Idol Bits and Pieces

That short list of Beatles songs for tonight?   It got even shorter.   Idol vocal coach, Debra Byrd says there are only 25 songs on the list, and contestants can’t sing the same song. Gah.

A spy at TMZ got a look at the new Idol stage. Heh. I love the drawing with the little stick figures.

Watch Katharine McPhee, David Fost...
Watch Katharine McPhee, David Foster, and Jeremy Jordan on Instagram Live Concert

According to this blog, boy-wonder, David Archuleta will perform “We Can Work it Out” Stevie Wonder style. Check  out Stevie’s version  on You Tube. According to this source, David will be accompanied by a string section. PIMP!

And finally, Randy Jackson tells Yahoo Music that Mariah Carey will be one of 4 celebrity mentors this season. Oh. Boy. *blink* (via votefortheworst).

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  1. I can’t YouTube at work… has DA already done We Can Work It Out??? Or is that Stevie’s version???

  2. It’s Stevie’s version. And I’m ok if they pimp him..Just like I would be ok if they pimped Jason, David C, Carly or Brooke.. They are all good enough to be pimped imo. Why not pimp the people that can make money for you.

    I think David will sound good doing that version..and I think Jason doing I’ll follow the sun would be great.

  3. mrstrep – youtube is stevie’s version. quite different than the original. i don’t know if david has sung this before.

  4. Ewww. Icky!! :annoyed_tb:
    I don’t like the Stevie Wonder version at all!

  5. I can’t access that version – no youtube here at work. I can’t believe there are no spoilers posted yet…

  6. 25 songs. That’s the shortest songlist for any theme ever, isn’t it?

    On another note – bits & pieces wise, It’s really nice to see Melinda pop up as the face of American Idol ice cream. On the other hand, the whole concept of American Idol ice cream flavors just seems really over the top.

  7. Im so excited about David A. He will do incredible on that song.

  8. I can see Chikeze doing that version but not really David A. I can’t believe they’re having Mariah. Yikes! :blink_tb:

  9. If Awwwchuletta does decide to do We Can Work It Out — Stevie style, that could be a very dangerous move. There’s a good chance the performance could go straight to karaoke/cruiseship-land.

    This could get interesting quickly.

    Who do I think will go first? Should be ChuckieCheese because he went last on top 16, wouldn’t surprise me if they put David H first though. Who do I think will go last (assuming it’s boy-girl-boy-girl) Carly followed by Michael Johns.

    Did we ever get a reading on whether Randy was Carly’s A&R man or was he just an A&R man at the same company /same time as Carly was an artist?

  10. If Awwwchuletta does decide to do We Can Work It Out à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’  Stevie style, that could be a very dangerous move. Thereà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s a good chance the performance could go straight to karaoke/cruiseship-land.

    Perhaps, but the judges won’t call him on it.

    As for the order of performances, someone on the scaryboards seems pretty confident that Jason is going 4th. I don’t know how this poster knows, but that’s what’s being thrown around.

    My guess is that Michael or David C gets the pimp spot this week.

  11. Heh, I didn’t say the judges would call it karaoke :rolleyes_wp:, just said it might BE karaoke :happy_tb: ….

  12. OK….enough David A. already……doesn’t anyone else see the financial train wreck coming with this kid?!?!?

    He’s nothing more than a trained monkey…absolutely NO stage presence (mic in left had…right hand making uninspired motions…close eyes to show emotion….eye f**k the camera…yes mommy…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz).

    After all 200k /- of the tweeners buy his CD, then who else??? I wouldn’t take a free one. No musical cred at all….just a kid at a recital…..along with his inhaler and his stage mom finishing songs for little Davey….

    He’s got an OK voice…but NOTHING else…..nothing….

    His upcoming CD sales failure will be a HUGE nail in AI’s coffin…..along with their other recent “winner failures”…

  13. TMZ is there, so hopefully we’ll get some spoilers soon. Looks like they’re having problems with the BIG NEW SET.


  14. There are a couple of performance order spoilers floating around that are nearly identical (they have 4th and 9th switched). Both have David Cook first and Brooke in the pimp spot.

    I can believe that they would throw David under the bus, but I’m shocked that they don’t have Carly, Michael or DA in the pimp spot.

