Idol Headlines for 04/15/09

Cover Story: Paula & Kara’s Idol War

It not just the contestants fighting to stay alive each week on American Idol. Both Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi are in danger of losing their spots alongside Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson at the overcrowded judges table next season, and the tension among the panelists has become unbearable.

…The plan to add a fourth person backfired, an Idol insider tells OK! about the troubles that have been mounting since Kara joined the cast at the beginning of this season. …Now the producers are left with a tough decision: Do they go back to the original three-judge format, or leave Kara there?

OK Magazine

Former ‘American Idol’ Sierra wants camera ban lifted

TAMPA – Former “American Idol” finalist Jessica Sierra is expected to be in court today seeking to set aside a judge’s order that she stay at least 100 yards from microphones and cameras.

Sierra and her attorney will ask Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Gregory Holder to erase an order imposed by Circuit Judge Daniel Perry.

Sierra made a similar request in June in order to participate on the VH1 reality show “Celebrity Rehab II.” Her attorney later withdrew the request, saying the show had a change in production.

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‘American Idol’: On the scene at the Top 7 performance show

Here’s one way to know you’ve been covering American Idol for too long: You dream you’re standing on the Idol Thunderdome stage watching Scotty MacIntyre rocking out to a Ziggy Stardustian number while standing on his outsized, bedazzled grand piano, climaxing in a very rough, Greatest American Hero-style stage dive onto the piano bench. And then — after Simon Cowell asks you on live TV for advice on what Chikeze (yes, Chikeze) should sing next, and you somehow suggest doing an R&B spin on the folk stylings of Nick Drake — you wake up, and your first thought is that Smirkelstiltskin, the snark demon you invented that appeared on your shoulder one day while covering American Idol, has finally invaded your subconscious.

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ Recap: Pulp Affliction

We’re 28 episodes into American Idol’s eighth season, and the show still hasn’t lost its ability to surprise. Who’d have thought, for example, that the sound of two judges yapping would turn out to be more annoying than the standard four-windbag formation? How could anyone have guessed that redheaded teenager Allison Iraheta is filled with/fueled by ”special sauce”? And when did the show institute a new rule making female contestants ineligible to receive credit for rearranging their songs? These are the burning questions being asked tonight by a speed-dialing Idol nation (or, at least, me). Still, if there’s any takeaway head-scratcher from tonight’s ”Extreme Treacle: Soundtrack Edition” episode, it is this: How come no matter how low one sets one’s expectations, Randy ”Yellow Stripe” Jackson can always find a way to disappoint?

Entertainment Weekly

The Rushfield Review: Too Lil Too Late

Adamlambert0414-250 Could the cultural chasm that has divided Idol Nation have been any more starkly demonstrated than it was by our two main combatants tonight; on the one hand, representing the left side of the culture wars was Adam Lambert — swooshed around the stage backed by explosions of electricrity to the free-living anthem from cinema greatest homage to the 1960 drug culture. On the other hand, Danny Gokey, lit in golden light, sang a tender Top 40 ballad from one of the 1980 most overwrought star vehicles — and backed by a harp.

LA Times

Kris Allen Wows On ‘American Idol’ Movie Night

You’d think that by now the brain trust behind “American Idol” would have figured out how to land the bird on time every week. But because the show ran over by more than five minutes last week ‘  causing many viewers to miss Adam Lambert’s stellar performance ‘  the producers switched things up again on Tuesday night and had the judges critique the contestants in pairs to save time.

Still, the program went three minutes over and some viewers might have missed Lil Rounds’ spirited defense of another poorly reviewed performance. This time, however, Lambert took the stage much earlier and gave another solid performance, while Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta both made a case for the crown.


Idol Worship: Best To Worst Of ‘At The Movies’ Night

Since when does …Idol At The Movies week mean were all in for an hour-long snooze fest? Where the showmanship? Some sense of cultural legacy beyond Armageddon and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves? And what up with the Bryan Adams fixation? Fortunately, there were a couple of bright moments, particularly Kris Allen take on the Oscar-winning song from Once, and, of course, Lambert. But other that those two now obvious frontrunners, the rest of the Season 8 kids are starting to bore us silly. Read on for our best to worst rankings of movie week ¦


Disney ‹American Idol Experience Almost Beats The Real Thing

I had the craziest dream a few weeks ago, while I was stumbling around Disney World. I imagined I had stepped into …American Idol. Not just any …Idol, but the …Idol I fell in love with years ago.

Turns out, I wasnt dreaming at all. I was merely taking part in the brand-new attraction called …The American Idol Experience at Disney Hollywood Studios, which has theme-park guests performing on a pitch-perfect replica of the …Idol stage. Even the judges Coke cups are there!

