Headlines: Katy Perry, John Legend Houseparty, Lionel Richie Talks We Are the World

Katy Perry, John Legend Join Houseparty’s Celeb-Studded Livestreaming Event This Weekend – Houseparty, riding a pandemic-driven surge in usage, is trying to strike while the iron is hot: The social video-chat app has lined up Katy Perry, John Legend and over 40 other stars for a three-day livestreaming event this weekend. Houseparty’s “In the House” event, running Friday, May 15, through Sunday, May 17, will include performances by Perry and Legend, along with segments featuring Doja Cat, Alicia Keys, DaBaby, Bad Bunny, Neil Patrick Harris, Keegan-Michael Key, Idina Menzel, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more. Other talent newly announced as joining “In the House” include David Blaine, Lindsey Harrod, Gabi Butler, Snoop Dogg, Chvrches and Dua Lipa. In a new co-viewing feature, everyone who opens Houseparty during an “In The House” live video can add it into their own group chats for a private viewing party. – Read more at Variety.com

‘DWTS’ Pro Dancer Lindsay Arnold Pregnant with First Child – “Dancing with the Stars” pro dancer Lindsay Arnold, 26, has a baby on the way! On Wednesday, Arnold announced that she’s expecting her first child with husband Sam Cusick. Along with a pic of herself holding a sonogram, she wrote on Instagram, “Ohhhhhh baby. Mom and Dad love you already.” Lindsay also revealed that she’s due in November. – Read more at Extra

Lionel Richie on Quarantine Afro, We Are the World & Kenny Rogers

American Idol’s Just Sam Talks Night That Forever Changed Contestants and Fate of Her Lucky Tip Box – About the groundbreaking changes Sam said, “This is making history, and we’re a part of that. Which is a big deal.” She said the contestants weren’t sure how the new format would look, but that it turned out even better than they had expected. “It’s beautiful,” she said. However, Sam did state that filming remotely does have its challenges. “This is more than just American Idol at home. I’m telling you, this is like boot camp for singers. This is like, ‘So you wanna be a singer’”, Sam laughed. She shared, “It’s super tough. We barely sleep. But it’s worth it. We’re doing production’s job. We’re doing the stylist’s job. We’re doing everyone’s job right now and also our own.” – Read more at AfterBuzzTV

Southern California’s Sophia James and Makayla Phillips reflect on ‘American Idol’ competition – Sophia James, 20 of Long Beach, and Makayla Phillips, 17, of Temecula both got the bad news they had not won enough viewer votes, while singer Jonny West, 23, of Murrieta remains alive in the contest at least until the start of the episode on Sunday when the finale is aired. We caught up with James and Phillips to chat about their Idol journeys now ended. Here’s what we learned. – Read more at OC Register

Interview: Colton Dixon talks changing musical direction, considering giving up music and American Idol – Three years ago, the American Idol deal ended, which meant the label deal ended as well so it was an uncertain time for me in my career. A few months went by and I didn’t really know if music was still going to be in the future or not and then the Atlantic Records deal came to the table. I was signed to a Christian label and Atlantic, as we all know, is a mainstream record label. It just meant, right off the bat, a very different approach to what I do. With that said, I love Christian music, I grew up on it and still love it but I love the opportunity of stepping outside of the box for a second and exploring new things and new sounds and even new things to talk about. I think we came up with something really beautiful and authentic that still goes in line with what I believe and my morale but at the same time it opens the door for even more people to relate and to appreciate what I do. That’s why it’s so different than things we’ve done in the past. – Read more at Entertainment Focus

Blake Shelton Jokes He’s ‘Naked from the Waist Down’ While Filming The Voice Remote Shows – During the conference, the coaches also opened up about how their families have been helping them go live for the Voice from home amid the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.”My husband [Brandon Blackstock] is now a lighting technician, an audio visual technician, a director and he’s also playing cowboy on our ranch,” Clarkson said. “He’s got his hands full. We both, definitely, have our hands full. It’s not just this job, it’s [my] TV show and making records. We’re all still making records. It’s a lot of new things happening for us, and we’re trying to get it done.” “None of this would be happening without my partner in crime,” she added.- Read more at People.com

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  1. Colton’s new single (Miracles) is definitely pop. He never struck me as being a pop artist, so it’ll be interesting to see if this change in musical direction works out for him. Good luck to him

  2. Nine years ago today…
    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (@beachboardwalk) May 14, 2020

    (Some video of that day in James’ post)…
    #throwbackthursday to #DURBINDAY at @beachboardwalk , my homecoming from @americanidol , the return to my hometown & despite my loss, a heroes welcome. I can’t believe that this really happened to us & 9 years feels like forever ago. I wish that I could personally thank every single one of the 30,000+ people that attended this celebration, as well as the hundreds of people that worked together to see it through. To this day, it is the largest public gathering in the history of #SantaCruz & extremely humbling. Several years before, I climbed onto the stage (after hours) & I just sat there for an hour dreaming of what it’ll be like when I play that stage “one day”. I know now that I began manifesting that dream right then & there.

    Watching that video makes me sad gatherings of that size may not happen again for a long, long time. Sad for the contestants on Idol this year too. Just another experience they won’t have being on the show at this time.

  3. Interesting. The guitarist currently working with James for the new album posted about the anniversary today too. A pic of him and James from that day…

    I guess he’s from California and knew James before moving to Texas. I had wondered how James hooked up with a guitarist from Austin.
    Tomorrow night’s Friday Night Live concert theme is classic metal, done acoustically, lol. (Maybe James will tease more new songs from the album.)

