Idol Headlines for 10/30/14

JIMMY KIMMEL TO APPEAR SIMULTANEOUSLY IN LOS ANGELES AND NASHVILLE VIA HOLOGRAM TO CELEBRATE THIS YEAR’S CMA AWARDS ON NOVEMBER 5 DURING A SPECIAL JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! – Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Jimmy Kimmel will host the show “cross-country” on Country Music’s Biggest Night®. On Wednesday, November 5, the late night host will be live in Hollywood, California while simultaneously being transported to Nashville, Tennessee via hologram. To celebrate “The 48th Annual CMA Awards,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” will broadcast via hologram to a live audience at the CMA Theater in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. – Read more at ABC

Ryan Seacrest lighting Macy’s Christmas tree – Macy’s picks a celebrity to light the Christmas tree located inside the State Street location’s Walnut Room every year. Past celebrity guests include Billy Crystal, Bill Cosby, Martha Stewart and Nick Cannon. The famous button pusher scheduled for this year’s tree lighting on Nov. 8 is (*over dramatic pause*) coming up after this break. Just kidding, it’s Ryan Seacrest — in case you didn’t figure it out from the headline and photo above. The “American Idol” host will be joined by a Make-A-Wish child. – Read more at RedEye Chicago

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  1. Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but the latest iPhone hacks show a nude selfie of Angie Miller. They say its legit, tattoos and everything all in the right places.

    What surprises me is that they hacking into minor celebs now.

  2. Brad Galli @BradGalli
    American Idol champ @KrisAllen visits The Now at 4pm on @wxyzdetroit. Playing the Crofoot in Pontiac tonight.

  3. “For three performances in November, David Archuleta will headline “Celebration of Christ ~ An Interfaith Concert” at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City.

    It will take place at the following dates and times:
    November 28, 2014 (Friday) – 7:30 PM
    November 29, 2014 (Saturday) – 2PM and 7:30PM

    David will be performing four Christmas songs at the “Celebration of Christ” concerts. The event also features Kevin Olusola from Pentatonix, and the One Voice Choir returning from a stellar performance on “America’s Got Talent.” The program includes special guest choirs, a full orchestra, and a dance ensemble drawn from nine different faiths uniting in Christianity to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ in music, dance, and special effects. The event is presented by Vic Deauvono & 4Life Foundation.

    Tickets for all three shows go on sale Friday October 31 at 10 A.M. MT. To purchase tickets, visit”

    This announcement was just posted to David’s official website last night. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. This will be his first ‘official’ concert performance in the US in almost 3 years. We should definitely count the impromptu song with David Cook at his concert though lol.

    (MJ – I hope this was the correct thread to post this. I wasn’t sure if concert announcements went in the concert thread or if that was just current shows and videos. Sorry about the video in the wrong thread the other day, I completely blanked on that.)

  4. Looking at airline tickets but dang I don’t think it’s doable! Can’t wait for video or praying for a cell cast! Loving David’s performances from the charity event last Friday.

  5. THR: Judge Rejects Bid of Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams to Win ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit

    A California judge rules that Marvin Gaye’s family has made a sufficient showing that elements of “Blurred Lines” may be substantially similar to “Got to Give It Up”

  6. There are thousands of almost identical songs. I find this lawsuit kinda stupid.

  7. The whole brouhaha might not exist if Thicke hadn’t sued Marvin Gaye’s heirs first, supposedly to sue them before they sued him — but of course, this provoked them to countersue, thus assuring there’d be a lawsuit over similarities.

    These would be the similarities that Thicke proudly claimed while promoting the song — but now he denies that he was involved in writing the song or that he had Marvin Gaye on his mind.

    So basically, lawsuit exists because Thicke is a lying asshat, and the major issue at stake boils down to which parts he’s lying about and on what occasions he maxed out his asshattery.

  8. Some Durbin updates…

    Looks like James will be recording through either his new management/label or he’s just signed to another label. (My guess it’s with Street Smart)

    James Durbin
    2 hrs ·

    I have the greatest news!!! But I can’t tell you lol. What I can tell you is that I will be starting my 3rd record very soon & 2015 is gonna be a fantastic year for all of us!! Much love!!

