Ave., is selling white buttercream iced sugar cookies with an air-brushed image of Danny Gokey’s face for 99 cents. The cookies also will be available at Sentry stores and Speedway. Grebe’s Bakery, open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., already has some Gokey cookies available in its store. To place an order, call the bakery at (414) 543-7001.

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Enthusiastic crowd welcomes Matt Giraud home

KALAMAZOO — When thinking of Kalamazoo, many things may come to mind — The Kalamazoo Promise, Bell’s Beer, the Western Michigan University Broncos.

Judging from the hundreds of enthusiastic fans who packed Arcadia Creek Festival Place on Thursday, maybe Matt Giraud should be added to that list.

The outdoor venue downtown was filled with large neon-colored posters, packed with fans donning T-shirts reading “The Giraud Squad, ” and dotted with porkpie-style hats for Giraud’s official welcoming ceremony after his run to the final five on the hit Fox TV show “American Idol.”


‘Idol’ contestant Matt Giraud back in Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – Hundreds of people turned out Thursday to welcome home favorite son Matt Giraud after his elimination last week from “American Idol.”

The singer and pianist, 23, thanked the enthusiastic fans — some wearing his signature pork pie hat — for their support during his “Idol” run. He finished in fifth place on the popular TV show.

“I love you all, ” Giraud said. “I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams come true.”

Giraud was presented with a key to the city by Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell, and Gov. Jennifer Granholm proclaimed May 7 “Matt Giraud Day, ” the Kalamazoo Gazette reported.

Chicago Tribune

Kalamazoo comes out in big way for ex-‘Idol’ contestant Matt Giraud

Kalamazoo — He may not have won “American Idol, ” but you couldn’t tell from the reception Matt Giraud received in Kalamazoo on Thursday, as thousands of friends, family and fans came out to celebrate “Idol’s” fifth-place finisher at a jubilant hometown celebration.

Thursday was proclaimed Matt Giraud Day in Kalamazoo and in the state of Michigan, and it felt like it. Giraud shook hands and signed autographs for screaming fans gathered in the city’s Arcadia Creek Festival Place, an open-air center in the city’s downtown, not far from the dueling piano bar where Giraud got his start.

During a presentation led by Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell, Giraud — who was born and raised in Ypsilanti but has called Kalamazoo home since attending Western Michigan University earlier this decade — thanked Kalamazoo and Michigan for their support during his “Idol” run. “I wanna thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams come true, ” said Giraud, choking back tears. At various points during the ceremony, he was draped in both the Michigan and Kalamazoo flags.

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Megan Joy Honored At Her Alma Mater

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah – Former American Idol contestant and Utah native Megan Joy was honored Wednesday morning at her old high school. Taylorsville High broke out the fanfare for one of their own. Megan talked about her future career plans and also told Idol fans to vote for her favorite of the top three, Kris Allen. Fox 13’s Big Budah was there for the celebration.


New Couple Alert: Jordin Sparks & Steph Jones

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and Steph Jones, her model/singer beau, took in the sights at the Los Angeles
Lakers-Houston Rockets game last night in L.A.

They look like a very happy couple …

Houston-born Steph, 24, was pulling for the visitors, Tweeting …Cali is mad quiet [right] now ¦ I can here a pen drop n this bad boy ¦ LETS GO ROCKETS!!!!!

Hope Steph’s other traits make up for his lack of spelling acumen.

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Jennifer Hudson’s Encore Wedding Proposal

Five months after boyfriend David Otunga proposed to Jennifer Hudson on her 27th birthday, she returned the gesture with a surprise of her own: a proposal on Otunga’s birthday.

The Grammy-winning singer did it last month with style, presenting Otunga ‘ a Harvard-educated-lawyer-turned-pro-wrestler ‘ with a personally designed Neil Lane engagement ring rocking out at 5 carats.

Q&A: Elliott Yamin talks about his new CD

When Elliott Yamin competed on the fifth season of “American Idol, ” his singing brought Paula Abdul to tears and Simon Cowell described his voice as a “vocal masters class.”

Still, he placed third in the Fox network’s singing competition, behind winner Taylor Hicks and second-place finisher Katharine McPhee.

But Yamin, 30, may have the most fruitful music career of the three. He’s had a hit single, his self-titled album went gold, and his new album, “Fight for Love, ” has gotten early critical praise.

Yamin recently talked about his music, “Idol” and how he’s not into Facebook ‘  yet.

New York Production Listings

Bricktop’ Queen of the Night, a new musical based on the life of Ada “Bricktop” Smith, a cafà © owner and singer in the 1920s. Chuck Seffan is writing the lyrics and Ron Abel the music. Fantasia Barrino and Whoopi Goldberg have been mentioned for the lead. The Daily News reports George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic might become involved.

THE COLOR PURPLE With Fantasia Barrino Comes To The Fox 9/15-9/27

The producers of THE COLOR PURPLE are proud to announce that American Idol Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino will reprise her starring role of Celie for the Atlanta engagement. Theater of the Stars will host the first North American Touring production of THE COLOR PURPLE for two weeks, September 15-27. Tickets are on sale now at and 800-982-2787.


Susan Boyle to make Oprah Winfrey show debut with Simon Cowell

Susan Boyle — who took the Internet by storm last month after appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent” — is welcoming Oprah Winfrey’s cameras into her Scotland home.

The YouTube sensation will appear on Monday’s episode of Winfrey’s talk show along with “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell, who’ll speak out about his rumored departure from the iconic music television show.

Cowell will also showcase the artists he calls “the next big thing” in a show highlighting talent from around the world.

Headlines: Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough Eyes Footloose Film

“I haven’t auditioned, but I’ve met with the people, ” Hough told E! News regarding Footloose. High School Musical and Hairspray star Zac Efron had been announced to play the Kevin Bacon role onscreen but withdrew from the film, saying he didnt want to overload his career with musicals. Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford has recently been mentioned as a leading contender to play Ren. “Footloose is definitely really close to me, ” Hough said. “I would love to be a part of something like that.”

E! News adds that Hough may be in competition with his sister for a leading role in the film: Dancing with the Stars pro and fledgling country singer Julianne Hough is a leading candidate to play Ren’s love interest, which would presumably take her sibling out of the running.

Ty Murray to DWTS Fans: No More Trash Talk

Two days after Lil Kim elimination, Dancing with the Stars fans are still crying foul that the rapper was ousted from the competition while rodeo star Ty Murray will advance to the semi-finals next week.

The hubbub hasnt gone unnoticed, the 39-year-old Murray says Thursday morning on his MySpace blog.

He wrote: …I just want to be sure and remind everybody not to get suckered into all the trash talk on the Internet. Let not worry about it and, instead, well just let it roll off of our backs.

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