Idol Headlines for 03/18/10

‘Glee’ cast to visit the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’

First the President, now Oprah?

“Glee” is officially the “It” show of the moment.

Zap2it has confirmed that Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison and creator Ryan Murphy will appear on “Oprah”‘s April 7 episode.

Additional cast members are TBD, but Dijon Talton (Matt) just tweeted his excitement over the Oprah announcement, so it’s possible he’ll be in attendance as well.


Chart Beat Thursday: Rihanna, Ludacris, Timbaland

CHART BEAT BITS: As this season of “American Idol” reduces its field of contestants to 11, last year’s champ achieves a first on the Pop Songs chart. Rising 11-10 with “Live Like We’re Dying, ” Kris Allen becomes the show’s first male winner to enter the tally’s top 10. He joins previous champs Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks in reaching the chart’s top tier. (Current contestant Didi Benami likely introduced many to the melodic “Play With Fire” Tuesday. As a b-side to the No. 9-peaking “The Last Time, ” the Rolling Stones’ original peaked at No. 96 on the Hot 100 in 1965 …)

Mum’s the word about Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter spoiler, as ‘American Idol’ ratings drop

It’s been 17 hours since Ryan Seacrest spoiled the outcome of last night’s “American Idol” elimination for the West Coast. (Nice knowin’ ya, Lacey!)

His actions, at least, ignited a Twitter revolt, and at most, sunk ratings for the show to an all-time low. Of course, for “Idol” that means 20 million viewers still tuned in to watch someone get the boot, a bigger audience than anything else on Wednesday night.

Despite fan outrage, and having possibly sunk ratings, Seacrest didn’t mention his rather large snafu on his morning radio show Thursday, nor has he tweeted an apology.

LA Times

Allison Iraheta and Anoop Desai will be part of a Night at Sardi’s

Allison Irheta and Anoop Desai will be part of A Night at Sardi’s benefit for the Alzheimer’s Association, in Los Angeles, CA tonight. “I get to sing a little with my hermanita, @allisoniraheta”


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‘American Idol’ In 60 Seconds: Lacey Brown Joins The 12er Club

“American Idol” in 60 Seconds has fast become an MTV News institution, but it goes by so fast that it’s not always easy to catch every golden nugget. So, here we present to you Jim Cantiello’s bite-size recap of this week’s “Idol” high jinks.


‘American Idol’: On the scene at the Top 12 results night — you could cut the tension with a body pillow!

At the ad break, Paige and Tim made what appeared to be some pleasant small talk. Ryan mumbled “Accio Orianthi’s Band Equipment!” and it began to swiftly ensconce itself on the stage. Lee and Andrew entered into what looked like a rather serious discussion. And Crystal Bowersox began an animated conversation with one of the bald bodyguards who step to the lip of the stage in front of the velvet benches of safety at every ad break.

This conversation, in fact, would last practically the entire night, and it mystified me. In break after break, Crystal would point to someone or something out in the audience ’round about where her official friends contingent was sitting. The bodyguard would nod and look stern and slightly aggrieved.

Entertainment Weekly

Idol Meter methodology

Song choice: Choosing the right song is key to Idol success, right up there with performing it ably. Contestants can go wrong picking a song too closely identified with a previous Idol, too old or unfamiliar, too worn-out or just plain unsuited for their voices. is dedicated to building a database that documents which songs work (or don’t work) and will join us in determining the best and worst song choices. Inspired choices get 10 points, suitable selections get 5, damaging picks receive a minus 5 or minus 10, and indifferent choices get zero.

USA Today

‘Drop Dead Diva’ taps even more star power for season two!

Last season, the ground, gut and rule-breaking series “Drop Dead Diva” set the guest star bar pretty high — Liza Minnelli, Paula Abdul, Delta Burke, Tim Gunn, Kathy Najimy, Rosie O’Donnell and Nia Vardalos were just a few of the famous faces involved with Jane’s cases.

Well, season two just spun up production and the stars keep shining on Lifetime’s addictive series. Not only will Paula Abdul return for the season premiere on June 6, but she will razzle dazzle ya in a dance number choreographed by “So You Think You Can Dance’s” Tyce Diorio.

NY Post

‘American Idol’ recap: Sympathy for the Bedeviled

American Idol loyalists eager to defend the righteousness of the nation’s most popular singing competition received an unexpected gift during tonight’s results-show telecast: The juxtaposition of dishy season 7 champ David Cook and a bedraggled Lady Gaga impersonator/current chart topper. Yes indeed, on one hand we had Cookie paying tribute to the Rolling Stones with a tight, energetic ”Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” On the other, we had something called a ”Ke$ha” stomping around the stage in ungainly fashion, cavorting with a troupe of dancing TV sets, and capping her performance by inexplicably donning a Native American headdress.

