Idol Headlines for 03/27/12 – The Evening Edition

Idol Winner Scott McCreery to Perform After Braves Game – ATLANTA – The Atlanta Braves say 2011 American Idol winner Scott McCreery will perform a free postgame concert on Saturday, May 26. The 2012 Postgame Concert Series also includes a date with Lynyrd Skynyrd on Saturday, September 1, following the Braves-Phillies 4:00 p.m. game, according to the Atlanta Braves. – Read more at FOX 5

Blake Lewis tweets, “All my years of listening to Harry Connick Jr. paid off in the studio last night. I finished a jazzy tune for film or tv called “More Than Friends””

‘Smash’ Star Megan Hilty Scores Columbia Records Deal – The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the 30-year-old Bellevue, Washington native has been signed to Columbia Records through Sony subsidiary Masterworks, which has typically been the label home to classical music releases and, more recently, the likes of Wilson Phillips and Kristin Chenoweth. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Jennifer Hudson to Perform on USA’s UPFRONT, 5/17 – USA moves into Upfront Week for the first time with the biggest and most spectacular event yet with performances by Oscar and Grammy Award-winner Jennifer Hudson and world-renowned DJ and Grammy Award- winner Mark Ronson. The talent only presentation will feature the stars of USA at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall in New York City on Thursday, May 17 at 3:30pm. – Read more at Broadway World

‘American Idol’ Castoff Erika Van Pelt ‘Went Crazy’ With New Look – “After the tour is done, I honestly want to get right to work,” she said. “I want to work on my first album, I want to do a ton of writing, I even want to get involved in acting and musical theater. I would love to be involved maybe on Broadway. I’m just a hard worker and I don’t care, 12-, 16-hour days, I’ll put the work in this. It’s what I want to do.” – Read more at MTV

Haley Reinhart Hula Hoops at Self Magazine

David Archuleta prepares to leave on his mission

David Archuleta is doing some last minute recording before he leaves for his 2 year Mormon mission. Check out his new haircut!

Catch Up With Kris Allen

Kris Allen talks to about the making of his new single “Vision of Love,” his take on this season’s contestants, and how he still gets nervous when he hears the Idol intro tune!

‘Best Ink’ Host and ‘American Idol’ Alum Kimberly Caldwell Talks Tattoos (Q&A) – Kimberly Caldwell has clocked untold TV hours over the last decade, from her first outing as the smoky-voiced rock contender on season 2 of American Idol to hosting stints on the TV Guide Network, Fox Sports and now Oxygen where tonight she helps kick off Best Ink. The 30-year-old Katy, Texas native recently spoke to THR about her trip to Hollywood Week that never ended. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

INTERVIEW: Clay Aiken Remains Steadfast On His New CD – Clay Aiken was first introduced to most of the world when he appeared on FOX’s American Idol in 2003, becoming that season’s runner-up and, soon after, a top-selling recording artist. Since then, he’s starred in the Broadway hit, Monty Python’s Spamalot, has released numerous hit CDs, and is currently a contestant on NBC’s reality series, The Celebrity Apprentice. In addition, Decca has just released his latest CD, Steadfast, and he will also be heard alongside Apprentice castmate Dee Snider on his CD, Dee Does Broadway, due out on May 8. TheaterMania recently spoke to Aiken about his current projects, working with Linda Eder, and a possible return to Broadway. – Read more at TheatreMania

The Voice’s Final Six Dish on Next Week’s Live Showdown—And Who’s Having a Baby! – Broadway vet Tony Vincent talks about the exciting changes from the battle rounds: “The production caliber gets a little bit larger. We are adding musicians introducing background vocals. It’s going to be a little bit more of a complete solo performance and that I’m really excited about.” But Tony has another reason to be excited: We’ve seen him talk oh-so-adorably to his wife’s baby bump, but what we didn’t know was that the due date falls on the day of the first live performance. Um, that could be a busy day! Read more at EOnline