  4. Hunter just had his 11th birthday! Reminder of how much time has passed –for all of us too :
    Just took in the video–remembered it was huge, but when they panned over it–Wow!!

  5. Picture definitely puts a “way-back-then-already” connection to this now, new album collab. Nice find!
    For tomorrow, the “metal, done acoustically” sh provide a good challenge for him anyway. Was surprised that he, at length, went into a new song (possibility yet I suppose) he said he had just completed. You can always get the greater, good sounding background (missing, but going-on in his head w/some added guitar hits lol) as he plays heavier songs out acoustically–looking forward to tuning-in.

  6. Something else I came across. James recently joined cameo, along with a ton of other celebrities I’ve noticed, especially lately since everyone’s stuck at home. Here’s one he did a few days ago. They posted it on twitter…

    angela (@areberhardt) May 14, 2020

  7. Since it doesn’t look like there’s a recent concerts post, I’ll put this link to Kris Allen’s livestream here instead. This is from Thursday night, where he played a bunch of songs off Thank You Camellia and talked about a lot of the behind the scenes process of working on that album – including how he lost the battle for what would be the first single off the album – he wanted Better With You, the label wanted Vision Of Love. Which affected how he felt about the song itself for awhile.

    (also, he looks good :) )


  8. Adam recently played ‘Trials and Trivialations’ for @CosmopolitanUK. He scored 5 out of 11. Of course he got the questions about his outfits correct. Lol

    I had forgotten he won a People’s Choice Award in 2010 for ‘Whataya Want From Me.’


  9. ADAM LAMBERT?@adamlambert May 15, 2020

    8 years of Trespassing!!! Can’t believe it’s been this long, and crazy to think it was the first #1 album from an out artist. So much progress since then and so much more to go!!

  10. Tonight’s theme for the streaming concert series, “Friday Night Live With James Durbin”was an hour of classic metal. A challenge to do well acoustically, but James pulled it off. Highlights, IMO, were great stripped down versions of Holy Diver and Sweet Child O’Mine among many others.
    James also played part of one of his new songs and said they were ready for final recording soon, (demos done), drums up first. The album is solely written by James, all music and lyrics, no co-writers. He said a (label) announcement is coming soon.

    FB crapped out at one point, so the concert is in 2 (part) videos on his FB…

    He also archived his IG live video version…

  11. Such a great accomplishment for Adam! So many great songs on the album. My favorites are Trespassing which he co-wrote with Pharrell Williams, Outlaws Of Love (co-wrote), and Shady (ft. Nile Rodgers).

    The album currently has 106.4 Million streams on Spotify.

  12. It is as always amazing to me when you think of probably 5 at-home concerts he’s delivered by now & the amount/variety of songs he can pull off w/occasional “apologies$%#@???” admitting when he “doesn’t” know this or that. I mean knowing lyrics & singing songs well is only the half of it for him–he actually plays them well. I thought his guitar playing in several of them showed he’s been successfully working at it over the yrs.
    2 of my favorites were (also SCofM) & Rainbow In The Dark (that reminded me of his performing that one w/his 1st-off-of-Idol band & now here he is playing the lead guitar parts convincingly for himself.
    2 asides: I saw people REQUESTING the tip jar link (because they WANT TO TIP for what he’s giving free…& he says he’s enjoying doing these shows). —And kind of funny: Someone reported they were listening to both James & Danny Gokey at the same time (2 at home concerts I assumed?)–said it was like chocolate & peanut butter–made me laugh. Guess you cld say they definitely had a wide range of musical taste, reminded me of myself in that way. lol

  13. You are right, his guitar playing now is light years beyond his ability from his Idol days. When he said he aproached this album differently and wrote it riff based, it means he wrote it from a guitarist perspective first, vocalist second. It’s the way most hard rock/metal is written. I’m assuming he’s recording all the rhythm guitar and bass himself, like he did on Riot on Sunset, and using Jon for the lead guitar solos only, the way he used Marc on Sunset.
    Back in Jan. when he mentioned on that concert video he had just signed a new record deal, he said the album would be out around Aug. Now with everything going on lately, I wonder if that time frame still holds or are they looking at maybe a fall release?
    I guess that will be answered soon in the announcement?

  14. He confessed he wants to share stuff but he has to keep it in–motioned that Heidi was doing a “zipped-lip” motion to him lol.

  15. Yep. Adam co-wrote Shady as well. In fact he co-wrote most all of the songs on his #1 album so that is nice validation for him. If you put time and effort into writing and recording you want it to resonate. At the very least, you want your album (s) to make the Billboard 200. And other than the songs you listed my other favorites are Chokehold, Underneath and Runnin. Funny that Runnin has over 37M streams on Spotify and it was never released as a single and it is one of the rockier songs on the album.

  16. Yes. A BB #1 is nice validation for him and he’s very proud of it. His Grammy nomination too.

    The attempts by some trying to create a competition with him though become so tiresome (and laughable). Adam has gotten worldwide media attention since day one, continues to be invited to high profile events, tv appearances and interviews all over the world, great reviews for Velvet (and for his previous albums too), an upcoming mini residency in Las Vegas, enormously successful as front man for Queen for nine years, successful international solo tours, his Feel Something Foundation, enviable streaming numbers on Spotify and YouTube, and considered one of Idol’s most successful alumni.

    Adam continues to demonstrate his artistry through everything he does. He has created an international career that has made him a multi-millionaire. Through it all he has remained humble and kind, and always walks the walk. Fans of others can pretend to be “experts,” however, Adam’s career and accomplishments speak for themselves.

    This is how you separate the men from the boys. :)

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