Entertainment Weekly

‘Idol’ results show: Minute by minute

Wednesday’s “American Idol” was a jam-packed episode. Not only were there 12 contestant verdicts to get through in an hour, Season 7 winner David Cook also performed along with master shredder Orianthi (more on her “Idol” experience here) and dance-floor diva Ke$ha, featuring members of 3Oh3. To match the frenetic pace, here’s our minute-by-minute rundown from inside the “Idol”-dome.

LA Times

Adios! ‘Idol’ boots group act, cuts right singer

After the wackiness of last week’s semifinal round that saw Lilly Scott among the surprising eliminations, it was a relief that there were no big shocks in this week’s “American Idol” voting.

It’s hard to argue with Lacey Brown getting sent home, or the judges’ refusal to use their save on her. She wasn’t great this week and never really found her rhythm while on the show. And if she wasn’t really the worst performer this week, she also wasn’t close to being the best.


‘American Idol’ Does Not Use Its Newfound Life Preserver

Tonight on ‘American Idol‘ Lacey Brown, the 24-year-old Texan with the La Roux looks and the tremulous voice, was sent home after last night’s too-perky take on “Ruby Tuesday.” Sure, it was only the second-worst performance of ‘Idol’’s inaugural (and one hopes final) Rolling Stones night. But Tim Urban, whose frat-house meditation on “Under My Thumb” still unnerves me 24 hours after he debuted it on TV, has the advantage of being a cute boy, which has seemed to be a very helpful factor when it comes to saving less-than-deserving ‘Idol’ contestants in recent years.


‘American Idol’ Top 12 Results: Lacey Comes Unlaced

OK, really now, no one was shocked, maybe not even Lacey herself, since she was the odds-on favorite to get cut, and anyone who’s been following the show this season knows her lackluster performances never lived up to her early promise. Actually, I believe that with the right material and production, Lacey still could be a successful recording artist–she’s got the image, the charm, the poise, and a unique tone to her voice. But “American Idol” clearly is not the ideal forum for her. Maybe the judges were right after all to pass her over when she auditioned for “Idol” the first time, in Season 8. Either way, the voters certainly got it right this time, unlike last week.

Ryan Seacrest spoiler ignites Twitter revolt

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest may have tweeted himself into a heap of trouble. Soon after Wednesday night’s elimination show, which was broadcast live from the West Coast starting at 6 p.m. PDT, Ryan announced to his more than 3 million Twitter followers who the guests were for Thursday morning’s edition of KIIS FM’s “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest:” Orianthi, David Cook and “tonight’s voted off-idol lacey brown.”

Only problem is, at the time he tweeted (just after 7 p.m.), “Idol” had yet to air in Los Angeles or anywhere else on the West Coast. No strangers to the perils of spoilers, PDT tweeters were, in a word, peeved.

LA Times

Elliston’s ‘Idol’ moves on to next round

ELLISTON — Plenty of fans and supporters came to a local church to cheer for a local star on Wednesday night.

Organizers prepared for about 75 people to come to the fellowship hall at Trinity United Church of Christ to watch Crystal Bowersox on the “American Idol” results show.

About 120 people came, many dressed in red T-shirts that read “Crystal Bowersox Our American Idol” on the front and “Elliston Ohio supports Crystal Bowersox and I do, too” on the back.

Port Clinton News Herald

Siobhan Magnus’ Gorey tattoo generates buzz

If Simon Cowell considers Marstons Mills singing sensation Siobhan Magnus a “funny little thing, ” he ought to check out the Gorey story behind the tattoo on her arm.

Last night, Magnus, a 2008 graduate of Barnstable High school, advanced to the next round in the popular “American Idol” singing competition, which is good news for Edward Gorey groupies.

Inked on Magnus’ right shoulder is an image from the cover of Gorey’s legendary book “The Gashlycrumb Tinies.”

The late author and illustrator spent his last 15 years in Yarmouthport, where the Edward Gorey House is located.


Kellie Pickler ‘Makin’ Me Fall in Love Again’ — New Song

Makin’ Me fall in Love Again’ is Kellie Pickler’s fourth single off her 2008 self-titled album. Penned by Karyn Rochelle, James T. Slater and Shane Stevens, the ballad has Pickler singing about simply being in love: “Oh and I gotta tell ya, there’s nothin’ better / You and me together, workin’ on forever / Everyday with you is always somethin’ new.”


Kellie Pickler – “Makin’ Me Fall In Love Again”

Songwriters: Karyn Rochelle, James T. Slater and Shane Stevens.

Kellie Pickler may be yet another blonde American Idol castoff harboring thick dreams and thin technical talent, but there’s more to her growing stature as a genuine country star than her bombshell looks and bubbly personality. Indeed, Picker’s approach to selecting music has, with only a couple of exceptions, been superb; she’s avoided the trap of picking songs she can’t sing, instead seeking out quirky material that fits her character.