    ETA: Yay for real spoilers on the way. I’m hoping David doesn’t have to go first. I wonder if they made the new set out of cardboard and tinfoil?

  15. Actually, I think at this point, second or somewhere in the middle of the pack is probably worse than first. Of course, this is the first time on the big stage so maybe not good for nerves.

  16. Logically, you would want someone with some experience to go first — so Carly/Michael J/David C (we all know it won’t be Awwwwchuletta.)

    Of course, there’s nothing logical about American Idol…

  17. Having David Cook go first probably guarantees a solid start to the show. He’s a confident performer; can you imagine what a trainwreck it would be if Kristy Lee or Chikezie kicked of the show?

    Apparently Archuleta is second to last. Subtle pimping, I tell ya ;) haha I think I just fault everything that involves this kid.

  18. Ooh, Jason doing “If I Fell” and David Cook doing “Eleanor Rigby”. I’m so excited!!

  19. It’s not in order is it? Kristy gets the pimp spot :blink_tb:

  20. oooh is right – that’s perfect for Jason. I was hoping that spoiler was a fake.

    Back to see what the others are doing…..

  21. To make matters even worse, the crafty producers put her right before David Archuleta, who went last.

    So David A. goes last? Not pimped at all.

  22. Yay, “If I Fell” was one of my choices for Jason in the guess thread yesterday.

  23. And uhhh….my hunky little Hernandez gets…wait for it…And I Saw Her Standing There.

    O.K., I give up Nigel.

  24. So much for early Beatles, “Let It Be” and “Across the Universe” don’t really count as early Beatles.

    ETA: Cheese, you owe me a coke.

  25. David Cook, on the other hand, delivered big with what could be the best performance — a rocked-out version “Eleanor Rigby” — no guitar this time.

    So excited!!!

    right before David Archuleta, who went last.

    WHAT THE HECK?! ARCHULETA GETS THE PIMP SPOT AGAIN! Maybe Cook and Castro gave Archuleta a run for his money last week and because it showed in the vote totals, the producers are scared. Or maybe they just want to piss me off.

  26. David H. doing I Saw Her Standing There….crap, double crap.

    Now I’ve GOT to vote for 2 hours straight.

  27. Order was more or less this: I was at rehearsal:

    Syesha: “Gotta Get You Into my Life”
    Chikezie: don’t remember; nice job tho
    Rami: “In My Life”
    Jason: “If I Fell” (loved it), with guitar
    Carly: “Come Together”
    David C: “Eleanor Rigby” (best of night IMO)
    Brooke: “Let it Be” with piano; very nice
    Amanda: Don’t remember the song but she was excellent; looked great, sounded great and was much friendlier and happier
    Michael J: “Across the Universe”
    David Hernandez: don’t remember but he did a good job
    Kristy Lee: Country version of “Eight Days a Week” — I predict she will be going home
    David A: Stevie version of some song; might have been the one everyone says; didn’t really show off his skills, but he’ll be fine

    Great show; cool new stage; band very loud; finale at Nokia Theater in downtown LA instead of Kodak (bigger venue)

  28. Caffiend, thanks for the info! I can’t believe David A. is really going last.

  29. So much for the à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Early Beatlesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  that Nigel was talking about.

    Nigel: Early
    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Isnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t that the second time in four weeks?

    Yup. He went last on Top 10 Boys Night (two weeks ago)

    Looks like theyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢re having problems with the BIG NEW SET.

    I’m kind of hoping it implodes and falls over like every sitcom play set there ever was. LOL. I just want to see Ryan try to fill for that on Live TV.
    Ryan: “Umm…okay, the set just fell over crushing David H…well, we weren’t going to let him win anyway…uh, judges, what do you have to say?”
    Randy: “I don’t know. It was a little pitchy when he started screaming before he passed out. It was just a’iight for me”
    Paula: “David, has anybody ever told you that you have very pretty blood? I just want to have a dress made in that exact shade. Don’t ever change the colour of your blood!”
    Simon: “So, the set fell on him? Big deal. He’s just going for the sympathy vote. A house once fell on me and you don’t see me complaining”
    Ryan: “Er…well, let’s go to commercials. There’s not much point in giving the numbers for this guy”

  30. I’ve been reading that David Cook rocked the house and Michael and Kristy really struggled.

    I can’t believe they gave the pimp spot to David A!!

