Posting Guidelines


1. Everybody is entitled to an opinion. I encourage lively debate, but please keep your remarks focused on the topic of the post. Do not criticize your fellow posters or question their motives. You can criticize me, but please, no personal attacks on posters who disagree with you. Please do not make generalizations about groups of people, including Idol fanbases. Remember: The aim is to keep the discussion in the threads thoughtful and interesting to read.

2. Criticism of any aspect of the show “American Idol” is allowed here. That includes the Idols and the friends and family members who appear on the show. If somebody criticizes your favorite Idol, they aren’t criticizing you, so please remain calm.

3. Reasoned debate and disagreement is permitted. Chastising posters for being critical of your Idol is not. If reading criticism of your favorite Idol, or any aspect of the show upsets you, STOP READING. Find another blog. I suggest a fan blog that features your favorite Idol.

4. HAVING SAID THAT, I would ask all posters to DIAL IT BACK generally. Heated, angry, nasty posts of ANY KIND will be deleted or edited at my discretion. Posts that attempt to “stir the pot” or bait other posters will also be deleted.

5. Please don’t feed the trolls.

6. Profanity is OK, as long as it isn’t sexually explicit. Any sexually explicit material will be deleted.

7. Please don’t play moderator. Please don’t hijack the thread or attempt to dictate the discussion (don’t tell your fellow posters what or how to post). If you have a problem, contact me personally.

8. If you’ve been modded and you have a question, contact me personally, please don’t discuss it on the blog.

9. Rules for the Headlines Thread: STAY ON TOPIC. You may post links to articles, but PLEASE make sure the links have not been posted already. All duplicate links will be deleted. Also, if you post links they must be CURRENT.

10. Rules for the rest: Stay on topic. Chit chat belongs in the chat room. If you have a link to post, pick a thread and post it once. PLEASE don’t spam the threads.

11. NO STREETEAMING. It’s fine if you want to announce an upcoming gig, appearance or record release for an Idol. Please do–I’ll post it on my Idol Appearances page. But, any kind of what I call “Call To Arms” is best left to your fan groups. That includes: Listing email addresses and phone numbers of radio stations, venues or labels etc., urging your fellow fans to harra, uhhm, I mean call or write regarding spins or appearances. Also, links to blogs, other fansites or newsites with the sole intention of pointing out that they are dissing or criticizing your favorite IDOL and OMG everyone rush over there and give them a piece of your mind!!!! These types of posts will be deleted immediately.

12. Please don’t belabor a point. If a discussion becomes repetitive, I will stop it. Any discussion of past Idols that degenerates into a My-Idol-Is-Better-Than-Your-Idol argument will be stopped.

14. NO DISCUSSION OF THE BLOG ON THE BLOG. If you have an issue, email me. Click the contact link on the front page.

15. It’s only a Tv Show. Repeat that phrase to yourself if necessary. A sense of humor helps.