    And this tweet I liked, because I always loved this song, written by James during the same sessions as Higher Than Heaven, although it was never recorded.

    James Durbin ?@DurbinRock 1h1 hour ago
    Anyone remember an acoustic song I played a couple times called “In The Name Of Love”. Adding it to my electric set coming up!!

  9. Best news ever on both counts!!!!
    Hope also that the song gets recorded—absolutely a favorite for me (others too are expressing hearing the acoustic version he introduced & liking it a lot).

  10. The song actually could have been recorded during the Nashville sessions in 2012, but Wind-Up would own those recordings. James wrote it so he could always record it again. I bet he has enough songs from those sessions to release a new album tomorrow if he wanted, lol, but he will probably include new ones he’s written recently.

    This is what makes me think they already recorded a full studio version back then. Remember this updated, slightly changed, acoustic version? It was from that Stageit show in Sept. 2012 broadcast from James Michael’s studio in Nashville..

  11. He seemed to revise it some & held back passion in this Stageit show vs. as he first performed it in front of the audience on the road. I think he listened to it & maybe found it some OTT as he watched it & changed it, but I hope there’s a compromise because I do prefer the “blonde”, unbridled version of it lol. The audience responded well that night to it too.

  12. Aw, come on, Ellmers! Those aren’t “out of state liberals” backing Aiken. Those are Claymates.

    The reality that he could use the vestiges of his Idol fanbase to fund a serious run for office is much more interesting than the myth that some conspiracy of “out of state liberals” finds Aiken’s Tea-Party-wooing self worth backing.

  13. The Claymates don’t care about Clay’s politics in their support. However, in order to coax the most money out of them, Clay has had to resort to offering to record songs of their choice (I wonder if anyone requested the Asteroid song? lol ), and release previously unreleased recorded songs. So the support from the Claymates hasn’t been exactly spontaneous and without strings. lol

  14. Kris just joined tumblr and had a brief tumblr party (like a twitter party) after tonight’s show. He says that he plans to do at least one show to promote his Christmas single when it comes out.

  15. That’s part of what I find fascinating. Where is the doctoral student in political science, with an undergrad minor in pop culture studies, who is prepared to analyze how Clay Aiken’s candidacy involved singing for his supper? I would seriously read that journal article.

  16. OMG! I read what Fuzzywuzzy wrote, but I thought WTF I must not be understanding this. Then I read your post and I am seriously cracking up. If nothing else, Idol has produced some hilarious characters. Yesterday it was the Jacob video now this.

  17. ….. the “blonde” reference:
    Was referring to his belting-it-out-style video performance of that song which I liked…. when his hair was “blonde” to the max.

  18. This is great, way to go FH.
    I hope they’ll be nominated for Grammy’s BNA.

  19. lol So would I. On one hand, Clay has made a big deal about not singing publicly during this campaign because it puts him in the entertainer “box” and distracts attention from people taking him seriously as a political candidate, yet behind the scenes, he’s using his singing and fan base to raise money that he wouldn’t get based on his political stances. This is where the “celebrity turned political candidate” becomes a special case, and why it’s difficult to predict how well Clay will do. One certainty is that fans will vote for him regardless of his politics.

  20. I just saw a promotion on CBS for a piece on Blake Shelton on “Sunday Morning” this weekend. It shows Blake saying, “I like pretty girls and I like drinking”. lol

  21. I love that version, really stripped down, just James on acoustic guitar. It’s a really beautiful ballad.

    I think they were going for a more uptempo version here. He’s never performed it electric with a full band, so I can’t wait to hear how he arranges it for that version :)

    Btw, lets add ‘master pumpkin carver’ to his resume too. (Love the Spidey one)

    James Durbin
    7 hrs ·

    Happy Hollows Eve

  22. It’s highly unlikely. Grammy nominations are not voted on by fans, and I think all the awards FH have been nominated for to date have been fan-voted ones, haven’t they?

    Hits Daily Double did a Grammy nominations preview article a couple of weeks ago. They mentioned FH but only as a longshot. HDD said Pentatonix had a better shot at getting a BNA nomination. There are a ton of very successful artists who are eligible for the BNA Grammy this year — Sam Smith is the favorite to win the award, although music politics and behind the scenes wheeling & dealing can play a part.

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