THe 9513

Which ‘Idol’ Wants a Date With Kate Gosselin?

… None other than the Soul Patrol himself, Mr. Taylor Hicks, would told me straight-up he’d love to get his chance to woo the original octomom.

Taylor and I were having drinks the other night in New York City (you’ve got to love a dude who still drinks Bud in a champagne-sipping crowd) when the topic of Kate Gosselin came up.

“I would totally date her, ” Taylor told me. “I have always said I wanted nine kids, so it would be perfect!”


Kati Garbi & The Shirelles to Perform at Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund 19th Anniversary Gala Honoring George Eads & James Orphanides

Scholarship presenters will include Fox News anchor Ernie Anastos, CBS News anchor Alexis Christoforous, Guiding Light star Frank Dicopoulos Fox-5 meteorologist Nick Gregory, CSI:NY star Melina Kanakaredes, Iron Chef Cat Cora, Dancing with the Stars Gilles Marini, American Idols Constantine Maroulis and Judge Nicholas Tsoucalas. Over 1200 people are expected to attend as the HTSF awards scholarships to Greek-American students from across the country. To date, the HTSF has awarded over $1.7 Million Dollars to over 700 students.

Hellenic News


In Season 8 of American Idol we saw outstanding talent fall by the wayside with the likeness of Felicia Barton, Ju’Not Joyner, Brent Keith and Ricky Braddy. Among that list is the beautiful and talented Kristen McNamara, the big voice bombshell, who unfortunately is best known for her drama-full antics with her group members during the Hollywood rounds.

One of the best things about Kristen is how unrestrained she is. She doesn’t sugercoat
anything for you. In this interview about her time on Idol and her future plans with her fellow contestants Tatiana del Toro and Nick “Normund Gentile” Mitchell and their upcoming reality show pilot, Kristen lays it all out. She speaks about her being pushed to be something she wasn’t by the judges, one of which is a country singer, which she is not anymore.

Awards Circuit

Kara DioGuardi Covers ‘Women’s Health’ April 2010

Kara DioGuardi shows off her toned tummy on the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s April 2010 issue.

The 39-year-old American Idol judge and songwriter dished on the stories of songs she’s written or collaborated on. Check it:

Just Jared

American Idol’s Top 12 Take on the Rolling Stones

Gina Glocksen, American Idol’s “rocker chick” from season six and BettyConfidential’s resident expert, weighs in on the good, the bad, and the downright horrible from last night’s show.

Betty Confidential

Simon’s girls

Now that Simon Cowell doesn’t have Paula Abdul to push around anymore, he’s filled the void with Kara DioGuardi.

This week, during the first night of finals competition, Simon just couldn’t help himself as he started needling Kara, taking potshots at her commentary and trying to get a rise out of her — just like he used to do with his old sparring partner Abdul.

The telling moment Tuesday was when he interrupted DioGuardi as she complained that Andrew Garcia’s performance of “Gimme Shelter” didn’t capture the Rolling Stones’ original war theme.

NY Post

‘Glee’: Chris Colfer says Kurt will pursue his love for Finn to the max

In the clip below, Colfer says Kurt’s boyfriend is still yet to be cast, but co-creator Ryan Murphy assured us during “Glee”‘s Paley panel that it is happening.

In the meantime, Kurt’s infatuation with a certain football player is keeping him busy. “He’s still pursuing the love that he has for Finn, ” Colfer laughs. “And he pursues it to the max, I would say. I don’t know if he could pursue it more.”


‘Glee’: Mark Salling says Quinn is staying at Puck’s place now

“I think she’s staying with Puck right now, ” Mark Salling told Korbi TV at The Paley Festival this past weekend.

As you’ll see in the clip below, Salling seems to be pleased with this development for his character. So does that mean he thinks Puck and Quinn should keep the baby and raise it together?

“Yeah, I think that would be cute, ” Salling says. “[Give him] a baby mohawk. Yeah, absolutely. I hope he steps up. I mean, he’s only 16, which is really young. I’m 32… Botox.”


Brooke Burke Thinks Hosting DWTS Will Be Easier Than Dancing on It

Last time Brooke Burke appeared on Dancing with the Stars, she was working (and dancing) hard. This go around, things will be a bit more relaxed, she says.

“I’m excited to spend some time with the dancers [and] to get back to the ballroom, ” the season 7 champ -– and newly minted DWTS co-host -– tells PEOPLE at the premiere of Barbie in a Mermaid Tale. “And this time it will actually be a lot easier, which is a hard [thing] to say with live television.”