So how was a theme-park attraction based on a TV show more fulfilling than the actual TV show on which it based? Let me count the ways.


Simon slams Lil Rounds on ‹Idol’s movie night

…American Idol took on the big screen on Tuesday, under the watchful gaze of Quentin Tarantino. Because nothing says …musical genius like the director of …Pulp Fiction and the …Kill Bill movies.

This was Tarantino second trip to the …Idol stage, having served as a guest judge on season three. …It about the combination of music and movies, and how they work together, Tarantino said, but he kept most of his comments short. That was part of a brave but futile effort to keep …Idol from running long again.


Were Live-Blogging The Top Seven ‹American Idol Performances!

I often eat popcorn while I watch …American Idol, but tonight it even more appropriate because …Idol headed to the big screen! Dont worry, …From Justin To Kelly 2: Electric Boogaloo wasnt green-lit. Nope, tonight the theme is …Songs From The Movies!

Even better? …Idol fanatic Quentin Tarantino is joining the party, acting as guest mentor this week. He made quite the splash as a guest judge in Season Three, where his brutal honesty was a welcome change of pace to that season endless parade of celebs too polite to say anything bad to anyone.


Phil Stacey Blog: American Idol goes to the movies

I am watching tonight performances in Worcester, MA with my dear friends and fellow season 6ers Gina Glocksen and Melinda Doolittle. We are all really excited that Quentin Tarantino is the guest judge. Seriously! How cool is that?

So the theme tonight is …Movie Songs ¦ And apparently, because they talked so much and went over time last week, Simon will only be judging half the contestants tonight. Which is a little dumb. Simon is what keeps this show on the air. Fifty bucks says well be back at three judges next season ‘ no offense intended for the judge that will not be with us. Without Simon, how will any of us know what we think about these performances?

LA Times

American Idol’s Stylists Talk Season 8 Fashion

Every week American Idol’s contestants perform in front of millions and millions viewers, and the only thing that’s as memorable as how they sound is how they look. We chatted with American Idol’s style gurus Miles Siggins, the guys’ stylist, and Soyon An, the girls’ stylist, about season eight’s contestants, finding fashion that works on stage, and what they think of Simon Cowell’s style advice.

The 5 Types of American Idol Watchers

Junk-haus auteur Quentin Tarantino is a guest judge on American Idol tonight, for the second time. He’s an unabashed, earnest fan of the show. It got us thinking. What kind of people watch Idol?

Basically, it breaks down into five types. They are as follows:


Adam Lambert: America’s First Gay ‘Idol’?

There’s the eyeliner. There’s the YouTube video in which he declares kissing girls is “not necessarily” his preference. There are the Web photos of him making out with guys.

None of it seems to matter.

Adam Lambert appears to be this year’s chosen “American Idol” contestant, whatever his sexuality may be, signaling a shift from the moral scrutiny once piled on “Idol” contestants.

ABC News

Game Over: Adam Lambert Masters

Love it or hate it ‘  and if you are like me, you hate yourself for loving it ‘  you would have to have been hiding in a cave in Afghanistan for the last decade not to realize that American Idol is not only the biggest show on television, but probably the most ingenious marketing tool in the history of entertainment. Since its 2002 debut, Simon Fuller’s American Idol has proven to be the biggest money-making machine ever conceived.


Adam Lambert: Change We Can Believe In

I have shocking information for you: Adam Lambert might be gay. I know! I am as floored by this as you are.

Sorry, I was just getting my Bill O’Reilly on for a second there. But sadly, I wasn’t exaggerating. Apparently, the notion that Lambert ‘  the musical-theater kid with the penchant for eyeliner and the flair for the dramatic ‘  could possibly be gay is quite the jaw-dropper. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but boy, do people love talking about it.

And that’s a bummer.

Michael Johns: ‘I Won’t Be Wearing Short-Shorts Like John Mayer’

If you’re anything like the 30 million fans who watched Michael Johns shocking season seven elimination on “American Idol, ” you’ve spent that last 365 days saying to yourself, “he’ll be fine.”

Well, Michael has spent the last year trying to prove you right. Today marks the debut of his first official post-“Idol” project — the single “Heart on My Sleeve, ” a killer track that you can listen to after the jump.

The timing of MJ’s track couldn’t be better since “Idol” is currently coming down to the wire, so I got Michael’s take on this year’s contestants, his thoughts on the judge’s save and found out that the Twitter-newbie could be considered a never nude!