Smash Producers Weigh In on Season 1 Backlash and the Plan to ‘Correct’ Any Mistakes – Presented by TVLine with a recounting of Smash‘s less popular storylines — Ellis the omnipresent eavesdropper, Julia the impulsive adulterer, the intermittent but entirely superfluous adoption saga — executive producer Neil Meron said, “It’s common for all first-season shows to go through a shakedown, and for a show to kind of find its footing. And I think what’s happened [with Smash].” The ray of light, he offers, is that “as the episodes continue, you’ll see certain things slip away, and focuses and emphasis shifted.” EP Craig Zadan, who with Meron was honored at the GLAAD Media Awards this past weekend, echoed that the promise of a second season is “to analyze what worked and what didn’t work, and then … correct it, put it on course, and hopefully make it bigger and better.” Read more at TV Line

‘Q’Viva! The Chosen’ Moved to Late Night Saturday – FOX’s Saturday talent competition Q’Viva: The Chosen (which features judges Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez) has been moved from its original 8:00 PM Saturday time slot to 11:00 PM. The show’s original 2-hour format is also being condensed to a brisker 90 minutes. The scheduling hole will be filled immediately by a new Cops this weekend, and by repeats of Cops and Bones for the weeks following. – Read more at Zap2it

Erin Martin From “The Voice” Was One of the “Rock of Love” Girls – Erin Martin, who previously went by the name Lyanna, was on “Rock of Love 2” with Bret Michaels (official picture to the left) vying for all of the affection and STDs that come with that love. Erin was eliminated in the first episode after she bored Bret with her talk of HTML and world events. She also talked about how she likes to have sex outdoors. – Via VoteForTheWorst

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  1. Wow.  Sweet gig for Scotty!

    awww I’ll miss Archie while he’s away especially his vlogs.  :)  The Carolina Tarheels newest point guard Stilman White (our local hero  :D) is also heading out on the mission as well.   He will of course be classified as sophomore when he returns from the mission in two years.  We will miss him too!

    ETA: Go Haley! For me, doing the hula hoop while talking would be like trying to walk and chew gum at the same time. The girl has skills! :)

  2. There’s nothing on Saturday nights to watch on tv and now with JLo’s dance competition show moving to Saturday night, there still isn’t.  lol

  3. I’m glad to see Archie is squeezing in a bit more music for the fans before he leaves for 2 years.  It takes a lot of guts to do what he is doing.  Good luck to him.

  4. David Cook tweeted about Archie leaving tomorrow:

    David Cook @thedavidcook:disqus Everyone go show @DavidArchie some love. He leaves for his 2 year long mission tomorrow. Best wishes, Archie!Awww, Season 7! <3 Sigh, Archie. Gonna seriously seriously miss you, bud. Hope you can keep us updated every now and then.

  5. Aww Love Cook’s tweet to Archie. So sweet. Cook is such a good guy. I miss S7 and I am going to miss Archie.

  6.  Sort of bittersweet to know that David A. is leaving for 2 years.  I will miss his music and his amazing heart and soul, but I know he will make a huge impact on the people he will be serving for 2 years, so I guess I will follow his lead and be unselfish in all of this.  Other people need him more than we do right now.

  7. I don’t really understand about Clay’s new CD. I’ve read from some of his fans, it only has one new song on it?  Is this sort of a greatest hits album (?) or is there some other reason it doesn’t have new material?

  8. Aw, that was sweet of DC.  The new haircut looks good on Archie!  Best wishes to him as he begins his mission.

  9. Yay for Megan Hilty! She has an amazing voice!

    Isn’t Haley on 90210 tonight?

  10. Steadfast consists of 9 covers selected from his previous album “Tried and True” which was released in 2010, plus an original song “Bring Back My Love” which was sent to AC radio.  I think that this repackaging of previously recorded material is an attempt by Decca to recoup their losses on T&T and take advantage of any new fans from Clay’s appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice. 

  11. Congrats to Nene Leakes for booking the role of Rocky in Ryan Murphys NBC Pilot The New Normal.  Guess Nene must have not been too much of a Diva on the Glee Set and impressed Mr Murphy….ok, andy cohen, wheres the reality show about nene going to la and becoming a big star?  If you don’t do it, someone else will — how many years is she signed on to do RealHousewives?  