More Headlines:

American Idol: The Corrections

I’m sure Lacey Brown is a perfectly nice person and all, but homegirl just did not have the chops to be among the Final 12 on America’s most celebrated electoral process. Many brilliant scientists have gone mad trying to decipher just how the Idol voting really works, so I won’t try to figure out why it was that Lacey and two deserving companions — Paige Miles and Whizzenpoof Spizzwinks — were in the bottom three this week and yet managed to squeak past three far more deserving contestants just seven days ago. But just know that it happened and that this is a good thing and hopefully things will progress in a similar fashion. It’s not too late to save America!

That Jagger Swagger

Asking the Top 12 to master the classics, the work of already-idolized artists like the Rolling Stones, implies that Idol can make legitimate heirs to music history. It’s a strategy epitomized in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment during Tuesday’s broadcast, when the Stones’ lips-teeth-and-tongue icon appeared on the screen only to be, in a display of sheer audacity, suddenly replaced by the Idol logo. It was a bold statement but ultimately reminded me that Idol has no teeth, no mouth—in fact, no body at all—and that’s the problem. Lately, the judges have been grumbling abstractly about contestants not connecting with their songs, relying on stagey posturing instead of “taking the stage.” But I think the connection they’re really looking for has to do with how pop stars use their bodies as expressive instruments and their voices as extensions of their bodies.

TRUCKS: Skinner Round Up Raises $150, 000

Two days of rain did not dampen the spirits or efforts of Volusia County residents Mike and Angie Skinner. The NASCAR former Camping World Truck Series champion was joined by wife Angie, celebrities, sponsors and fans to raise over $150, 000 for local Volusia County charities.

The 4TH ANNUAL TOYOTA SKINNER ROUND UP FOR CHARITY Presented by Rue & Ziffra Personal Injury Attorneys took place March 11th and 12th at Daytona International Speedway and Spruce Creek Country Club in Daytona Beach, Fla. Among the celebrities on hand included blues superstar Stacy Mitchhart, “American Idol’s” Bo Bice, NASCAR Drivers Michael Waltrip, Ron Hornaday, Geoff Bodine, Rick Crawford, Steve Park, and Tommy Baldwin.

Interview with Daughtry: No Surprise

Spring is finally approaching, and Chris Daughtry is back home in North Carolina taking advantage of the last few days he has left in town before getting ready to hit the road once again on a headlining tour with friends Lifehouse and Cavo. Today, after asking permission to put me on speakerphone, we are chatting it up while he drives to an appointment nearby. It takes him 30 minutes to arrive—that, or he was graciously indulging me while sitting stationary in his car at some point. Only being able to hear his voice and the sounds outside of my own bedroom window, it remains a mystery. It’s surprising that he’s even out, considering he has been spending the majority of his time at home in his sweatpants, never leaving the house, which he divulges with a chuckle (having a beautiful wife of 10 years and two children, I don’t blame him for being a temporary homebody).

The Aquarian

A quick word with: Kelly Clarkson

Where do you think you got your voice from?

Honestly, it’s God, because no one in my family sings. They can sing along to stuff but not in key. So I don’t really know. I don’t understand it. And it’s not like I grew up around people who played in bands either. But I think from a very young age I didn’t really have anything unique about me, but then somebody heard me singing in a hallway at school and I just clung to it because I love music.

NZ Herald

Phil Stacey on who got kicked off ‘American Idol’ 2010, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell-Ryan Seacrest relationship

Wow, were you surprised by who was kicked off “American Idol” 2010? I’m a little stunned Lacey Brown did not make it to the next round. She is talented, very beautiful and even a decent vocalist.

This morning we interviewed Phil Stacey from Season 6 of “American Idol” and, before we went on the air, he said it’s not too surprising Lacey was knocked out. She had trouble translating her talent to the big stage.


Orianthi is a Casey James fan

Which is why after she performed her hit, “According to You, ” she made a beeline for the Top 12 to offer some advice and words of encouragement. “I just told them that they’re all really talented and that one person will be evicted tonight, but they’ve all probably learned so much from being on the show, ” she told Idol Tracker. “It’s made them better performers and singers, so now that they’ve got the world as their audience, it’s about writing music and putting themselves out there.”

LA Times

Exclusive: Lee DeWyze’s Guardian Angel

On Wednesday’s American Idol, Lee DeWyze made it to the next round — the final 11. Sure, the Illinois native, who has been writing songs since he was 16, has talent, but he also has a guardian angel.

In the March 29 issue of Star, on sale now, we report that an unspeakable family tragedy robbed Lee of his beloved grandmother Eileen. Her own son — Lee’s uncle — murdered her at the age of 80, just five years ago.

“I remember meeting Lee when he was just a child, ” Eileen’s close friend Mary Meyer tells Star. “He worshipped his grandma, and she adored him. Her death was traumatic for the entire family.”

Star Magazine

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