  31. Thanks for the spoilers Caffiend. We can always count on you!! I’m glad you got to go. :)

    OMGOMGOMG, I hope David C really IS the best in the live show. *crossesfingersprayseverythingIcandotomakeitbetrue*

  32. :doh_tb:

    I was waiting and waiting in the Beatles thread for talk about tonight’s song list and you guys are over here talking about it!

    Anyway… I can’t wait.

    Looking forward to everyone except Carly.

  33. Caffiend, thanks!! Sounds like it will be a good night (with some exceptions)!

    band very loud

    YIKES! Bandzila is back.

  34. Thanks, caffiend! I’m actually nervous! I havent’ felt like this about Idol since Elliott was voted off!

    GO Jason!

  35. Thanks Caffiend! I got home and my internet connection wasn’t working. I was so upset b/c I wanted to see the spoilers. Happily, they fixed the outage in our area. :lol_wp:

    “If I Fell” is an awesome choice for Jason. Good call Jersey! Not sure about the #4 spot. Go Jason and David C!

    *crosses fingers for a good live show*

  36. A poster from IDF:

    My friend went to rehearsal, told me to post this stuff so I will

    The stage is huge – much bigger than he realized. The band is also really big but it’s kind of hard to see since its upstairs and pushed back.

    They spoke about the finale being at Nokia.

    1.) Syesha Mercado – “Got to Get you Into My life” – Really upbeat band played loud but it was good. A few vocal limitations was much better last week but was okay.

    2.) Chikeke Eze – “She’s a Woman” – Very good vocals, some pitchy moments but def his best so far.

    3.) Ramiele M – “In My Life” – Very pitchy, but had some good moments but overall not her best.

    4.) Jason Castro – he didn’t recognize the song but said that the acoustic arrangement was good but his vocals were ehhh

    5.) Carly Smithson” – “Come Together Right Now” – Good – she finally connected to a song, feels that the judges will love this.

    6.) David Cook – “Eleanor Rigby” – By far the best performance of the night…this was so good and the crowd got into it. The guitar player in the band was totally amazing too, like the whole place was rocking up a storm..and he got a huge ovation from the crowd.

    7.) Brooke White – “Let it Be” – She was also really really good, best woman of the night by far. Judges will prob eat this up.

    8.) David Hernandez – “I Saw Her Standing There” – His usually good vocal, but was average compared to David C. and Brooke

    9.) Amanda Overmeyer – “You Can’t Do That” – Band played extremely loud in this (they are right on stage) but she sang it well, but was a bit overpowering – no where near as good as last week but still enough to stay in the competition.

    10.) Michael Johns – “Across the Universe” – He struggled with this, by far the worst male performance of the night.

    11.) Kristy Lee Cook – “8 Days a Week” – Very pitchy and boring – she was even worse than Michael..could not keep up with the arrangement and did no justice to the song…fans should be really worried.

    12.) David Archuletta – “We Can Work it Out” – Said that this was a good performance, but sounded extraordinary after the last two. Second best of the night for guys.

    Overall Best: David Cook by a mile, Brook White, David Archuletta, Chikeze


  37. Thank you, Caffiend. If you ever find yourself with an extra ticket, you know where to find me my friend. :)

    Glad to hear David C., Jason and Brooke do really well. Sorry that Michael struggled. He’s going to have to start bringing it to live up the early hype. That said, I’m still pulling for him to stick around awhile.

  38. This show would be much better without the judges. :annoyed_tb:

    I didn’t agree with any of the criticism so far.

    Randy tells Ramiele she should have changed up the melody a little bit, and then he told Jason he shouldn’t have messed with a classic. Did I call that, or what? Make up your mind, Randy.

    I thought Jason was wonderful. I think he changed it up a little bit, but not too much. I don’t know why people thought it was boring, or Ramiele, for that matter. I loved both of them.

  39. Aw. Gee. David A. is forgetting the words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. That is not a fact; it’s a theory.
    And furthermore, it’s rather ridiculous.
    No one embarrasses themselves in front of 30 million people on purpose.
    What really happened is that he can’t walk down stairs and think at the same time. :laugh_tb:

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