  12. Two years is a long time. Feeling a little sentimental about David.

  13. Who needs 24hr Fitness when you got a Hula Hoop  ;D LOL.

    OMG! I just came home from Walmart with a Hula Hoop!I want to get rid of a few pounds thought it would be more fun than the squats with the kettlebell! LOL! I know this is OT but it just really stood out after buying one!

  14. So I guess there is no final media interview with David A before he leaves for 2 the two year mission. When Brian M tweeted that David did not have time for an interview, I was convinced that David was only going to do one interview and probably with The Hollywood Reporter which did the first story on his mission. However, THR did its article today and it was just a rehash of the mission announcement and his haircut. Too bad. Maybe he’ll do a long vlog instead but it’s getting late even for that. Maybe he just wants a low key departure.

  15. Today turned out to be exciting when we got pictures and news that David was recording with an Orchestra and Kurt Bestor.  Loved the songs he helped arrange in the past and hoping for a recording of Prayer of the Children which Kurt wrote and David sings so well.  Whatever, we’ll be pleased.  Lots more twitter trending today with Good Luck David Archuleta after Be Safe David Archuleta and We Love David Archuleta last eve.  I ended last eve in Twitter Jail.  
    David has given us so much and more to come.  New album Forevermore out in the Phillipines and available on Amazon here.  has details on ordering. 
    We’ve heard from David Cook, Carly Smithson, Jennette McCurday and even some Biever fans .  Of course the Season 7 buddies are special as Jennette from I Carly.

    Other interesting responses to the Trending wondering what’s going on.  We can start counting down soon!!

    Thanks MJ for the post and for David Archuleta supporters.

  16. Hoping I can get to that baseball game, or do I wait to go to CMA Fest?  How do you choose?  Nice to have a choice:))

  17. I will certainly miss David’s tweets and vlogs. They never fail to make me smile and brighten up my day. I am very happy for David though and hope this experience is all that he has dreamed of.  I look forward to his return.  

  18. A big star, I dunno, but I could see a Nene goes LA, of course I wouldn’t watch.  I think she’s an over the top mess, a hot mess, a fake hot mess, but she’s the flavor of the year as far as those ubiquitous Housewives shows go, so yeah….

  19. I think this will go the same way his new song went.  Not very well.

  20. I saw Cookie’s tweet.  Got a little verklempt.  The good old days.  I loved that season, Archie’s voice is one for the ages.  Gonna miss seeing his smiling face glaring from my computer.  Still listen to him music, and can’t wait until he returns.  I wish him a safe and successful mission.  He’s gonna all growed up by the time he returns.  In young adult years the time between 21 and 23 is enormous as far as personal growth is concerned.  He’s gonna have a totally new perspective I am sure.  I can’t wait.

  21. I’m not sure if it’s not that David doesn’t have time to do one last interview before he leaves or he just doesn’t want to do an interview before he leaves. It just opens the door to everyone’s negativity and people bashing on his religion. I know he’s packing in as much recording as he possibly can before tomorrow and I am excited to hear what he’s been working on. He has accomplished so much since his announcement. Actually, he’s accomplished a lot since he left Jive. He will do great in service as he has lived his whole life in service of others.

  22. Good luck to Archie! It’s quite admirable what he’s going to do!
    lol at Kris at the shivers he still get at AI music theme! True that it’s a stressful experience; he hid it well back then!  He’s so excited for his new music and me too :)

  23. Thanks MJ for putting up that picture of Archie.
    Sweet, dear David, we will miss you.
    Be safe, we Will be here to welcome you in 2014.
    God bless!

  24. David Archuleta will surely be missed. 

    @DavidArchie I wish you the best of everything for your next 2 year project. Bless you!!! And look forward to seeing you SOON!!!! :)

    @DavidArchie I wish you the best of everything for your next 2 year project. Bless you!!! And look forward to seeing you SOON!!!! :)
    David Archuleta invites fans to download at MyMusicStore

  25. Very nice feature on Adams Trespassing in the Rolling Stone Spring Music preview!! Great that they have been featuring him in the magazine this era.

  26. Oh no it looks like UK Sonisphere is canceled


    QUEEN: “It is with very heavy hearts and much regret that we announce the cancellation of Sonisphere Knebworth 2012.” 

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