NY Post

…Rock of Ages Hits Broadway With Eighties Anthems, Hair to Spare

The newest jukebox musical on Broadway begins with an announcement from Whitesnake David Coverdale: …No flash photography unless youre really, really hot and willing to show us your boobs. Rock of Ages, a show featuring Eighties hits from Poison, Styx and Journey, made the leap to the Great White Way last night, April 7th, after a three-month off-Broadway stint (Rock Daily first reported on Rock of Ages in October 2008). The musical, which features onetime American Idol hopeful Constantine Maroulis and an onstage metal band led by Night Ranger Joel Hoekstra, uses familiar tunes including …More Than Words and …Heat of the Moment to tell the story of a wanna-be rocker who works in a legendary L.A. dive and chases the girl of his dreams while German developers threaten to demolish the Sunset Strip

Rolling Stone

What Should Demi Lovato And David Archuleta Summer Tour Be Called?

According to Archuleta Fan Scene, Buzzworthy crush David Archuleta and unofficial Jonas Sister/ Taylor Swift bestie/Princess Protection Program and Sonny With A Chance star Demi Lovato (who been Tweeting up a STORM with John Mayer, but really, does ANYONE Twitter more than John Mayer?) will be making beautiful pop music together on a summer tour. And seriously, besides peanut butter and bananas, Michelle Obama and J. Crew, Rick Astley and Internet hijinx, and Tokio Hotel and Robert Pattinson (so that last one was probably just a rumor, but still) has there ever been a sweeter pairing than Demi and David?


Fallen American Idol Star at Gay Bar!

Speaking of people competing to be famous, I ran into David Hernandez, who was voted off American Idol last year after his past as a male strip club star emerged like a genital ricocheting out of a G-string. “It wasn’t the stripper thing, ” Hernandez told me at Beige last week. “It was the gay thing. That’s Middle America for you. I feel like New York and L.A. are two separate countries.” Well, the gay thing came up again on the show when Adam Lambert’s same-sex kiss photos caused weird tremors’ as if a gay in showbiz is supposed to be such a shocking thing. When I noted that Lambert’ who’s a friend of Hernandez’s “from the scene”‘ hasn’t been voted off the show because he’s gay, the singer knowingly replied, “Not yet.”

Village Voice

VIDEO: Scott MacIntyre: “Someone out There Literally Saved My Life”

Blindness hasn’t been the only challenge for American Idol’s Scott MacIntyre. In a visit to the studio, he said he also suffered from kidney failure for two years and received a life-saving transplant in 2007 ‘  information he did not share with producers on the show.

“It’s something I didn’t want to bring up during the competition process because I wanted to be judged on my voice and my artistry, ” he says.

It’s Back to Bacharach and David for DeGarmo, Lowe, Mosher and Thomas Starting April 15

Back to Bacharach and David, the musical revue featuring the songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David, makes its Los Angeles debut April 15 at the Music Box @ Fonda on Hollywood Boulevard.

Actress-comic Kathy Najimy directs the production, which will run through May 17 at the L.A. venue. Opening night is April 19.

The cast features “American Idol” finalist and former Hairspray star Diana DeGarmo, West End musical actor and “American Idol” contestant Tom Lowe, musical and film actress Tressa Thomas and Hairspray’s Susan Mosher (Mosher replaced the previously announced Mary Birdsong.)

At Home with Paula Abdul

“Extra” visited Paula Abdul during a photo shoot at her house, and she had plenty to say about her fellow “American Idol” judges! Paula and Kara DioGuardi used to be roommates, and Ms. Abdul is spilling secrets about Kara’s past!


‹Dancing sends home a fan favorite

A change of plans: After Monday night shakeups (Gilles Marini, down; Lil Kim, up), viewers were looking at two familiar guys at the very bottom of the judges ratings. Steve-O and Ty Murray have both struggled in the past, though Steve-O has consistently stunk, while Ty was down, then up, then back down. The two of them seemed destined to share space under the ominous red light of the bottom two. But host Tom Bergeron surprise-announced early on that there would be no dance-off this week, for reasons he did not share.


Restraining Order Extended for Shawn Johnson’s Alleged Stalker

The parents of “Dancing with the Stars” participant and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson arrived in court today with her lawyer to seek an extension for the restraining order against Shawn’s alleged stalker, Robert O’Ryan.

The restraining order has now been lengthened to an additional three years. The 34-year-old O’Ryan was arrested last month at a CBS studio facility after reportedly carrying loaded guns and attempting to crash the set of “Dancing” in order to meet Shawn.

O’Ryan has pleaded not guilty to all three counts against him in the Shawn Johnson case — one felony count of stalking and two misdemeanor counts of carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

ET Online

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