Jasmine Murray – Jacksonville – 16 – Starkville, MS


…Cute, commercial, and youre a very, very good singer, is how Simon described Jasmine, a former Miss Mississippi Outstanding Teen . In other words, …You could make us a boat load of money, darling.

I was a little surprised when Simon downplayed her semi-final performance.   Granted, her rendition of “Love Song” wasn’t very good, but as one of the “package artists”, I was surprised he didn’t pimp her anyway.

Turns out they were saving her for the the Wildcard.   Her performance there wasn’t much better, but the judges chose her anyway.   She’s pretty and young, there aren’t any problems autotune couldn’t fix.

However, now that she’s left to the whims of the voting public, unless she steps it up, she’ll be an early elimination.

Jasmine’s MySpace